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Real estate work seems to be the myth of this era, no matter how other industries to shorten the recession, real estate work is always hot, house prices all the way up, even second-hand housing is also constantly bullish. Thus, the industry associated with real estate flourished, such as real estate agents, real estate websites, real estate consulting companies and so on. Small Head Bidding Management assistant analysis on the success of the real estate website Indeed, in the buyer's shopping malls and the seller's market information seriously asymmetric, it is not easy to find the ambition of housing in a short period of time. Rush under, there can rely on intermediary strength high-priced home, have to sacrifice the surrounding traffic, environment and other very important elements and wronged hope, the composition of the day and operation of the inconvenience. & ">nbsp; Understanding the situation of such a market, we are not difficult to understand why the information providers in endlessly. Whether it is a real estate intermediary, is still a property site, are in the chain of property business information provider. However, the real estate intermediary of the mixed, not to let people doubt, the real estate site dazzling and let a person do not know where the road, the large availability of information can be mostly ineffective, or intermediary in advertising, the price of their house is not to ensure the geometry. So, how to end their own characteristics of the site, the vast number of similar sites in the sharp? I think there are the following points are necessary to do homework.   A, analysis site positioning     Any site to make great strides, the first to find their own positioning, the real estate site is not an exception. The main demand of the real estate website determines who is the most important efficiency policy, the real estate business intermediary? is still the public? What is your profit model, selling advertising? Only a clear definition of these, only to tune the direction of the site, but also to formulate a variety of ways to make it, arrived at the opening policy.   Second, inquires the market demand     determines the most important efficiency policy, then will have to deepen the consideration, the effectiveness of the collective, their demand is what? grasp their needs, but also the real grasp of this some collective. Real estate web site to get a durable turn over, the first to be based on such an objective mall know. With a small head quietly love software for example, after deepening the inquiry to understand that the real estate agent in addition to mind the customer's telephone return rate, together with the hope that there are a variety of routes to obtain high-quality housing information in order to rent and sell. Therefore, the small head bidding software relies on its own media path advantages, through the line of various activities, collected a lot of high quality of their own housing information, and then the active access to real estate agents like.   Three, online activities to pry online promotion     as a new site landing, a short period of time to obtain a wide range of intermediary recognition, not a day of work. The assumption that only doing online activities, unavoidably weak,Can not bring a considerable amount of browsing and durable influence. By throwing money at advertising, the effect can only be short-lived. The assumption can continue to carry out offline activities, within the industry to constitute influence, and then collaborate on the topic of online promotion exposure, so just tune out handsome combination boxing. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand, SouFun to see the group activities have always been in full swing, and Jinan online second-hand housing for their own rent and their own listings, continue to do information matching differentiated activities to help themselves to reach the business, and then end Word-of-mouth legend.   said more than that, the original is expected through a variety of methods to broaden their influence in the industry to establish a professional brand image, meticulous performance of good customers. This time, the real estate site can not be viewed as a site, but as a commercial operation of the products, demand promotion, demand is recognized, the demand effectiveness of good customers. The need for three-dimensional promotional thinking and business communication to know, as well as strong offline implementation before the tune. And then contact some of the characteristics of the Internet, focusing on doing some SEO search optimization and key words, trust can receive a multiplier effect.   Small head Baidu to promote real-time price adjustment tools can be free to use, we can own Baidu small head first is, or can call 13770686752 detailed consultation
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