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Bounce rate refers to the percentage of a group of pages or pages accessed by a user who has browsed through only one page. For example: My Site on February 5, the first page of the number of visits to 51, in the 51 independent visitors, 46 people only visited the home page directly out of the site. Then the bounce rate of the home page is: 46/51=0.90 then the home page jump rate of 90%. Let's take a look at my site's statistics for the last one months on the bounce rate of the site


(Figure 1)

From the above figure data can be seen, after January 30, the site jump rate significantly reduced. So how did I do it? Oh, in fact very simple, is the use of the top function blog. On January 30, I deliberately selected 4 articles with attractive and readable titles to top up.


(Figure 2)

The data from Figure 1 can be seen, this method has brought unexpected results, the site jump rate significantly reduced. Personal analysis, through the carefully selected title of the article to attract people, high readability, after the top can allow visitors to enter the site at the first sight can be seen, naturally click to read. Therefore, only browse a page on the "Escape" of the number of users, the site's bounce rate will naturally drop down.

Let's imagine, the homepage of the blog site can be selected by the top selection of the article method to reduce the bounce rate. Can we extend this method to other pages? The answer is yes. My extension method is in the article page under the article recommendation, so that users browse through an article, immediately can see the recommended article. Is this method effective? The following data can give you an answer.


(Figure 3)

Everyone looks at the red section of the site log, this is one of the visitors through the Baidu search engine access to my site after the visit, we can see that the visitors have visited a total of three pages, the first page is the flow of the entry page, the second and third pages are the recommended articles to visit. So it works.

Read the above introduction of the method, may be questioned: you this method many sites are used, especially some major stations, the home page has a focus on the recommended content, in the article page also has the relevant recommendations of the article. So popular method still have the face to take out to get the heather? Oh, although a lot of websites are doing this, but do you know why they do it? Web optimization is required for data support, and no data support methods are unreliable. The method is not important, it is the data. You may see this from other sites, but you can't see why they recommend those articles. What are the characteristics of the types of articles they recommend? These are not just observations that can be observed, but data analysis, all of which require data support. I introduced the above to reduce the site bounce rate is only the first step in the optimization, the next step we need to count which of the top or recommended articles to visit a large number of these visits to the large number of articles accurately recommended to visitors. This step is also to count what types of recommended articles are popular and how to increase the content of the site for this popular article type ... These are the needs of the Web site access data analysis to determine how to do, how the effect.

I hope you will not only learn how to do this through this article, more importantly, learn to why to do so. NET Earn Forum Http://www.12651.net starting, reprint please indicate the source, thank you.

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