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A mention of blog sprocket, I believe that many new webmaster always confused, confused. about what is a blog sprocket, we can Baidu, there are many articles on the Web in detail its SEO principle, here is not the prefix, this article mainly explains the blog sprocket specific operation Method!

First, open Blog

1, to find the major portals open free blog, Sina Blog recommended here (preferred, almost seconds), search solitary blog, and news blog. Other blogs are depending on their situation. Three major web site blog 20074.html "> Baidu weight is quite high, conducive to the collection and SEO."

2, set the name of a good blog, this is the suggestion that you use the Word to the blog name, such a blog name in Baidu above is the only (other search engines are the same), once included, ranking certainly first. For example: The 蓰 of this sporogenous words in Baidu is not included, can be used as a blog name.

3, write an article to your blog name as the key words, such as "Who knows how 蓰 蓰 show how to read?", the keyword set as "蓰 show" on it, the next is to wait for Baidu included. Normally, one weeks will be included. Suggest an original article every day, within one weeks certainly included. After the collection, and then follow the two methods to operate.

Ii. Methods of operation

1, in accordance with one of the steps, a phased opening of 50 blogs, each 5 blog for 1 groups, divided into 10 groups.

2. Every 5 blogs are connected by links, each blog points to the main station, this is 1 groups.

3, and then separately from each group out of 1 blog a total of 10 links with a link to form a large sprocket. That is, 5 blogs make up a wheel, a total of 10 wheels, and then the 10 wheels are also a one-way series, forming a larger wheel.

4, every day adhere to update blog articles, must be original or high-quality false original. Each blog article is different, you can use some tools to achieve dozens of blog maintenance, we can search the Internet, there are many.

5, the initial, blog posts can not be brought on the link, otherwise will not be included, without the link of the article basically seconds.

6, after one months, with a link to the article, you will find not included, it does not matter, continue to update your blog (without links) a few days later, Baidu will be released. This is conducive to SEO, the equivalent of the article between the sprocket. With the linked article implementation seconds, you can often send. It is recommended that you send an article with links one weeks. Many, will cause the blog to be sealed, outweigh the gains.

Blog sprocket construction cycle long, the amount of update, only perseverance will see the effect. This article by mayi28 Net ( original, reprint please specify the source!

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