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Previously in A5 published a few soft Wen, on the operation of the car website to talk about their own ideas. Recently, see still a lot of friends in the navigation station, ranking and PR do pretty good, on my personal navigation website operating experience and Web site profit model to do a simple analysis, I hope to help.

First of all, many navigation stations are not the flow of the search engine, are due to have a good domain name, such as: 265,2345 and so on. Their collection is not much, but the flow and brand why so high? Mainly rely on the short domain name and brand promotion. From the point of view of brand operation, although most sites are individuals, but many major stations are also doing navigation, such as the Rising Star, tao123, Sina's car navigation, they are very optimistic about this piece of the market. Look at each navigation station, it seems to be a mold, nothing new, so will not leave any impression on us, so we do the navigation station, we should put all the navigation station aggregation, and then come down to each station there are things and no things, we all have inherited development, this station without that station there we continue to maintain, So you can be "focused"!

Secondly, a lot of friends of the program are downloaded from the Internet, optimization is not good enough, or even the garbage program, we need to do two times development. First on the site to do a basic introduction. Density suggested value: 2%≦ density ≦8%, Title: recommended length: Less than or equal to 80 characters. KeyWords: Recommended length: Less than or equal to 100 characters. Description: Recommended length: Less than or equal to 200 characters. These are very important for search engines, so let's not overlook them.

Third, the promotion of the website, you can go to the major forums, Baidu Post bar to send related posts, but also with the relevant site to do link exchange, have the best resources to do some big stations of friendship Link exchange. can also work with some Internet cafes or software, binding IE browser, this recruit although grandson point, but still very valuable.

Finally, the navigation station's profit: Many no PR station why will be profitable, because their key words do well, ranking do well. With the rise of many new products, navigation site is still a very good industry, such as: Group purchase, micro-Bo and so will find you recommend some words, especially in recent years to do Taobao children's shoes are buying the flow of navigation.

Well, first and everyone said so much, traffic is kingly, unremitting efforts will be successful. I also started from the rookie, as long as the step go, Tomorrow Baidu home page will be found on your site. Haha! This article is original, please specify, thank you!

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