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Remote monitoring basics and troubleshooting in Windows Azure

In the Component Block blog post for building powerful cloud applications, we present a series of blog articles and technical articles from the Azure CAT team that describe the cloud services underlying code project in Windows Azure, published on the MSDN code base. In this series, the first component we want to introduce is remote monitoring. This is one of the first reusable components we built when we were performing various sizes of Windows Azure customer projects. In fact, someone once said: "Trying to manage complex cloud solutions, but not ...

Cloud-driven Retail information transformation

Introduction: The advent of the new era of cloud computing in August 2006, Google in the search engine conference for the first time "cloud computing" (Cloud Computing) concept, announced the arrival of a new it era. According to the benchmark definition, cloud computing is an internet-based computing model for sharing resources through virtualization, in which storage and computing resources can be dynamically deployed, dynamically optimized, and dynamically retrieved on demand. From the perspective of information technology, cloud computing is a set of grid computing, distributed computing, networked storage, utility computing, virtualization, load balancing, and other traditional or emerging technologies ...

About Cloud storage

Not long ago, I wrote some articles about how my company went into the cloud storage. Specifically, we are mainly taking SaaS (software as a service) path. This is my solution to the problem of "Shoemaker's children have no shoes to wear". Although we are leading many people to quickly enter the cloud storage and large data era, we still ignore the use of their own equipment. This has led to many problems with cloud storage. 1. Backup unless you have two remote data centers or Dr Centers, and make sure nothing happens at the same time in two centers. Only the traditional "it ...

Large Data Age Change force

Internet Weekly The 1th 2013 Big Data is the power of the time change, it is through the pursuit of meaning and gain wisdom.   With the advent of the big data age, more and more people are agreeing to this judgment. The next thing people are most concerned about is what does big data mean, and what does it change? Only from a technical point of view, the answer is not enough. The big data is only an object, leaving the subject of the person, it is no meaning.   We need to put large data in the context of human perspective, understand it as the force of the Times change. The power to change value ...

Necessary considerations for cloud storage

Many companies have been ready to lead the company into the cloud storage era, but we can not ignore the use of their own equipment. This article takes stock of some of the things that users need to be aware of when using cloud storage, including the areas where cloud storage applies, and what you need to think about before you do cloud storage. Backup unless you have two remote data centers or Dr Centers, and make sure nothing happens at the same time in two centers. It is not enough to back up data in a traditional way where they are. Control if you need a private or public repository, you should not hesitate to choose GI ...

Resistance and non-resistance to deploying cloud computing

In a tough economic climate, the most common phrase that C-level executives mention about it is "I'm already planning the cloud, so why don't we use the cloud instead of buying so many servers?" "The idea has become more common, but is the cloud really ready?" Usually a good engineer would say "look at the situation". Do not know when to start, the cloud has become recognized to meet the Internet site, hosted email, scalable storage and on-demand computing needs of the advantages of the election ...

Windows Azure Cloud Service Basics: Remote monitoring

Welcome to the Fourth blog post about designing and implementing remote monitoring components in the cloud service base (CSF) in Windows >azure! So far, we have described the basic principles of application health in our remote monitoring basics and troubleshooting, and have outlined the useful information you have about getting the Windows Azure solution you have deployed ...

Cloud computing Comparisons: EC2, Mosso and Gogrid

The idea of using the Internet to provide IT capabilities as a service is relatively new, but recently people have reached a climax in their attention. Infoq has also published several articles, such as "Introduction to Virtualization" and an article on virtualization security, but there is still a lack of comparisons between different cloud providers. This article compares three cloud computing providers, which provide a server-centric solution, starting with a description of how to start three cloud computing services and then comparing the performance, price, and availability of services to three service providers. ...

Expert BLOG: A comprehensive analysis of the current situation of cloud computing standardization

"Guide" has been a growing number of experts see the lack of cloud computing standards will virtually hinder people to accept cloud computing, this is mainly due to the cloud vendors to lock users of the concerns and the different cloud computing between the virtual machine and data migration helplessness. A growing number of experts have seen that the lack of cloud computing standards will virtually hinder people's acceptance of cloud computing, largely because of concerns over cloud-vendor lock-in and the helplessness of virtual machines and data migrations between different cloud computing. Today, only cloud computing standard--open virtualization Format (OVF) ...

VM Depot helps businesses reduce the cost of enterprise testing

Wu Kai, senior vice president of Evonik, said: "On the Microsoft Azure platform, using the VM Depot dramatically improves our hardware (CPU) usage efficiency to 60% and at the same time reduces the test preparation cycle time To 1/3 the original Microsoft Azure and VM Depot combination of programs to help Sivax has quickly keep pace with the cloud computing to provide customers from around the world and business partners. "Pactera. ..

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