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For good and bad collection, it depends on what the individual thinks. Feel collected good, it is because convenient, fast, do not have to think about the content every day. Think the collection is bad, it is because it is not good to do SEO, more will be the search engine k off.

Here I do not talk about collection is good or bad, because I am also very contradictory, I think the collection is not good, but I still use it every day. Just give my novice friends some advice in my own opinion.

What is collection?

Collection is to get someone else's website content to get their website. You can take it as CTRL + C and then CTRL + V. But unlike copying and pasting, it is batch and programmatic. How many articles can you copy manually in a minute? Of course, we should also distinguish between the opening of the title and content, and even release time. But the use of acquisition is different, in the case of hardware permitting, it can collect hundreds of articles a minute. Thus greatly reducing the Web site to publish the heavy task of content.

How to use the collection function?

Now the CMS generally have collection function, there are no collection function of the Forum, blog programs, etc., will be someone to develop collection plug-ins.

Because I personally more use the Imperial CMS, so not familiar with other CMS. I know that there is a collection function of the CMS has empires, php168 and Dede.

Software, I only used the locomotive.

How do you use these collection functions? Like a CMS program, you can write the collection rules and then use it once you have installed it. And if it is with the locomotive, the general is to write collection rules, and then to write a release module (used to connect with the site), and then you can collect + release content to the website up.

Comparison of various collection functions

I'm only comparing the programs I used and the CMS.

Imperial CMS Collection function: Intuitive, powerful. For the need to collect every content is very clear, as long as the corresponding write the rules can be collected. The place to replace the content is also listed separately.

DEDECMS: Powerful, but not suitable for beginners. It appears that it needs to fill in less content than the Empire, but if you want to achieve the same effect, you need to use some filtering, replacement statements. But Dede has the word substitution, as long as you import the word substitution data, then it can carry on the substitution, this to false original is still relatively good.

php168: This does not say, I am equivalent to completely useless, not good comment.

Locomotive: Powerful, customizable parameters, but novice friends first use should be a little dizzy. Like this acquisition software, generally as long as the Web site program does not collect functions or collection function can not meet their requirements when used. Personal feeling, the locomotive is still quite good.

The advantages and disadvantages of collecting

Although it was mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is necessary to give a little more careful analysis to the novice friend.

Benefits: You can spend a small amount of time to complete the release of many articles. A one-hour waking is OK. Reduced site maintenance work. Save more time to the webmaster.

The downside: the content is highly repetitive, because you are collecting other people's articles, so there will be a large duplication with others. Even if you do false original is also so, some programs can be completely pseudo original, not to say is not complete, but then the readability of the article is almost no, then your site will not be able to stay customers. Site content to repeat the result is the site included less, ranking low.

Advice to Novice friends

On the internet to see some people said to do the site is very simple, as long as the program installed up, and then collect on it. Also said that the collection is more suitable for beginners. I think that is completely nonsense, to tell the truth, I personally think that collection is the least suitable for beginners to use. The main reasons are the following

First, the novice uses the collection, then will have the fall sex, later even if does the station, will naturally think to use gathers.

Second, the novice to build the station is a learning process. Said to write their own article is very necessary, do not say that there is no ability to write out, even if it is not written out, you change the post of others is also very good. This not only false original program high (equivalent to original), but also have a good readability, most importantly, novice friends can learn a lot of knowledge.

Third, misled the novice to build the station view. Originally built a station is to serve the network name, to bring their own benefits. and the use of collection, especially after some do not know the so-called "false original", it is the money, regardless of the needs of netizens, this will make novice friends short-sighted, not conducive to long-term development.

Four, not conducive to novice friends to learn SEO, if the use of collection, that basically will not learn to do seo, SEO is a theory + practice process, as long as in practice to demonstrate the theory, to change their own wrong view, can really learn the core of SEO. (About SEO tutorials can be related to the site to learn)

I personally advise novice friends not to use the collection. If you want to make money on the website, do not use collection, because it is not so easy to make money on the Internet. Do not think that the establishment of a station, plus the content of the flow, you can make money, this is the wrong view, perhaps this recruit in the first two years can be done, but now not. Now you want to have a steady income online, there must be a process. So, novice friends can not be impatient, impatient instead will slow down the pace of your success, build a station of their own, every day to update an article can, and then in the next time non-stop learning, practice, I believe that you are not too far away from your goal.

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