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This week we brought the front end recommendations containing the current hot BOOTSTRAP,HTML5,CSS3 and other technical content and news topics, if you want to learn how to develop in the next step, you can also focus on our Geek Course library, which covers the modern development technology ' learning ' and ' learning ' new functions. Hope to help everyone! Original from: Geek label

Mobile device Form input design experience-leader.js

To help reduce the operational complexity of mobile or cell-side input, Leader.js provides a relatively simple input experience that you can easily enter by entering form content.

JavaScript game, Street Fighter

Does that remind you of something? I think of the big tree in the courtyard, a little Overlord game machine and a childhood companion.

CSS Guidelines (2.1.3) – Write efficient, maintainable CSS User Guide for upgrades

A user guide that can be extended to manage advanced and efficient consulting.

Nodebb, a Nodejs-based responsive forum

Like the convenience of the students please take a detour to Discuz, OK I am nodejs attention to patients, first of all you have to have their own VPS or cloud space, such as 9cloud, I use today is Aliyun VPS.

Code recording: Creating a custom HTML5 input box error message


This code will show you how to use JavaScript to modify the default validation error message for the input box in HTML5 to help you develop the form validation effect better.

Free ebook: The Guide to Minimum viable products

Free ebook from Uxpin.

5 Building platforms you should know

Today there are many excellent web site building platforms on the Web. Depending on your needs, they provide different functions. However, the most important thing for a website building tool is simplicity and friendliness. Through these platforms, developers can save many links in the development. In this article, we'll introduce 5 cool web site creation platforms.

How to design a suitable icon for a product on Android


If you have finished your app, you will definitely announce it to others right away. But you need to pay attention to a very important question, that is the app icon. Your icon may have been designed before the project started, but I don't like it, and if the app isn't finished, the icons are useless. If you're not a designer, icons are really a pain in the neck. But there are always ways for engineers to design good icons independently. Let's take the Android application as an example, now to design a suitable icon for your product.

Discard the use of jquery for animation


In web development circles, developers often think that CSS animation is a high-performance web animation technology, if you want to make the Web page load faster, you should use pure CSS animation. In fact, this view is wrong, many developers have long abandoned the animation of JavaScript, forcing themselves to use complex CSS styles to achieve the same effect UI interaction. They completely ignore the better interactivity that JavaScript brings.

Classic, HTML5 game, Super Marie


This is a use of HTML5 development of Super Mary, there is no point of childhood memories? The long press up ARROW, you can jump higher oh. If you also like to be a casual game, if you are a developer, download it and see how it is generated.

Code recording: CSS animation to achieve one of my most "swing" animation effect


Use the CSS3 keyframe to animate the rotation effect, generate the page element to sway slightly the effect of the. Use your page to do the decoration, I believe it must be quite interesting!

Free icon: 30 color round angle Icon Design


30 Flat design Color fillet icon free download.

Detecting page activity status through the HTML5 Visibility API


A few years ago, when we browsed the web, there was no tabbed browsing mode, and every page would be a browser window, and if I remember correctly, we'd be browsing the Web Win7 before. As a programmer, we often open 10-15 of pages, more than 20 are not surprising.

BOOTSTRAP3 implementation of Response slide slide effect Personal Portfolio/blog site template


Related development and use instructions, please refer to the following courses: BOOTSTRAP3 development of Sliding style blog site template

Fast design interactive Ui-uilang without coding development


Uilang is a very compact UI class library that helps web designers who are unfamiliar with front-end code to quickly develop interactive UIs. You only need to use the "semantic" instructions to control the dynamic effect of the element.

Code recording: The Merry-go effect of pure CSS3 generation


Merry-go effect generated using CSS3 keyframe.

HTML5 Games, Gobang


No need to fight, see if you can win the computer first.

React JS and FLUX


I'm not going to explain flux in detail here, it's already well known, and many people should have seen Facebook's flux website. What I want to say here is why you should consider using the flux architecture and react JS as your tool for building interfaces and handling interactions.

HTML5 Game Development Engine Pixi.js Beginners Introduction

In this article, we introduce the basic use of HTML5 game engine pixi.js.

Rollover text reference effect for scrolling triggers

Scrolling page, you can see the flip-style text reference effect.

The Geek tag is now launching the #gb Course Library #, a new feature that covers the ' learning ' and ' learning ' of modern development technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Bootstrap, which are currently the most popular. Invite you to come to use, it absolutely let you spend the least money and time, bring you the most rewarding experience! This week's recommendation has been completed, look forward to your visit!

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