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Absrtact: I. The difference between SMO (social media optimization) and SEO the so-called SMO (social media optimization) refers to a way to obtain public communication through some social media, in some SNS community websites. These include meager forwarding, RSS feeds, log sharing, blog writing

The difference between SMO (social media optimization) and SEO

The so-called SMO (social media optimization) refers to the use of some social media, in some SNS community website to obtain public communication method. These include meager forwarding, RSS subscriptions, log sharing, blog writing, and non cooperative forms of Third-party community functions. and SEO (Search Engine optimization), it is a use search engine search rules to improve the purpose of the site in the search engine rankings in the way. For the site to provide ecological self marketing solutions, so that their own site in the industry to occupy a leading position, so as to gain brand revenue.

Ii. the relevance of SMO and SEO

SEO and SMO are two opposite optimizations, SEO is going to be a direct guide to your site in search of the real user portal. The SMO directs some of the potentially aggregated users scattered over the Internet to their own sites, the two models have in common that both capture the area of the user's concentration, the former as precision marketing, and the SMO as a pan-marketing; Baidu also launched a sentence is: According to user experience and customer value of concern, The introduction of a measure of Baidu's web page rating of the important calculation criteria, this statement tells us that the customer's value and attention is very important. If SEO and SMO are done at the same time, your brand and marketing values are almost as successful.

On the site, the more access to the site is advantageous, this is a trend of network marketing, and the search engine may not be Yuzhong to the SMO approach. The more people who enter the site than in more social media, the more they stay or share, the higher the trust of the site. SEO should also be beneficial.

Social marketing to bring the flow of the site is a very high quality evaluation of the entrance, Baidu has launched a Baidu share, Baidu like, webmaster tools;

And Baidu launched these platforms can be directly and continuously obtain the various data of the website, and Baidu will get the details of the site traffic from these data, so that your site rating; Baidu is currently in the judgment of the weight of the site is still based on external links, sharing, the user in the page time (PV) and browsing depth.

For the site, users can enter the portal of your site more, then the more favorable to your site, from the social media into your site more users, stay longer that horse search engine on the site's trust will be higher, for SEO is also very favorable,

Iii. doing the basic work of social media well

Of course, the premise of social media optimization is to do the basic content well, as the information is perfect, the first topic to be clear, to improve the data, and then is the content, the content is kingly, many points useful content less spam content, long time will be recommended, early to do a little fan, the account of the active degree to mention, Because now the Netizen not only looks at the content but also can see the content the activity degree, namely by the Netizen sharing the number of times, this is in the psychology carries on the stimulation user recommendation to share;

Iv. What is the optimization of social media

1, the website internal optimization

At present, there are many social optimization tools can be used to do internal optimization, through internal optimization to enhance the content of the interactive promotion to enhance the site PV.

2. External optimization of website

Through the tools or hand-sharing categories to Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, QQ space, and so on, social networking sites let others through social networking site to understand your site.

In general, the value of the Web site reflected in the social traffic is very large, so in doing SEO at the same time also must do a good job of social media optimization, of course, in doing a good job of social media optimization, but also must pay attention to SEO optimization and site users experience and content; Although the user introduced, But when the user enters to your website, must give the user to be useful to want the thing, eliminates when the user comes in later all is some rubbish content as well as the user experience is very poor; if the early basic do not good words then you do everything is useless.

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