The construction plan of IT infrastructure in machinery manufacturing enterprise

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Application System Solutions

I. Application Scenarios

XX company, is a small and medium-sized machinery manufacturing enterprises about 2000 people; owns 2 production workshop, one warehouse, three office areas, two buildings located in the plant (100 meters apart), and a building in different areas of the city, 10 subsidiaries, including 8 domestic branches and 2 foreign affiliates. The need to build the overall IT infrastructure, including new plant, office building, and branch offices, requires IT systems to meet the business requirements of the current and next 3-5 years, and to meet the business development requirements while carrying out additional IT infrastructure construction.

Specifically, the company hopes to build a complete network system to meet the requirements of office and production, headquarters and institutions, employees and other work together to provide a foundation support. The network infrastructure required to meet the requirements of security, stability, large data transmission, provide VoIP function, provide data storage backup function, provide the main office area and the main production area wireless access requirements, meet the production, warehouse and other regional monitoring and query requirements. Through the implementation of the project, to enhance the company's overall it technology level to meet the needs of sustainable development strategy.

Ii. Demand Analysis

According to the company's application requirements, the following key requirements are met:

Require each computer to access the company's internal network, the office area of computers and branches of computers can access the Internet, warehouse and production shop computer access to the company's local area network, requirements and WAN isolation.

The company will build its own ERP, CRM, OA and other systems, requiring IT infrastructure to provide support;

The company's internal staff communication between the frequent, a lot of work requires close cooperation between colleagues to complete, domestic and foreign branch offices and headquarters need to meet regularly to discuss the use of IT facilities to improve efficiency and cost savings.

The company and branch offices often transmit a large number of data and files, requiring it facilities to maximize the company and the branches of data transmission between the speed, while ensuring the security of data transmission;

Company network security, stability requirements are relatively high, at the same time the company's internal file security requirements;

Companies at home and abroad are unwilling to pay a large number of telephone calls, IT infrastructure to provide VoIP capabilities;

The company hopes to be able to effectively control the Internet behavior of employees, such as: The boss is not subject to any restrictions, other according to different positions to distinguish whether they can browse all websites, whether can QQ, whether BT, commuting time has different access rights, etc.

Companies want each employee according to the different positions, the internal LAN resources access to different rights;

The company wants wireless LAN to cover the entire office area (excluding all branches)

Part of the company leadership, sales staff often travel, have remote access to the company's network, mobile office needs;

To analyze the above requirements, this integration project requires at least the following four core scenarios:

1, the Application software system program includes collaborative work software program, employee Rights Management software program and file management transmission program;

2, network overall solution, including network overall planning scheme, VoIP scheme, remote access Program and network security program;

3, the computer room construction plan, including the room wiring plan, UPS solution.

4, server, storage scenarios, including application server scenarios, database server scenarios and file server scenarios.

Three Recommended Solutions

1. Application System Scheme

① Visual cooperative working software scheme

The company's internal staff communication between the frequent, a lot of work requires close cooperation between colleagues to complete, domestic and foreign branch offices and headquarters need to meet regularly to discuss the use of IT facilities to improve efficiency and cost savings.

The branches of the group are generally scattered all over the country, so each branch is only connected by telephone. If the meeting is more troublesome, each branch will send people to head office for group meetings. This not only wastes time but also increases travel expenses. When the company has a major event needs the company's sensible to negotiate, because the shareholders can not get together to meet and discuss, can lead to decision-making mistakes. and video communications and video conferencing and collaborative office software for the company to solve these problems.

The solution is as follows:

1, through the Internet can be at any time between employees face-to-face calls. In addition to network costs no other cost.

2, all departments at any time to convene departmental meetings, improve efficiency, reduce travel expenses.

3, through the video conferencing departments or branches of the online training, mutual can always see each other video, share documents, or directly operate the other computer.

4, management decision-making more immediate. Call the management staff at any time to conduct video conferencing, in the video meeting to vote, make the decision more immediate.

5, the Internet to convene the board of directors. The group's sensible distribution area is very wide. Depending on the video conferencing can be held through the conference room in the form of videoconferencing or desktop meetings of the Board of Directors network conditions of the poor sensible can also participate in the form of Desktop Voice Conference Board.

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