The case analysis of server card death caused by the reprint of hot news events

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Yesterday because to participate in the 2012 Shandong Internet Webmaster Conference, the evening to return to the home almost 9 points of appearance, to eat a little something very late, and did not follow the usual practice of the site to do more maintenance operations. Saw the next micro-Bo found that the most fire event is about indecent video, a variety of the latest pictures have been burst, and then searched and reproduced in the network of several news articles and pictures to Zibo City Network forum.

Wake up today as usual maintenance site, found in the Aliyun host on the Zibo Metropolitan Network and Industrial Control House forum have been unable to access the situation, by not immediately appear unable to open the small details can be judged may be a network or bandwidth problems. So immediately login Aliyun background view, from the network card bandwidth curve found from 8 o'clock in the morning has a large number of access to the network, and 2M of independent bandwidth has been out of the net full of data, think of the possible cause is the server was attacked.


Starting from 8 o'clock in the morning the server network card has a large number of access data

Because they are not familiar with the server management, so can think of is to quickly modify the server login password, restart the server. The web site still cannot be opened after the password reboot server is modified and Remote Desktop cannot connect. At this time feel this thing, then in the background to Ali Technology submitted work list, soon received a reply.

For the situation that the server bandwidth is temporarily full, the analysis given by Aliyun technology is a, the website scale is too big, the demand of its own visit is big. B, the Site page design is unreasonable, the page file contains a large number of picture audio and video resulting in the page itself too large file. C, the website content is hotlinking or provides the data downloading, or the website provides the streaming media file playback service. D, the network suffers from the DDoS attack or hangs the horse to cause the massive access demand.

According to Aliyun to provide technical analysis I ruled out AB two reasons, at this time I think of the site's Access data statistics, when the statistics report (see below) determined to eliminate the possibility of DDoS attacks on the server, must be because the picture was hotlinking caused, And I also thought is because last night reproduced in the indecent video events in the picture was caused by hotlinking.


At this point, the reason for the site access failure is clear, then as long as the deletion of the site directory yesterday uploaded pictures can basically solve the problem. Then the server shut down for half an hour, and then open, when the background display on the success of the instant use of Telnet software log into the server, close the Web services, access to the site directory to delete the relevant files, restart the Web service, after opening the site all normal, this site access failure to recover.

As we all know, a recent news about the former district party district of Chongqing Municipality, Lei, was exposed to indecent video in Weibo, recently, some people have burst out of the video actress Zhou Xiaoxue formerly Zhao Hongxia photo photos, and in the network uploaded the uproar, a time "lei, Zhou Xiaoxue, indecent video" and other key words Baidu index quickly rise, and this is the case of Web server access to the fault of the culprit.


Keyword Lei rich Baidu index changes, you can see the key words "Lei rich" Baidu index from November 19 to 0 to 24th 144060.


Keyword Zhou Xiaoxue baidu index changes, you can see the keyword "Zhou Xiaoxue" Baidu index from 20th (can be concluded: 20th Zhou Xiaoxue name was burst) up to 24th 20943.


Keywords Indecent video Baidu index changes, you can see that the key words "indecent video" Baidu Index is from 24th 431 rose to 24th 3391, Rose 7.8 times times, the keyword Baidu index in the past has been stable between 400~700. Although the future of these key index will certainly return to the original position, but through the rising trend we can not determine what is the trend in recent days, the same my site will suffer how much of the pear.

This site access to the cause of the case has also been clear: because of the news of the acquisition of several key words index as if a rocket-like jump led to a surge in Web site traffic, and also did not set the site's anti-theft chain measures, before the site image file was a large number of hotlinking to drag down the In this case, I would like to remind you that in addition to strengthening the maintenance of daily security of the server, in editing the content of the site also have to have a choice, such as the case of indecent video related keywords, the rise of Baidu Index, the site's traffic report is only temporarily bring visual impact, And the result of our local community is close to local life, and the news of these key words itself will have social impact on the local site. The above content by Jie starting in Kirin Webmaster Forum Welcome everyone to reprint.

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