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Preface: This period we interviewed is the stationmaster egg fried rice of Jiangxi Harbor. This interview, egg fried rice to share our own 5 years of operation of the local portal site strategy, for example, enrich the information collection method of the website, the wonderful organization of the offline activity, as well as the independent Forum City station to develop the city classified information website and so on, hope can give some suggestions to other stationmaster.

Moderator: Hello, Welcome to our interview section, first of all, please introduce yourself and your story with the website.

Egg Fried Rice: Hello, my name is Shenyuqing, everybody call me egg fried rice, you call me so. I am the founder of the Jiangxi Harbor, I do not have to say, 05 engaged in the network industry, not what celebrities. Jiangxi Information Port was founded in 2007, has been doing things to sink, the beginning of the time to try too many different aspects of the CMS, and later are not suitable for their own stations, in turn, thinking, is not operating to cater to the procedure, thinking and direction is the most important, 09 We experienced the IDC event also began to the classification information more rigorous audit, all the information by the background editor audit after the display. So I also thank my team for all these years, as always, do not ask for return support.

Remember that the first site is to do the classification of the community, feel able to interact more suitable for the development of local stations. But after a period of operation found that the water paste and a number of meaningless posts too much occupy the version and instead let our own classified information lost fair and targeted. So we began to focus on separating the classified information from the local platform. Information for the truth, different from the local site of the big and one blindly pursuit of the whole, we are more direct and efficient pursuit of simplicity. Classification is that we provide users with a platform for information sharing, community we are more emphasis on the exchange of ideas and flow of the collection.

The current Web site development faster, the day IP in 7,000 to 10,000, PV in about 80,000, the member is currently officially through the audit of about 500,000, failed to pass the audit (the field of IP registration, or no mail certification) about nearly 70,000, failed every year will be emptied.

Moderator: Website section appears to be integrated, whether there are adjustments, the current words are stable?

Egg Fried Rice: Well, it's integrated, and it's appropriate to make some adjustments. When we started a business, we didn't have a graphic artist (I was a program born), so the site has not been too much to pursue the visual effects of the site, now this page is still last year, then the purpose of the change is to enrich the home page to display the information from the release of users, and reduce the amount of information we edit from the display. The next edition will be online after the year, and will be more focused on this, we will pay more attention to the needs of users. A message that pursues truth and justice, Of course the next page will do a pattern similar to 2.0, with some comments, then the information platform in this form to show to the user, and then the interaction of the introduction of the community, while the local news also into the community to do, because we are not media news organizations, we can do more valuable and more people need convenience and service news information. The current version of the theory is also considered from these two, later may have a deeper understanding of it.

Moderator: Some of the site's characteristics of the column, such as "group Purchase Channel", "Takeaway channel", and so on, said why the planning of these channels bar, as well as the current situation.

Egg Fried Rice: Well, the group buying channel is a failure of a plan, was also tried to do, site has done three, one is a hospital gynecological examination, one is a mouse group buy, a silver fish group buy, Silver Fish group purchase effect is also good, the other is not well, may not operate well or did not find a good product, So it's a case of failure.

I have summed up the next estimate failure is by several aspects of the bar, one is the settlement, first, and business of the split. Clearing this piece if the shop clearing, sometimes many businesses do not admit that, if the online settlement sometimes users may not believe the product. Business partitioning is a magical thing we may fail in this. We may try to do a conference-style on-site group purchase, there is no substantial planning, this piece is not what experience introduced. I hope you have some good ideas to recommend, thank you.

The takeaway channel is also for the convenience of netizens, these are also the electronic commerce implanted to the website, I am very optimistic about the community of E-commerce, community generally have a strong user base and very loyal users, the community's products and moderators guide is the ability to shopping, so I think the future of E-commerce should be more community-like.

Moderator: At present, the industry is talking about community-electronic commerce, it seems that this is quite promising. Website has a Web site navigation column, what is the details? What do you think is the future of developing Web site navigation?

Egg Fried Rice: This piece to is no in-depth study, but there are some sites implanted on the homepage. Personally feel that if you can make a place of the site's navigation is also good, of course, to be different from the hao123 and so on.

