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Shenzhou Digital BAS Equipment DCRS-6608 can provide PPPoE, WEB Portal+dhcp, 802.1x and many other authentication billing mode, can build Low-cost, High-performance, ip-based Core based on the operation of Broadband metropolitan area network.

1. Ethernet access can be in some residential areas to provide LAN access, users through the PPPoE way dial-up Internet access or the use of Web authentication way to the Internet, you can adopt a monthly subscription system, long time, according to the flow of a variety of charging methods;

2. ADSL Access utilizes existing telephone line resources to provide ADSL broadband access in all coverage areas including residential communities, commercial offices, universities and enterprises, and provides two ways to charge users through PPPoE dial-up Internet access: A. To provide users with a large number of online subscription system; Users with small Internet access can choose how long they will charge on a regular basis.

In addition to the Dial-up method of PPPoE, in order to meet the needs of some enterprise users, operators can also provide ADSL line access mode. Shenzhou Digital BAS Equipment DCRS-6608 hardware configuration can ensure that each node access to up to 40000 users, the largest concurrent users up to 10000, a reasonable network planning to ensure that a period of time in the urban area broadband user development needs.

The typical broadband access network structure is shown in the figure.

1. For the early stage of medium broadband metropolitan area network or broadband metropolitan Area network construction, centralized broadband access authentication billing scheme can be adopted, for large broadband metropolitan area network can use the distributed Broadband Access authentication billing scheme, set up multiple broadband service access areas in the urban area, and each service division set up a DCRS-6608 access management switch;

2. DCRS-6608 uplink through two optical fiber and IP metropolitan Area Network core three-layer switch device is interconnected with GE, under normal circumstances DCRS-6608 and the Internet in a load-balanced way through two link interaction traffic, when any link failure, the other link will provide redundant backup, To ensure the reliable interconnection between DCRS-6608 and Internet;

3. In some residential areas to provide LAN access services, community convergence of two-tier switches through the optical fiber to the DCRS-6608 of the BAS system interconnection;

4. Broadband service access area coverage of each end of the IP Dslam,ip DSLAM up and DCRS-6608 to the naked fiber way to interconnect, depending on the specific situation is divided into the following three types of connection: Access mode A, The small capacity dslam is connected with the DCRS-6608 by the Dslam of the access user less than 500, the access mode B, the medium capacity Dslam (the access user is greater than 500 less than 1000 users) and the trunking is interconnected through two FE DCRS-6608 ; access mode C, large capacity Dslam (Access user more than 1000 users) in GE Way and DCRS-6608 interconnection;

5. Business Management: DCRS-6608 as a radius Client, with the metropolitan area Network centralized RADIUS server communication to achieve comprehensive user authentication, authorization and billing, to facilitate the operator's unified management of users ; normally DCRS-6608 communicates with the primary RADIUS server, and when DCRS-6608 actively detects a failure of the primary RADIUS server, DCRS-6608 automatically switch to an alternate RADIUS server. To ensure that users provide uninterrupted business;

6. Equipment Management: In the Operation Mall area network Backbone set up a centralized network management system, the whole network of DCRS-6608 topology management, performance management and alarm management.

Main features of DCRS-6608

DCRS-6608 Access Management switch is the user control and access gateway of the operator Broadband Access network, the network structure has the following main characteristics.

1. Efficient Network Architecture

A. DCRS-6608 as the industry's unique pure IP core BAS device, its bottom design uses three layer switch architecture, as a broadband access server at all times its performance reached the industry's high-end gigabit switch upstream level;

B. Using crossbar switching network, the system can provide up to 64G of exchange capacity, multi-layer switching performance to 48Mpps;

C. Through distributed forwarding, the forwarding information is distributed to the Intelligent board based on the ASIC Multi-layer protocol processing engine, which supports two-layer, three-layer switched wire-speed forwarding;

D. The use of Advanced network processor technology, so that PPPoE protocol processing can achieve line speed;

E. The use of unique AEF technology, the user's business flows are all handled by the hardware, eliminating the bottleneck of the network.

2. High network elasticity

A. The key components include the main control module, power supply module, such as redundant backup, the main control module can realize automatic fault detection and alarm and automatically switching;

B. All cards to support hot-swappable, without interruption of business can be hardware upgrades to the system;

C. The use of the system's multi-module channel technology (TRUNKING) enables higher availability of load sharing, which can centralize ports from different boards into a higher-bandwidth link;

D. Multiple Internet outlets to ensure reliable connectivity with the backbone of the metropolitan area Network;

E. Primary RADIUS server design, the DCRS-6608 system can proactively detect the failure of the primary RADIUS server and automatically switch to an alternate RADIUS server to secure high reliability access to the user's business.

3. Excellent network extensibility

A. When distributed deployment of DCRS-6608, the whole network can be divided into multiple business access areas to ensure the development of broadband access for a period of time needs;

B. A single DCRS-6608 with 10000 users of the access capability, with the distributed network structure, broadband access services can extend the coverage of all corners of the city;

C. Support a wide range of Ethernet interfaces and densities, including a maximum of 256 m Ethernet ports, 128 100BASE-FX Fast Ethernet terminals, and 32 Gigabit Ethernet optical interfaces, which provide a rich access port for the access layer Dslam and two-tier switches;

D. Unique VLAN Isolation technology, FEF Board support 8K User two layer isolation (equivalent to the PVC in the ATM network), FET&GEV Board support 16K users two-layer isolation.

4. Integrated user management and control functions

A. With RADIUS server to provide a sound user management mechanism to achieve a comprehensive user authentication, management and billing;

B. Flexible billing methods: Support monthly system, on-time long charge, according to the flow rate and the main call billing;

C. Intelligent IP Services: Support per-user bandwidth control and QoS priority control through coordination with RADIUS server's service policy control subsystem;

D. DCRS-6608 uses RADIUS attributes to uniquely identify the user, facilitating user management and subsequent follow-up by network administrators to users.

5. Perfect user Security Policy

A. Authentication and reuse to prevent users from abusing the network resources;

B. Unique VLAN isolation technology, all the access users are in the data link layer isolation, in the use of Low-cost Ethernet advantages of the premise to maximize the protection of the same bras access to the network security between users;

C. Support per-user access control list ACL with RADIUS server

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