World's first ugly dating site opens in UK

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According to British media reports, the Danish dating site "Beautiful People" declared "resolutely refused to join the mediocre-looking people", has caused the public anger. And it is pitted that the world's first dating site for ugly people officially opened in the UK, the website advertised the "Only request" is "not welcome those who have attractive attractiveness."

Ugly members need to pass the audit

It is reported that since the opening of the site 16th, about 1500 people have officially become members of the website. Although netizens can register for free, there are still a lot of people waiting to pass the audit. The site said the move was meant to ensure that every member was "ugly" and to prevent those who were good-looking from mixing in.

"I set up this site so that members can find people who are right for them, rather than wasting time on dating sites that are just looking at appearances," said Howard James, the head of the website. ”

Ugly doesn't mean you don't have love in your heart.

James is known as a billionaire who lives in a high residential area in London and has previously run many other dating sites.

"It is a sad fact that more than half of the British people are not beautiful, but they are not provided with dating services," said James. He added that the site's intention was to give the fat ugly men and women hope because no one here would be ridiculed for their appearance. "Not beautiful, but does not mean that their hearts do not have love." ”

Founder Online "Amoy" to the other half

As a businessman, Howard James devoted a lot of effort to dating sites. In fact, he was also a beneficiary of the dating site, because his wife was "Amoy" through the dating site.

According to reports, James opened the first dating site in the 90 's, "Let the dog date," he hopes the owners will meet through the site, and then take a pet for a walk. The site has been a great success, and he has met his wife. After that, he had a steady stream of inspiration and started a series of other dating sites. The site that he is most famous for includes "Forget dinner," a product of the end of his first marriage.

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