Some of these URLs are one-way, there are some users apply (here is also difficult to grasp, many applications are new station or station, the value of navigation is not small, just to mutual development or support the station and add some things). The future may be mainly for the likes of our site that part of the service, while the establishment of some of their own navigation, users like to add to their own navigation, to personalize. But this is not our main goal, because this piece we have not yet found a profit point, a site's products must be related to the development of the site has the value of development.

Moderator: The Web site navigation as a personalized service is also a way to try. Website information is very rich, a lot of information is published in recent days, these keep a certain amount of the daily information is how to do it?

Egg Fried Rice: One is a quantity of accumulation, the second is to let your information exploded in the network, then others search the appropriate information to see your site in front of the time will be considered to be more valuable site will naturally be posted on your station information. The second is repeat customers, the site called repeat customers and the same as the traditional, that you meet the needs of users, so that customers find the corresponding things in the next natural users will have to come to your site, or even to the friends around.

There is a kind of stalker, originally we in order to push our website to a customer, of course, we are not his only choice, we in order to get this customer, every day deliberately let our information or report our website newspaper every day in front of the boss of the enterprise. In the end, the boss may be thinking about seeing us every day, may feel that we are still on the line or tired of the ad to us. We do the same as the station, we never want to one or two days to be able to make the national main stations, pay more attention to the accumulation of quantity.

Moderator: Well, the website development is a quantity accumulation. What has been done to publicize the site since the station was built?

Egg Fried Rice: SEO, small ads (spam ads such as WC stickers, bus back cards, local DM page, etc.). The network ground is doing, also try and some local government agencies do some commonweal activities and so on. SEO This piece of words we do is relatively weak, but also hope to use this platform can develop a group of professionals.

Effect I think from several aspects to see it, if you pay attention to the brand so I think the media cooperation to do an integrated publicity column has effect. But if the return to the network level I think the site optimization itself more valuable, some local brand words if we can line up in front that is quite good, for example, last year we have "Jiangxi" two word search results in the first page of the day can also be thousands of of the day IP. We and some local DM cooperation relatively targeted effect better. such as the life of 365 magazine, and the train and the provincial talent of talent reported have cooperation.

We also have cooperation with internet cafes, in fact, is also the sharing of resources, this is the South Airlines training Department of Personnel (Jiangxi Talent Network) and we put together. Specifically inconvenient to elaborate, almost covering more than 50% of the Internet cafes in Jiangxi Province. A day can bring nearly 1000 IP and 20 or so member registration.

We and Southern University also have a deep cooperation, their research and development of our results corresponding resources to develop the corresponding things (south of the training center, South Airlines flight attendant training, South Airlines computer repair) are in our side cooperation. At that time they had the intention to develop with us, but then there is no capital injection, but has been a good friend.

We're going through two stages now, one is 2010 years ago, experienced nearly three years of development, in the local also a small reputation, of course, we are not telecommunications under the station (many people directly think that the local information port are telecommunications), the amount has been developed to have close to 500,000 pure place of the classification of the port, The most important thing is to publicize this piece. And this step has a part of the information is produced, get rid of this part, almost one day around 50, members of the words 07-2010 years about 310,000.

The second phase is almost 2010 to the present, starting with relative output and beginning to be more known to the local audience. And we all know that 58, the market and other national classification doors have in our city set up branch stations and branches. Naturally we also increase efforts to promote word-of-mouth and its own advantage resources, differentiated management; On the one hand, often organize some friends to promote each other, such as we have done, with 10 Lai bicycle flag to Xuan Street run, and do a media software coverage and do some activities of the media support. So the membership number develops very quickly at this stage, and the amount of information sent by members is 200 to 400 daily.

Moderator: See your offline propaganda this piece very to force, how to find DM, 365 magazine and so on? At present, should do a lot of offline activities, give some examples to explain the activities of the plan.

Egg Fried Rice: How to say, in other words, we create a station is generally selected from the advantages of the resources to do, or the team has a wealth of media resources, otherwise we invest more than others, the output will not be large. The initial stage is to use some social relations for advertising exchange.

