AjaxJS. js used for pjblog comments

Document. write (' the data is being read. Please wait... ')Function showloading (){Var obj = document. getElementById ("loadingg ")If (obj. style. display! = ""){Obj.style.left.pdf (document.doc umentElement. clientWidth-parseFloat (obj.

WEB-based file upload progress control code implemented by AJAX and JSP page 1/2

1. Introduction 2. Implementation Code 2.1. Server code 2.1.1. File Upload Status (FileUploadStatus) 2.1.2.

Ajax agent automatically determines the character encoding

Because ajax has a problem with cross-origin access, the best method is to act as a proxy. I wrote a proxy program and my experiences.In order to act as an ajax proxy, I studied xmlhttp on the lower server and compared it with xmlhttp on the client

Use ajax to solve the problem of webpage advertisement display

Sometimes google or other advertisements cannot be displayed, resulting in slow page access. How can this problem be solved? We can use AJAX to do the following:Put the following code in the original position: 〉Add: 〉In this way, the Adsense

AJAX automatically completes the corresponding city information based on the city name

In the past, I encountered such a requirement when I was working on a project. The user wants to directly enter the city name to obtain the corresponding information of the city. In the past, several JavaScript arrays were generated when the page

Tianfeng AJAX Weather Forecast System V1.0

'----------------------------------------------------------------------'Keep this declaration information during forwarding. This declaration does not affect your speed!******************* Tianfeng AJAX Weather Forecast System V1.0 *************** **

Release three ajax-related functions, including refreshing new submission forms

A few months ago, due to project requirements, I wrote the following three ajax-related functions. Release and share with you.The first one is to load a segment of HTML without refreshing the content.The second is to convert form data into a string

Ajax internal communication document page 1/3

I. Main reasons for using Ajax1. Better User experience through appropriate Ajax applications;2. Transfer the previous server workload to the client, which facilitates the idle processing capability of the client to reduce the burden on the server

AJAX Chinese garbled PHP perfect solution

Recently, I was working on a project and encountered an AJAX Chinese garbled problem. After an afternoon of hard work, I finally wrote down my experiences, I hope it will help those who are still stuck with this problem and have a headache.As we all

Notes for asynchronous and synchronous Ajax requests

When I was working on a project, I used a table control and its data was asynchronously loaded. I used some business processing in the function of Binding data to this table. When I ran the page, I used a browser to place a breakpoint tracking on

Implementation principle and code of Ajax second-level linkage menu

Index. jsp:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: second-level menu linkage demonstration Second-level linkage exampleSelectBeijingTianjinShandong ProvinceSelect SelectServlet:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Package com;Import java. io. IOException;Import

JQuery Ajax Usage Details and precautions

If you use get in IE7 or earlier requests, the URL restriction is easily overlooked (up to 2083 characters ). Therefore, if the URL may be too long, POST must be

Solve ajax IE cache Problems

I used Ajax to perform a name check. This is valid for the first time. But after the submission, I checked it again. The result is incorrect because of the cache of IE.Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Function verify (){$. Ajax ({// Issue for IE

Introduction to Using Ajax to pass values in a script

Page script:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Function ajaxSave (URLS ){// Define a variable to store the XMLHttpRequest objectVar xmlhttp;// Define a variable to store the response results returned from the serverVar responseContext = "";If (window.

AJAX and WebService implement email verification (without refreshing verification of whether the email address is valid)

First, add a service reference to the project.--------------------------- Verify that the Email address is correct. aspx -----------------Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Email Runat = "server" Text = ""> ------------------ Verify that the Email

AJAX and WebService implement code linking provincial, municipal, and county levels

------------------------------------- WebService1.asmx ---------------------------------------Copy codeThe Code is as follows:// To allow ASP. net ajax to call this Web service from a script, cancel the comments to the downstream.[System. Web.

Download a stream file generated by Ajax (implementation code)

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:// Bind the export button$ ("# BtnExport"). clickCheckLogin (function (){Var form = $ (" ");Form. attr ('style', 'display: none ');Form. attr ('target ','');Form. attr ('method', 'post ');Form. attr ('action',

How to solve the matching problem of parameters submitted by mvc using ajax in asp.net

In asp.net mvc, if ajax is used to pass parameters to the server, if the parameter is a class or an array (or List set) and more complex objects, the server always fails to get the value. Of course, there are also many examples on the Internet, but

PHP + AJAX without refreshing implement returned weather forecast data

Use php to write a weather forecast ModuleWeather data is collected through the Chinese meteorological website. Originally, the China weather website also provided APIs for data. The following is the API address. The returned data is in json format.1

Case study of Ajax persistent connection project

The so-called persistent connection means to continuously send requests and block requests on the server. Each time the request exceeds the request time, the server resends the request to maintain the connection and obtain the response data from the

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