Found an AJAX image browser SIMPLEVIEWER

Http:// SimpleViewer Demo 1-Hi-Res images SimpleViewer Demo 2-Lo-Res imagesDownload SimpleViewer v1.8 (zip file-43 k)Note: Some of the gallery generation methods are not yet compatible with SimpleViewer v1.8.

Highly recommended-Ajax Technical Resource Center

Ajax Technical Resource CenterWeb applications provide the possibility of cross-Internet interaction. But have you ever complained about the pain of waiting for Web page refresh? Now, it's time to combine your skills and create a rich and

Download the Ajax case set: Add a paging query case (including two comprehensive cases in Ajax development essentials)

In Ajax development essentials, I have built two simple comprehensive examples. One is a simple message book that supports addition, deletion, modification, and fuzzy search, and the other is a function that simulates log comments, fixed links,

Getting started with PHP development with AJAX

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, Ajax) are undoubtedly the most popular new Web technologies. In this article, we will use PHP and Simple Ajax Toolkit (Sajax) to create a Simple album as an online Web application. We

A simple AJAX request class

After I added the refresh search and instant verification detection to my blog, I read the code again. I felt too much trouble. I encapsulated the XMLHttpRequest request into a class, which is much more convenient to use, there is no need to

[ASP. net ajax] Function object and Type Class Method Introduction

The last time we learned about JavaScript Microsoft AJAX Library in general, it seems a little abstract because of temporary issues. This time, we will certainly use some examples to Make Asp more intuitive. NET Ajax script library is a very

Prototype Trial documents

There is no time to read prototype. Now it's okay. It has been updated to 1.5 pre1. Haha, the powerful functions have to be learned. This is another shortcut to improve your JS capabilities.1. What is Prototype?Maybe you haven't used it. prototype.

Ajax automatically completes the drop-down box to automatically prompt for location issues

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Function divPosition (){Var clx, cly;Clx = event. clientX;Cly = event. clientY;Objouter. style. top = clx + 10;Objouter. style. left = cly + 20;Objouter. style. width = getAbsoluteWidth (objInput)}The problem lies

Ajax summary and preliminary evaluation

Recently, I just tried to select an Ajax library to collect the information and test it. My test is very simple. I directly watched the Online demo page speed on their website, if the speed is slow, it will be eliminated!Auxiliary

Ajax reads data as needed to generate a sub-menu

Jilian.htmCopy codeThe Code is as follows: Manager Office Development Department Jilian_data.aspCopy codeThe Code is as follows:PlayPos = request ("playPos ")If playPos = "pos_1" thenResponse. Write ("jingli Deputy General Manager ")End ifIf

Troubleshoot Ajax garbled characters

CauseThere are two main reasons1. The default character encoding of data returned by xtmlhttp is UTF-8. If the foreground page is gb2312 or other encoding data, garbled characters are generated.2. The default character encoding for data submitted by

Ajax. js contains the content display effect, according to the ID

Ajax. js contains the content display effect, according to the IDCopy codeThe Code is as follows:Var http_request = false;Var success = false;Var ShowAllListFlag = 1;Var DisplayArticle = true;Function makeRequest (url, cateID ){Http_request =

Cainiao Cai's Ajax review article 3 (no need to log on with Ajax)

Well, let's just look at the previous example. first create a login.html page to fill in the login information, and then create a DealData. aspx page (of course, it is best to use a general handler here :*. ashx) used to process data.The Code on the

JQuery ajax usage using $. ajax () in asp

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Response. Expires =-1Response. CacheControl = "no-cache"%>Cmd = checkstr (request ("cmd"), 2)If cmd = "loadteacher" thenResponse. Charset = "gb2312"Set rs = server. CreateObject ("adodb. recordset ")SQL = "select

Ajax implements Static Page refreshing with rotating images loaded

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: // Use ScriptManager in Ajax Extensitons// Usage example// Put the code OnClick = "ibtnFBSJ_Click"/>// When the page is refreshed statically, The UpdateProgress will be called, but this background also requires code.

Specific ideas and code for batch deletion using jquery ajax

Js page jquery code:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:// JavaScript Document$ (Document). ready (function (){// Select all$ ("# AllChk"). click (function (){$ ("Input [name = 'subchk']"). prop ("checked", this. checked );});// Single answerVar subChk =

The session does not expire in ajax (to avoid page expiration)

Many times when you apply for an exam or fill in a volunteer, do you have to fill in the page information after you have considered it for a while, but the page expiration is displayed when you submit it, and you have to enter it again quickly;

Ajax -- Example of Asynchronous User Name check

When registering a user on any website, the system checks whether the user already exists. A long time ago, the processing method was to submit all the data to the server for verification. Obviously, this method had a poor user experience. Later,

Sort json content returned by ajax using sort ()

Key Methods:Sort () is used to sort the elements of an array.Return a. The num-b.num is ascending;Return B. num-a.num; is descendingWriteln is followed by \ n. It is a line break in the document and is interpreted as a space in html.Copy codeThe

Sample Code of json value returned by ajax background processing

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Public ActionForward xsearch (ActionMapping mapping, ActionForm form,HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)Throws Exception {String parentId = request. getParameter ("parentId ");String supplier =

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