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Said today is the Beijing website design plan article!

If you are your own train of thought and want to run your own business, and are determined to set foot on the Web site, you'd better be prepared to test your money. Do not want to first talk dozens of or hundreds of to engage in a small station first try, such as sufficient funds, or get some feedback and then slowly into the investment. This is no doubt the act of throwing money.

No matter what you say Beijing website construction fee is low, only spent hundreds of, lost does not matter, oneself know some technology, no cost. In fact, because the initial financial constraints, you will certainly save the province, the nature of the site will not be the same as you thought, or art almost indifferent, my plan is good, no flow does not matter, my model is good, not afraid like the alley deep, write wild Plan book, to set the wind, or the more do the idea more, the site more bloated , when you still die holding your mode of operation, is undoubtedly a kind of killing their internet dream of action. First, the site to invest less, naturally do the station is very rubbish, or buy an online everywhere is the source code, or similar parasite-like source code program in operation. This is undoubtedly a plan to open a street more than the idea of selling popsicles, put in the bird as the forest left.

I'm not hitting those who have dreams, no money, and they want to take shortcuts, and are very conceited about their own minds. I hope you'll calm down. In fact, the younger brother is a super conceited person, the operation also has a few, do operations with money can also buy 2, 32 QQ car. Calm down and listen to your little brother talk about experience!

How much money do you plan to invest?

This will be based on your site features and design to the page to calculate, recommend you to here in the website construction budget system calculation.

Second, to do long-term or run short?

If you want to do a long line, it is recommended that you make a network of network planning, such as making friends, information type website. The core competencies of these sites are resources, the number of users accumulated over the years, or the amount of information. If your site does not have any resources to do this kind of site will eat a lot of losses, you should not plan to rely on short-term time to accumulate resources. This kind of website only slowly raise up, practice a 2-3 years can be a matter of, even if the skill is good. Training outside the skin (big open site, that is, a variety of promotional sites, such as search optimization, Ali mother ads, such as offline promotion, etc.), within a breath (Beijing website production of its own resources, viscosity, etc.).

If you plan to do short-term, suggest you do, or directly to do online publicity, online business of the display-type site, such as long as the promotion of a good soon can come money. Do short-term to focus on the promotion, or promotion. There is also the overall image of the site, if you give others like toilet paper like the brand, you can imagine how customers will be to your business and merchandise. So you need to invest less in art.

Sleepy, let's talk about it today.

About the planning we still have a lot of suggestions hope you prudent and the line, the current writing here to continue to introduce the next chapter!

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