Zhejiang to push the small loan company New deal: Can advance six months ahead of the expansion of shares

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Newspaper reporter Liu Hangzhou reported that Zhejiang will further improve the microfinance company financing model. June 8, Zhejiang Province Secretary of Commerce and Industry yumin to this newspaper, Zhejiang Financial Office, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau and other departments of the drafting of a further increase in support of Zhejiang Micro-loan company policy, is expected to be approved by the provincial government in Zhejiang province.  The document will address its positioning, tax relief, funding, expansion of business scope and service management issues. In accordance with this policy, microfinance enterprises can increase the share in advance for half a year, and the previously stipulated period is one years.  This is a "timely rain" for microfinance companies facing the "no rice pot".  60% Microfinance Companies lack money microfinance companies in Zhejiang First Test water since the small and medium-sized enterprises have been enthusiastically sought after. "Wenzhou microfinance companies were booming at first, indicating a high level of market identity."  "Wenzhou SME Development Association president Zhou said to this newspaper, as at the end of April, 8 microfinance companies in Wenzhou accumulated loans of 1.89 billion yuan, a total of 2411, of which 500,000 per cent of the following loans accumulated accounted for nearly half.  Zhou pointed out that Wenzhou has 360,000 small and medium-sized enterprises, and the current micro-loan companies have only 8, according to each 200 million yuan registered capital to calculate, the loan limit is only 1.6 billion yuan, far from meeting demand. Leqing, general manager of the Thai microfinance company Liu confirmed that the company opened last year soon after the "money shortage" until the March this year finally waited for the bank's 100 million Yuan credit, but by the middle of May and Lent light.  Now there are five or six big clients waiting for a loan, only to wait for the money to return and lend. Similar problems are quite common in Wenzhou.  Another example, the registered capital of 100 million Yuan Yang Hengxin Microfinance company opened last December, as at the end of January this year has handled 236 loans, the amount of lending amounted to 206 million yuan, almost no money to lend. "It's like a pool, it's just water, but it's not going to be injected into it."  "Wenzhou Lucheng small loan company general manager Fuga said that microfinance companies can only borrow, also cannot add capital, financing from other financial institutions can not exceed 50% of their own funds, so the continued operation of the problem has met with challenges."   A survey by the Zhejiang Bureau of Trade and Industry shows that 60% of the microfinance companies in Zhejiang Province have been loaned out to meet the lending needs of micro-enterprises.  By the end of March, Zhejiang Province approved the establishment of a total of 56 microfinance companies, has registered 54, registered capital of 7.705 billion yuan, the cumulative loan of 14.661 billion yuan 15991, each household loan of 458,700 Yuan, far from meeting the enterprise's funding gap. Yumin analysis, according to the original policy, the microfinance company can apply to commercial banks for a credit of 50% of the registered capital, but even the money is a drop in the bucket. And because of their unidentified status, microfinance firms are less likely to levy taxes on spreads than financial institutions, and to tax all interest on loans, income tax 25%, business tax and additional 5.56%, virtually increased business risk.  In his view, the change of microfinance companies into "no money to lend" shutdown, first of all to expand the size of microfinance companies, and accelerate the popularity of microfinance companies.  Financial licensing problems This newspaper was informed that in order to solve the problem of microfinance companies, Zhejiang Province, finance, industry and commerce and other departments jointly drafted "to further strengthen the support of Zhejiang Micro-loan companies," (draft), is expected to be approved by the Zhejiang provincial government approval. The above comments are made as long as the pilot microfinance Company serves "three rural" and small enterprises with remarkable results and a sound internal control system, it can allow them to carry out the capital increase and expand shares in accordance with the prescribed procedure in the case of stable operation of the business, and in accordance with the provisions of the interim management measures for microfinance companies  A microfinance company will not be able to increase its share of capital until one year after its establishment.   At the same time, for the sound operation of an annual assessment of standards, the internal control system, strict legal person management, non-performing loans ratio of less than 1%, outstanding evaluation of microfinance companies, reported by the provincial Small loans pilot Joint conference approved, can carry out bills discounting, asset transfer and other new business pilot.  In addition, for the examination of outstanding microfinance companies, their payment of business tax and additional, stamp duty, and its income tax attributable to the following local parts of Zhejiang province, within 3 years by the same level of finance to be fully subsidized. "Microfinance companies ' deposit and credit" business should be liberalized as soon as possible.  "HTC Microfinance Company general Manager Shen suggested that, in view of the huge financing demand of small and medium-sized enterprises, Zhejiang should pilot microfinance companies to" deposit and loan integration ", and relax" from banking financial institutions to obtain the balance of the funds to be integrated into the net capital of 50% "and other restrictions. Zhou told this newspaper that the central bank and the CBRC issued a guidance on microfinance companies last May, and that microfinance companies could be transformed into village banks on a voluntary basis.  However, according to the 25th of the Interim regulations on the administration of villages and towns, "the largest shareholder or sole shareholder of a village bank must be a banking financial institution", even if the microfinance company can be converted into a village bank, the private enterprise, as the main sponsor, must give up some equity. Chint Micro-loan company promoter Cunhui in this proposal, the CBRC should allow micro-loan companies in transition to village and township banks to maintain the original ownership structure basically unchanged, commercial banks can participate, but not necessarily the largest shareholder. "This will not only help private capital actively participate in rural financial reform, but also standardize private financing and combat illegal financing in real sense."  "But it is noteworthy that the National People's Congress, deputy director of financial affairs, Xiaoling recently said publicly, microfinance practitioners have a misunderstanding," the country launched a microfinance company, the aim is to develop loan retailers, not to enter the bank to take steps for these people. In this view, whether microfinance companies can become the financial industry "regular", still full of uncertainties.
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