SNS Review (ii): SNS is not necessarily suitable for all Web site projects

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SNS is more and more hot, but the hotter the more calm, for the existing sites, SNS is not standard, for the new site, SNS is not the best choice? Not。

SNS has its very good advantages, from the potential of speaking, is the future may break the current Internet pattern is the only visible candidate, but it is not suitable for all Web site projects.

From the product and user needs, some forums can be very good to meet the needs of users, and some simple games and other applications can meet the needs of users. Of course, from now on, few mature sites have only one product, but most will be based on a certain extension.

SNS product structure is currently viewed from the main web site, divided into personal space, friends interaction, group and a variety of applications four blocks.

Of course, SNS successful way may be a lot, probably because of the popularity of applications, such as friends and car parking and other simple games, but the core of SNS is still the personal data and attributes. Because if only the game and other applications can be completely independent. Group also, which is somewhat similar to previous forums. These can not conceal SNS to individual as the most basic characteristic of center.

If the SNS products, carried out, it will be found that its fundamental core is personal space, personal data and attributes of storage, and based on this storage user interaction, make friends, groups, and a variety of sharing, applications and so on. From the user's point of view, SNS is based on the individual, on the individual before there will be interaction, there will be based on individual groups and a variety of application interaction. Then, the core basis of SNS is to take the individual as the center. Do not be popular with some special applications and ignore the most basic level of SNS.

Based on this feature of SNS, not all sites need SNS center. Some sites, perhaps from the user's point of view, the core of its needs is the group, is a group of people, do not need to be true to know people, in the above interaction, discussion, perhaps this is not particularly true of the environment, but users need. Like this site, there are groups can be, personal space is only a subsidiary, can not highlight the personal center, other applications is icing on the cake. If this is based on the group-centric site, SNS personal centrality, perhaps not the user really need.

Therefore, in doing the website project, or on the basis of the original "> site product expansion, it is best to consider the needs of their own users, Then decide whether to make SNS Web site products, not because SNS is very hot or SNS seems to be able to pull people's interaction, but without hesitation to quickly cut. The difference of Cut-in point has important influence on later development. (Text/Huang Liang)

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