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How to securely configure and apply MySQL databases?

MySQL has become one of the most widely used databases in the current network, especially in Web applications, which occupy the absolute advantage of small and medium applications. It all stems from its compact, safe, efficient, open licensing and multi-platform, and, more important, the perfect combination of--php with one of the three web languages. Unfortunately, a default installation of MySQL, because the root password is empty and the program vulnerabilities caused by the overflow, so that the installation of MySQL server is a frequent target. What is more serious is that the database is often destroyed after the attack, causing disaster easily ...

PHP operation MySQL 3rd pass the first day

This paper introduces how to build a network database application method by MySQL of the golden combination of Web database, PHP is a server-side embedded hypertext Processing language similar to Microsoft ASP, it is a powerful tool to build dynamic website. While MySQL is a lightweight SQL database server that runs on a variety of platforms, including Windows NT and Linux, and has a GPL version, MySQL is considered the best product for building a database-driven dynamic Web site. PHP, MySQL, and Apache are Linux ...

MySQL Application architecture evolution in large Web sites

As the most popular open source database, MySQL is widely used in Web applications and other small and medium-sized projects. However, in many large IT companies, MySQL has gradually deviated from the original open source version after being highly optimized and customized, more like a branch, such as the Webscalesql of Facebook, which was not long ago open source.   Recently, Mr. Xiong has published a blog post, from the perspective of large-scale web site architecture development of the changes in MySQL application, here for you to share. This article mainly describes the different and ...

MySQL or NoSQL: How to choose the database in the open source era

Open source data is divided into two factions, NoSQL enthusiasts like to publish a lengthy criticism of relational database limitations, MySQL enthusiasts stubbornly defend the health relational database-insist that the data neatly stored in the table.   You'd think the two sides would never get along, but in fact, tens of thousands of companies have been trying to combine relational and relational databases, and have tried it many years ago. But the development of new technologies is often antithetical to the technology of the past. When NoSQL developed, the name of the light sounded like ...

The successful way of Internet Entrepreneurship (v.): Database backup and management of Web site

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall website completes, the maintenance and the management becomes the work which needs to carry on continuously.   In this chapter, the site will be optimized for internal links, efficient maintenance, PR upgrade way to introduce. First, optimize the internal links of the site two, the site efficient maintenance of three common sense three, improve the site PageRank have a coup four, site exchange links to beware of counterfeit five, against the vulgar ban on the site's illegal content six, simple configuration let Web server impregnable ...

Linux Server Web Environment one-click installation package and tutorial

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Lanmp/lamp/lnmp/lnamp a key installation package, quick installation package,   Linux Server Web Environment one-click installation package LANMP one-click installation package is a quick and easy installation package for the Web application environment that Wdlinux launched at the end of 2010. to hold on to;

Win7 system environment to install and configure PHP development environment

First, the Apache installation version Explanation: openssl is that with openssl module, the use of openssl Apache can be configured SSL secure links, that is, using the https: // way to access. nossl said without the OpenSSL module, can not be used for SSL security links, where we download with OpenSSL. Select version: apache_2.2.14-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.8k.msi ...

On the history of Internet development from the technology of famous websites

In recent years, with the continuous innovation and development of the Internet industry, batch after group of websites or be eliminated or stand out, for those successful websites, most of them already exist nearly 10 or more than 10 years, in such a long period of development, in addition to the business facing the challenges, Technically, it's also a lot of challenges. The following selected Alexa rankings of the previous site (ranking up to April 21, 2012, by analyzing how they are technically coping with the challenges of business development process, to a deeper understanding of the development of the Internet industry in recent years. ...

Web Service Management System WDCP series six

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall after everybody installs the website service Management system WDCP, In the use of the process may appear in such or such a doubt, the following for everyone to organize the time out, convenient for everyone to learn.   Also do not know the words, you can go to the Wdlinux forum to find relevant tutorials. 1, some rooms do not open 8080 ports, such as ...

LANMP One-click installation package

Summary: Lanmp/lamp/lnmp/lnamp One-click installation package, quick installation package, Linux Server Web environment one-click installation package LANMP one-click installation package is the Wdlinux website launched at the end of 2010, the rapid introduction of the Web Application Environment Quick installation package. Executes a script, the entire environment installs completes Lanmp/lamp/lnmp/lnamp one key installation package, the quick installation package, the Linux Server Web environment One key installs the package LANMP one key installs the package is Wdlinux official website ...

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