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Absrtact: Different industry different key words his ranking cycle is not the same, fast access to keyword rankings, perhaps some of the words is very verified to get ranked, compare Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu know, these rankings is difficult to put him over the past. He can't be like a bidding

Different industry different keywords his ranking cycle is not the same, fast access to keyword rankings, perhaps some words are very verified to get ranked, compared to Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu know, these rankings are difficult to put him over the past. He can't be like a bidding fast, the natural ranking is there is a ranking cycle, a ranking cycle is three months, the same proportion each month a few small cycle, spiders will include your new content, large sites, if every day is included is very wasteful resources, generally 3-4 months have a deep crawl, if the revision, Ranked good has not been off, if the revision, after more than 20 days, the keyword dropped quickly, some key words out of 100. Do natural ranking, fast is slow, slow is fast, we have to have a set of system optimization. Can not do some content and outside the chain to optimize the site.

A website includes: display included, the calculation of the chain, content quality, and then ranked show, 30 after to 100, our key words must be made to the top 20, Baidu will put what kind of site in the top 20, Baidu will put, the basic optimization to the place, the user vote the higher quality of the site in the top 20. Basic optimization is not to do outside the chain, and content, set the title, these are far from enough, the choice of keywords, flow and conversion is straightforward, users need to analyze, to find our value where the value of their own site evaluation, a site why there are rankings, you than the old site has any advantages, home keyword positioning, Plate positioning, column keyword positioning, column plate positioning, we have to do a set of optimization analysis. In this process, there is a stage in the rankings, if you know these, you will have a fast ranking (rattan design in general in the design for customers, will be from a professional web site design perspective in meeting the requirements of customers at the same time to meet the needs of users and satisfaction exploration).

1, the ranking of key words to regulate

We are in 2009--2014 years, in these years, optimization changes in particular, in 2009, in the title of a large number of keywords, these years, we are concerned about the keyword density, behind our concern is the chain, and later, Baidu algorithm in the change, keyword accumulation, Baidu will punish you, this outside the chain of the algorithm in the change, Many because the chain is down the right site, outside the chain how to do to have value, there are a lot of people, do not do outside the chain, because of the fear of Baidu punishment, Baidu introduced some algorithms, more attention to industry segmentation and various types of subdivision, such as in a certain area want to buy a thing, but in this region can not find, now the more subdivided the site, ranking the higher.

2, the breakdown of the key words

For example: Query a website is to do hardware accessories industry, look from the title, is to do signs, but look at the site classification has signs, nameplate, hardware accessories, there are two keywords have ranked, but also into the top 20, according to his site's keywords: signs, Baidu will put what kind of site in front of it?

In fact, we can see in the Baidu search box, its key words behind the things: the first is the company, the second is the craft, the second is the machine, the word has a lot of conditions, and then Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu will let the subdivision of the regional exhibition now ranked in front of all kinds of keywords, Baidu will be subdivided. A lot of different types of keywords, he put the title on the home page, the optimization is more difficult, the key words are miscellaneous. Search label production, our theme to do all kinds of signs, mainly to the main signs, so we will get a good ranking, if we do more keywords, more miscellaneous, no specific, professional, Baidu to your ranking on the back. From a professional point of view, if more keywords, these words will be a weight of your decentralized, this is the keyword subdivision, so that the more targeted, the fewer keywords, ranking the more forward. The same kind of product is a website, if it is a variety of classes, if the user does not establish a search relationship, we are apt to this keyword,

3, the topic keyword as little as possible

Other words how to put us search a word, waterproof material, he will do, materials, paints and so on, we have to do is brand, kind, price, join and so on

1 Why users should choose your site a new site how to go and do a few years old site compared to him will choose you, that your site has value, no value of the site, you did not compete with the old site. Let users choose you, but also because your site is valuable, the core value of the site where?

2 Viscosity Strong Site Why the next time?

For example, SEO Research Center, why do you often come, because you can harvest things from this site, that is, value.

3 Service, Product class website, why should users choose you?

If you are a product class site, the user does not have to look down because your site satisfies the keyword search rules. There are some of the value of your site. For example: This fortune-telling site, this site can also generate transactions, he can recommend some products to users, users believe very much.

In fact, all of the above are talking about a core, we do SEO optimization can not blindly optimize the site only, but need to pass the relevant data analysis and user experience and related to share to make the site more sticky, can let users around our website to dig what he needs.

Source: Rattan design http://www.tengsj.com.

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