We have organized a large and small number of activities since we created the station. Remember last summer we had an event with a company that focused on caring for the people around you. At that time was looking for a pure water company (there is also a small day of the company), every day in Nanchang nearly five bus stations, to the bus drivers to distribute water and summer supplies, while doing some respected activities, for half a month, has been some leadership recognition and praise. There has been an activity on the Internet, information on the one hand by more and more people to recognize and publicize, at that time, there are some illegal personnel to borrow the platform to release some of the information is not harmonious, we also did you report a message we give you to pay the treasure to recharge 5 dollars or to our station 100 hi coins to promote social supervision and so on, Our goal is to promote their own process to purify the platform environment, and strive to not let users deceived, to create a harmonious network platform.

Moderator: Are some very meaningful activities, such as the general Web site just began to be very popular in the case of want to do offline activities how to unfold it?

Fried Rice: At first we do not agree to do offline activities, if you want to do some of the best small activities (of course, if you have deep pockets I do not say), to set the popularity, such as the building of the forum to several floors when sending some small gifts (regular, such as dolls, recharge cards, etc.) so that a new station to attract the eyes of netizens, People have the mentality of picking up petty profits (a bit over here, but it's a strategy).

Moderator: Are these gifts for business sponsorship? How do you feel about doing offline activities and how to find a sponsor?

Egg Fried rice: Well, most of it is. In fact, the most basic to find sponsors two, one is mutual benefit, and the second is your network. Only things that are mutually valuable to each other can appeal. So to have targeted your activities is what to use, your audience is what the crowd, then you must find a match with the face of the enterprise to talk about sponsorship. Two is the network, this is not much to say in today's society this word with rotten.

Moderator: It seems to find business cooperation network is also very important, with a certain network can be a lot easier. Then, can you reveal the future direction of the site? I have noticed that the information on the website is mostly Nanchang, other information is relatively small, will the future increase the collection of information in other parts of Jiangxi? And I see there are two forums, one of which is an independent forum, this is also a future planning?

Egg Fried Rice: Oh, yes. This is one of our models, that is, a team to do a city, Jiujiang has been on the line, there are 5 people at present. We want to develop in such a mode, and our website name is called Jiangxi Harbor, the future we want to integrate the independent forum, so that every Jiangxi people to our website can get demand.

Forum This piece, this is the problem of choosing a CMS at that time, their own BBS is not suitable for operation, so I made a separate forum, but the future of the establishment of the station will be based on the new forum, will slowly selectively discard the original CMS (the original is not open source of the ASPX class is very detrimental to two development). To the Forum City division to develop urban classification, and members are unified is not independent. In fact, the forum we still operate as a pure forum, there is no integration with the information port, then the development of the second-line station will be in the form of value-added forum to operate a period of time to develop products, such as the establishment of the city Forum, the basis of each city forum (user group) to send classified information (may be used cms+ BBS integration way to operate), so that can solve the second tier of the city's user groups are not very hot and second-tier cities themselves lack of internet users can be a good solution.

Moderator: At present, I think this strategy is still ideal, our interview has come to an end, and finally a summary of it, summed up the experience of the next few years and give new owners some advice.

Egg Fried Rice: I personally think: do stand, not a moment of heart heat, choose to do it step by step, simple, effective, direct is the most effective business model. A local station you have to prepare at least 3-5 years not for-profit to develop the site itself, at the same time the early selection of a corresponding program of your development is also very helpful, at least open source to your future operations in the process of less detours, there is a little in China's "legal" society under the legal operation, we can not afford to play. "Know how to choose, learn to give up, endure loneliness, withstand temptation" This is my motto.

Moderator: Thank you for your advice and sharing, I learned a lot, to operate a Web site must have perseverance, have the patience to do every step of the plan, wonderful offline activities are indispensable, you can use all complementary resources, as well as independent forum city to develop urban classification information site method, I wish you a better website. If you are interested, you can go to Baidu search to Jiangxi Port (Welcome to add special qq:2500043843 interview).

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