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Windows Azure Real Case: Infosys Technologies--Using SQL Data Services (now SQL Azure) to create a cloud-based solution for car Dealers

Infosys Technologies Infosys Technologies Ltd. is a leading enterprise for it reform. With 64 offices worldwide and employs more than 95,000 employees, the company has been looking for the best technology to help users achieve business goals. As Infosys began designing a scheme that allows car dealers to share inventory and other resource information, it needs to provide a cloud-based solution that simplifies deployment and is easy to expand without user maintenance. To create a "...

30 days to deploy a private cloud? HP Push Cloudstart Cloud Solution

It takes only 30 days to build an enterprise private cloud, and 30 days to build a cloud service architecture similar to Amazon EC2 within the corporate firewall, does that sound incredible? But not long ago, HP,      VMware and Samsung are working together on the experimental platform offered by Carnegie Mellon University in the United States to deploy a private cloud environment based on HP's converged infrastructure, which takes only less than 30 days to complete ... The cloud platform built by several vendors at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States is mainly used for research experiments in cloud computing, with a single ...

Discussion on the choice of cloud storage solution architecture

For a private cloud or a public cloud, cloud storage is an important part of the cloud computing infrastructure. An excellent cloud storage solution architecture helps users achieve efficient, rational, and automated use of storage resources and is a major indicator of the success of the cloud computing infrastructure. But in today's age of information inflation, the volume and complexity of data is greater than ever before.   Therefore, in the face of increasingly complex data environments, building a highly efficient, scalable and flexible cloud storage solution is essential for the building of a user's IT infrastructure. Data complexity brings architecture change ...

Red Flag software launches landmark "Red Flag cloud" solution

(September 5, 2012, Beijing)--September 5, 2012, Asia's largest open source software manufacturer Beijing Red Flag Software Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand product launch event in Beijing Shangri-La, "The Banner of Cloud exhibition Sky" Red Cloud solution assembly, integrated red flag software variety of innovative products, launched a landmark "Red Cloud" solution. From Intel, HP and other red flag software long-term partners also delivered a wonderful speech, red Flag software and from well-known software manufacturers at home and abroad ...

IBM Power Cloud Box Cloud computing Platform Solution

2011, if the industry is talking about the most, the most attention to a word, not "cloud" mo. Cloud computing after several years of brewing and development is moving from theory to practice.    Cloud computing is rising from perceptual knowledge to rational knowledge, not a fad to hype a concept, arguing about the definition of cloud computing, more focused on how to land the cloud. Security experts from McAfee recently released their network surveys commissioned by Boko and McAfee. There are 100 it majors involved in the survey ...

[Document] Huawei Espace Cloud Contact Center Solution

Temp_11112421428058.pdf The cloud computing technology has brought a new driving force for the development of the contact center, and will greatly improve the efficiency of communication and collaboration between enterprises and customers.  Huawei has been committed to providing customers with a market-leading contact center solution, with open, cooperative, winning cloud strategy as the guide, and Partners to create the best cloud Contact center platform for all the people around the world, like electricity to enjoy the cloud contact center services. Cloud Contact Center Overview Cloud Contact Center ...

Tin Rong Letter with Intel released cloud Data Center Border Protection solution

Recently, the days of the letter with Intel in Beijing jointly hosted the Cloud Data Center Border Protection Solutions Conference. Tian Rong Letter Company Senior vice president, Intel Company senior leadership, as well as more than 40 media reporters attended the meeting. As we all know, cloud data center is the most important link of enterprise informatization Construction, which carries a lot of confidential information of enterprise. After the Prism Gate event, Enterprise's sensitivity to data security has been much more than before, and the protection of Cloud data center has become the most important part of enterprise security construction. To this end, the days of the letter to join Intel released the latest generation of cloud data center boundary protection solution ...

IBM Cloud Computing 6+1 Infrastructure Management Platform Solution

1 IBM Cloud Computing 6+1 Solution IBM Cloud Computing solution is an advanced infrastructure management platform developed by IBM Cloud Computing Center after years of exploration and practice.   The solution combines the industry's latest technology, fully embodies the concept of cloud computing, has been successfully operating within IBM for many years, and has a number of customer cases around the world. The solution can integrate the enterprise's existing infrastructure, through virtualization technology and automation technology, build the cloud computing center owned by the Enterprise, and realize the unified management, unified distribution and unification of hardware resources and software resources.

Cloud solution to solve the problem of "private cloud" security transition period

Cloud computing is able to provide a virtualized pool of resources, flexible service capabilities, self-service, etc., won the CIO's favor, in order to improve the utilization of IT equipment, improve the capacity of service disaster, improve the rapid response to business support, the majority of enterprises are beginning to try the private cloud construction. The embarrassing situation of private cloud security in general, the transition from the existing IT management system to the private cloud platform requires several steps: Large data centralization, business system integration, virtualization of IT resources, management platform cloud, and cloud service delivery. (many people think that private clouds ...

Dell Storage solution for private cloud platform in Suzhou Industrial Park

Mention of Dell, has been transformed from an existing PC vendor to an End-to-end solution provider, through acquisitions in recent years, Dell has evolved a separate product line from servers, storage, networking, and now Dell is committed to providing small and midsize enterprises with a balanced and applicable end-to-end solution for the cloud computing platform, To meet customer demand for data applications. Dell's acquisition of innovative technology as the transition phase of Dell, gradually developed from the server, storage, network and services, and other independent solutions, to provide end-to-end user it applications, especially the SME aspect ...

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