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The internet has been in the blink of an instant for 5 years, from the beginning to do free space to do the enrollment information network, very simple several pages, to later do film station, picture station, QQ space station, weight loss nets and so on, 5 years all the income from the site, did not know how many sites. 5 years ago, I was worried about the poor college students, at that time for the province 2 Yuan bus fares, 7 km walk, the road to see others drive away from the side of the car is very envy, now the house and car, beautiful girlfriend have. Every time I drive my accord to my girlfriend to work, I will tell her about my past. May be tempted to say more, I'm sorry, change the subject.

May be in charge of the current operation of the Zhejiang Medical Network, I contacted the medical and health type of the site, to the operators of this type of site introduced my operating experience bar, for reference only. July 27, 2011, officially accepted the senior appointed me as the head of Zhejiang Medical ( take over the site is: Baidu K Station, the site is also all K-Ray, was hanging horse, was brushed, a snapshot of one months ago, GG ranked very poor, data error thousands of, internal link dead chain thousands of , the flow of 10 of the following, pr=2, total data more than 14,000, Baidu to compete for the key words 20 pages can not find ... It is difficult to see that this is a company operating a two-year web site, did not take over before the feeling can be really involved in the operation to know the site is still a lot of missing.

July 27 officially began the operation of Zhejiang Medical Network, first of all, to determine the analysis of the target keyword, Baidu search, Hangzhou gynecological this keyword index, the index is not high, is easy to compete with the key word, then Baidu search for the Hangzhou gynecological this keyword, there are many sites are competing in this keyword, A lot of web site weight and traffic are relatively high, and some sites in the optimization of the same time did Baidu's bid promotion, after comprehensive analysis, I chose three keywords as our website competition keyword, is Hangzhou infertility Hospital, Hangzhou Gynecology Department Hospital and Hangzhou Male Division Hospital, the key word OK after, to homepage, Channel page, List pages and content pages are optimized for different levels of keyword processing. First eat easy to eat the keyword, wait until the strength of the later to eat now have no ability to consume the keyword, this is the most basic SEO optimization strategy.

After identifying the key words that we want to compete with, I looked at the site, the lack of site map, Google Maps and Baidu map, so added the site map, check the 404 page, is the automatic jump to the home page, to 404 pages optimized, check the robots file, robot settings have problems, and its optimization, check links, found links do not have a reverse link, and several sites are Baidu down the right of the site ... Because of some objective reasons, the site also has a lot of errors, this step is to tell everyone, the site to do a comprehensive inspection of the necessity, to the wrong search engine errors are revised over.

The following is also the most important step in the operation of the website, is to promote. There are only four editors available in hand. And the level is also more amateur, but there is always better than no, first of all, I put four editors into two groups, each group of two people, one group responsible for writing articles, another group responsible for the promotion, in view of some unspoken rules, they are old employees, I this new to the heart of the total to be clear this point, the following people do not support you, you personally no longer, So I let an editor write an article every day, the promotion of 10 outside the chain every day, this step to tell you that the article and promote not necessarily more the better, not the most, but the most refined.

The site has been in operation for 13 days, aside from the four weekends, the actual real operating time only 9 days, coincides with Google's PR update, inadvertently PR rose to 3, Baidu Hangzhou Infertility Hospital, Hangzhou Gynecology Hospital and Hangzhou Male Division hospital, respectively, rose to the third page, page fourth and fifth, Google related keywords all rose to the first and sixth pages, there are a few keywords have appeared in the first page, because Baidu Homepage site weight and traffic are relatively high, want to PK off may face a great challenge, the next competition strategy, one months later I will continue to share my PK strategy. Please continue to look forward to!

Have to do the type of medical website can add QQ group 167425307, also welcome to Zhejiang Medical Network ( for research.

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