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I do the local information network for more than half a year, I think the qualifications are not deep, but some do station feel can also share with us:

1, eight to:

A, to be fine, to be specialized (local classification information network is intended to serve the region, to do really for local information and set up);

b, to be simple, to be accurate (Jane is the classification do not do too meticulous, too too much information will be mixed, and difficult to better management.) Must be classified as simple when the same should be accurate positioning, let people look at the dawn);

C, to reason, to prevent (the reason is to manage well, not to say that the station has come to publish on the line. Prevention of what? Prevention is to prevent false, illegal information, this must be good, or to give people a feeling or impression is not good, long-term such impact on the future is very large, more likely to bring "kill the body" of the disaster;

E, want to tube, want to continue (management is to manage well with above rationale.) To continue is to adhere to, the beginning and end, the current understanding of 7474.html "> Grassroots webmaster do local classification Information network has a good little income, no profit can not lose money, the final station did not stick to it."

2, Seven good:

A, the function is good (the function is good not the more is better, here says good is refers to the practical function);

b, the interface is good (many other people think or the internet has said that the interface is second, as long as there is good content on the line, if there is good content at the same time there is a good interface, it may add points oh);

c, good navigation (navigation good not directly affect the browsing site);

D, experience good (advertising is to put, advertising is to let the station more healthy development, but do not forget to do the root of the station, if you intend to transform the garbage station ... No discussion on the garbage station;

E, find good (a station information more, others want to find information, this you have to do a good job in the station search, but also more affinity);

F, arranged (is the site all distribution of the plate, which is a station of the core bar, I think it is important);

G, the space is good (space refers to the virtual host or server, to be stable, but also to be safe, I have encountered a host of problems before the loss of all data);

The promotion of publicity will not say, because this piece I do is not very good! It's bad to be misleading!

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