The domestic famous automobile website "Cheng Long Automobile net" stops the operation

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Hebei Automotive Network December 9, 2010 news site Editor in the visit to the Dragon Car Network ( found that recently the site has been unable to open, for this reason, Hebei Automotive network 618.html "> director of the call Jackie Chan Car Network, The answer is: Jackie Chan car network has been closed recently, the specific reasons for inconvenience disclosed.


Jackie Chan Auto Online line one anniversary

Jackie Chan Automotive Network October 2008 officially online, as the information revealed by the name, the Dragon Car Network was founded by Jackie Chan, when talking about the characteristics of the site, Jackie Chan said the site is not only introducing high-end cars, but also to let Chinese people like cars better understand the car, understand "how to save energy, Learn how to be environmentally friendly and how to drive.

Unexpectedly after 2 years, the site is announced closed, the author speculated: Jackie Chan car network closed and its operating status, it is understood that the site has been at a loss for two years. The original source of Hebei Automobile Network (

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