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A5 Marketing: A few important factors of the real estate website down right

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall with the development of well-off life, house purchase became the necessities of the people, almost every day someone to buy a house, some people choose to see the house under the line, some people choose to see the House, and some people directly through the telephone counseling, in short, a variety of options are available. From the current incomplete data shows that most of the workers do not have much time to buy a house, so from the online local property site to buy a house, the local real estate site can see a variety of properties and houses, so the net ...

Case study: Holiday house leasing website Archives

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall transparent real estate information, perfect industry norms, so that real estate e-commerce in foreign development faster, more scale.   Today, I will join you in the HomeAway of the IPO. HomeAway is a website offering holiday home leasing online Services, founded in 2004 and started operation in 2005. In just a few years, HomeAway through a series of acquisitions and strategic expansions (it took advantage of the founding investment to acquire five world-class degrees ...).

Multi-ministerial property market regulation advance: up and down consistent premeditated strike

In this round of regulation, the State Council in charge of all relevant ministries to show an unprecedented degree of positive. Wang Haojan Morning News information from April 14 to 17th, "new country Four" and "State 10" in succession.  After the Ministry of Land and Resources 15th issued follow-up operation Rules, has always been inclined to emphasize market forces of housing and Urban and rural Construction Ministry of 19th night issued "on the further strengthening of the real estate market supervision and improvement of commercial housing pre-sale system related issues notice" (hereinafter referred to as "notice"). Observers pointed out that carefully comb the relevant ministries of "follow-up" Time, from which it is not difficult to find that the "history ...

Shenzhen's most luxurious plots idle abandoned 5-year price rise 4 times times

It is hard to imagine, in the land of Shenzhen, in the industry consensus that the most valuable "land king" lot, but there is a piece of nearly 90,000 square meters of ground is idle for 5 years, and no start movement. And it is in this idle 5 years time, the surrounding house prices have quietly risen 4 times times more!  Industry personage jokingly this is "Shenzhen most cattle cover ground". Shenzhen, "the most luxurious" plot in Shenzhen Bay reclamation, there is such a piece of land, the north is mangrove Neihu Nature Reserve, open vision, and the window of the world, folk culture village across the lake, the East for Natural lakes, the future will be built large eco-tourism owners ...

Just need to activate the property market Gold nine silver ten beware speculators comeback

CFP Pictures-Our correspondent Elaphe carinata Zhou Wentian Wan Jing in the traditional property market season, as the national wind vane of the Beijing-Shenzhen property market recently appeared a comprehensive price rise, some of the rigid demand did not wait until the price of the obvious downward, turned to end the wait and see began to market.  August Shenzhen Mansion and large-type transactions significantly increased, but also indicates that some of the investment needs to be active again. Beijing: Just need some worry in Beijing Xidan A company work a little bit anxious recently, plan to buy a house he originally planned to take advantage of this real estate regulation "copy bottom", but the recent Beijing property market situation has made him ...

Two-year venture to do outdoor tourism O2O mobile social electric business or subvert the traditional tourism industry

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall [guide] outdoor tourism is a popular way for many people to relax and close to nature, outdoor tourism O2O mobile social networking for the public to provide a more convenient way to travel.        Today, let's listen to the founder of Shenzhen Nie Chaoxuan Co., Ltd., and listen to his share of outdoor tourism O2O how social electric dealers subvert the traditional tourism industry. A few days ago, see a brother for years, he told me that several former friends in the micro-letter asked him, old Nie in recent years in the dry ...

Make Money Local website key point or to choose the industry

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall The first article: makes a place which can make money the second article of these strokes: No, no, no, no, no, you don't expect to make money. Third: Want to make money in the local Web site is no good vision is useless fourth: Make money in the local site without good body and spirit of morale easily "premature" Fifth: Want to make money in the local site will not be packaging also die fast sixth: Make money the local site before doing self-examination &n ...

On how to give a good Chinese name to the website

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall as the saying goes:" The name is not smooth, the word is not smooth things are not! ", this fully illustrates the importance of the name. Site to sustainable development, good site name plays an irreplaceable important role. How can give their website a good name, is the site can be healthy and sustainable development, universal navigation network SEO experts in earnest ...

China to serve the plot dark war or achievements of the king of billions

Official stance to raise the threshold of the reason is that the demand for the future of the land to "self-sustaining" operating in the land parcel background information in the Chaoyang District East three ring, the concrete four to the range are: Dongzhi TV station Middle Road, south to ne19-1b block and middle service mansion;  The planning of building land area of 48749.64 square meters, land requisition area of 12971.26 square meters, planning and building control area of 327000 square meters. As of yesterday, the distance from the bidding in the plot of the start time there are 20 days, there is no ...

Regulation of the new Deal ensued 51 property market deal dismal

"The most stringent" in the history of real estate macro-control is profoundly affecting the property market around.  "Economic reference newspaper," the reporter learned that by successive regulatory policies, 51, Beijing, Shenzhen and other real estate market continued to slump, whether buyers or developers are caught in the wait-and-see state, commercial housing turnover to freezing point, and the deal price appears to be loose signs. Industry insiders said that the local version of the market regulation of the severity more than the central, the future of the housing market is expected to continue to lower, or is now "volume Price Qi", the trend of property market adjustment has been established. Experts said that this policy regulation if there is no obvious effect ...

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