Implementation Code of Ajax reading data

Yes, what we want to achieve today is to read and Display Server data without refreshing the webpage.Take out what we prepared last time.1: function of the XMLHTTPRequest object.2: Asp outputs an xml file. You can click to view the File ContentCopy

Another mode of data transmission in Ajax: javascript Object Notation (JSON)

Ajax is the abbreviation of "Asynchronous javascript and XML", but although XML is an important component, it is not necessary. Douglas Crock ford, a senior software engineer, developed a javascript-based data format called javascript Object

The correct method for passing ajax callback function parameters

The property method can contain parameters:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Function ClassX (name ){This. name = name;ClassX. prototype. show = function (param ){Alert (this. name + "" + param );};}Var o = new ClassX ("name ");O. show ("param"); //

Ajax problem summary

Basic =================================================== ======1. the most classic problem is the cache problem in ie. If get is used, a cache problem occurs in ie. The code is executed only once. The solution is to add a timestamp or random number

Common Ajax template implementation code

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:

You can discuss the ajax call background method.

I have used three methods:1. Add a hidden button to the page, define the event, and execute $ ("# Hide btnID"). click () of js to execute the background method.2. Use ajaxPro for execution3. Use the url of ajax: page address/(static) method name for

Code for retrieving values by hovering the cursor using AJAX

Client code mouseover. phpCopy codeThe Code is as follows: mouse suspension test Server code:Mouseover_check.phpCopy codeThe Code is as follows:Header ("Content-type: text/html; charset = gb2312 ");Header ("cache-control: no-cache,

AJax learning note 1 (XMLHTTPRequest object)

Many companies are currently working on standard static pages. To enhance the user experience, AJax effects are often involved, and an important technology (Tool) used by AJax is designed) the XMLHttpRequest object. Today I learned some methods and

Ajax + PHP simple basic getting started instance tutorial

First, let's know how to create this object in javascript:Program codeVar xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest ();This line of simple code creates the XMLHttpRequest object in Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and basically all non-Microsoft browsers that

AJAX supports search engine problem analysis

GOOGLE maps use AJAX, but GOOGLE does not support AJAX, and most search engines do not. Therefore, if AJAX is used as a website, the website ranking and traffic can be imagined, although it may be supported by the development of search engines in

Several solutions to the problem of ajax session expiration

Improper handling may affect user experience and cause inexplicable problems.The following solutions are provided based on your own ideas and online reference. Each solution has different advantages and disadvantages. WelcomeLet's make

AJAX introduction and getting started instances

For a newbie like me who is new to Web development and has little practical project experience, AJAX technology is complex and profound. After two days of baidu and google, I have a general understanding of the basic principles of AJAX.1. What is

AJAX garbled code Solution

Friends who have used AJAX certainly know that javascript is using UTF-8 International encoding, that is, each Chinese character with 3 bytes to store, but this caused the use of AJAX to send data when garbled.One solution is to use

My ajax message board has a good source program and js application.

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:// JavaScript DocumentFunction $ (id){Return document. getElementById (id );}Function echo (obj, html){$ (Obj). innerHTML = html;}Function fopen (obj){$ (Obj). style. display = "";}Function fclose (obj){$ (Obj). style.

[Asp] tianfeng AJAX blog V1.0 provides download

Screen. width-333) this. width = screen. width-333 "border = 0>Screen. width-333) this. width = screen. width-333 "border = 0>Screen. width-333) this. width = screen. width-333 "border = 0>Screen. width-333) this. width = screen. width-333 "border =

Php ajax supports id locating without refreshing new pages

Header ("Content-Type: text/html; charset = UTF-8 ");Function AjaxPage ($ Total, $ ListNub, $ CurrentPage, $ Url, $ AjaxAction, $ HalfPer = '', $ ViewId = ''){// Calculate the total number of pages$ TotalPage = @ ceil ($ Total/$ ListNub );$ Total = $

How to obtain cached pages through Ajax

In this case, the local cache is checked before AJAX is obtained. If the local cache already contains the same content, the remote server is not accessed. This operation can increase the speed and reduce the pressure on the server. But the

Javascript encapsulation source code for AJAX autocompletion function [Chinese supported] Page 1/2

Screenshots Screen. width * 0.7) {this. resized = true; this. width = screen. width * 0.7; this. style. cursor = 'hand'; this. alt = 'click here to open new window \ nCTRL + Mouse wheel to zoom in/out';} "onclick =" if (! This.

Highly recommended-1/3 pages of articles required by ajax developers

VII. AJAX Development Now, you can clearly understand what AJAX is, what AJAX can do, and what AJAX is not. If you think AJAX can improve your development work, continue to see how to use AJAX. 7.1 AJAX application technology Among the seven

Basic AJAX technology

XML-based Asynchronous JavaScript, AJAX for short, is the crown of Web innovation (known as Web2.0. Thanks to the various technologies that make up AJAX, Web application interactions such as Flickr, Backpack, and Google have made a qualitative leap

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