Ajax does not need to update the application code when registering a user name

Var xmlHttp;UName () // when the user name loses focus{If (all. uname. = ""){All. l1.innerHTML = "cannot be blank! ";SetTimeout ("close (1)", 1500 );Return;}Else{XmlHttp = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ");XmlHttp. onreadystatechange = deal;

A common class that facilitates AJAX Development

Name: AJAXRequestAuthor: HotHeart (xujiwei)Site: http://www.xujiwei.cn/Blog: http://www.xujiwei.cn/blog/Copyright (c) 2006, All Rights ReservedClass Name: AJAXRequestVersion: 0.3Date: 2006-12-18Description: AJAXRequest is a common class for

AJAX client description, XMLHttpRequest object

You have used your own AJAX mechanism in the CommunityServer without using other auxiliary controls. The customer's XMLHttpRequest object encapsulation is sufficient for users to run AJAX in general browsers. Next, let's learn this story, hoping to

Asp for webService with AJAX Weather Forecast

I found that AJAX currently has a problem with cross-origin. It can only be set in IE. So I wrote a simple ASP webService, which is actually a thief program, capture Yahoo's weather and generate XML. Let's start from here. In the future, we will

How to become an AJAX expert

When it comes to JavaScript, many Programmers think that it is very low-level. for example, in the C/S product development mode, JS is useless. however, after GOOGLE launched map search overnight, the world had some subtle changes. until New Year's

Pure AJAX paging, V0.2 Version Download + demo

The latest bingo. js version is requiredDownload bingo. js and this DEMO Method:PageSwitch (url, listDiv, pageSwDiv, maxRows, queryStr, defaultpage)// Url: the address of the request's background processing page; listDiv: The Region ID of the

Flash & amp; Ajax XML operation instance: Refreshing pagination

In fact, the title is just a gimmick. I just want to talk about how Javascript and Actionscript operate XML.I hope to help some friends who only use Javascript or only understand Actionscript and understand the similarities and differences between

MPBrowser simple image browser v1.0

MPBrowser. jsCopy codeThe Code is as follows:Var thisImgNo = 290;Function ajaxConn (){Var xmlhttp = false;Try {xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject ("Msxml2.XMLHTTP ");}Catch (e) {try {xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ");}Catch (e) {try

Second-level interactive Select implemented by XMLHTTP

This is another application of XMLHTTP following "retrieving data without refreshing XMLHTTP.XMLHTTP. can be said to be a good combination of clients and servers.Using XMLHTTP. We can implement many good ideas.In this article, two-level dynamic

Ajax post read comments

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:--------------------------- Jack's Annotation ajaxJS. js -----------------------------// A waiting window is displayed.Document. write (' the data is being read, please wait... ')// Showloading controls the

Ajax tag navigation effect (like Netease homepage)

According to the Ajax tag navigation Effect of yaohaixiao: http://www.blueidea.com/tech/web/2006/4144.asp.Effect:Http://www.lorlo.com/tab.htmlMainly changed JS:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Function getObject (objectId ){If (document.

Ajax $. getJSON case description

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:

Ajax Chinese garbled Problem Solution

Ajax Chinese garbled characters often occur in Chinese. In fact, ajax Chinese garbled characters will not occur as long as you pay attention to them. Note that the front-end and back-end encoding are consistent. you are using Chinese. while ajax

Use AJAX to return the specific implementation of the Set in WebService

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:------------------- WebService1 -----------------------------// To allow ASP. net ajax to call this Web service from a script, cancel the comments to the downstream.[System. Web. Script. Services. ScriptService]Public

Passing Jsond Mvc back-end receiving instance via Ajax

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:// Background[HttpPost]Public JsonResult CheckStock (IEnumerable pvIds){}Public class pvIdsCount{Public int pvId {set; get ;}Public int count {set; get ;}}// Front-end$ (Document). ready (function (){$ ('# Checkout').

Using jquery's ajax call is always an incorrect solution.

When jquery ajax is used to call a page, errors always occur.The js Code is as follows:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:$. Ajax ({Type: 'post ',Url: 'testdata. aspx ',Data :{Language_type: 'cn '},DataType: 'json ',Success: function (data ){Alert ('OK

Use juery's ajax method to call the webmethod example on the aspx. cs page

First, create a public static method in the aspx. cs file, and add the WebMethod attribute.For example:[WebMethod]Public static string GetUserName (){//......}If you want to operate the session in this method, you have to set the EnableSession

Select menu example from the drop-down list for ajax to read database content

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: ------------------- This Is ajax (javascript) code --------------------------- function send_request (callback, urladdress, isReturnData ){Var xmlhttp = getXMLHttpRequest ();Xmlhttp. onreadystatechange =

Asp.net jquery + ajax asynchronous refresh implementation example

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Conversion The asph processing program is as follows:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Using System;Using System. Collections. Generic;Using System. Linq;Using System. Web;Asynchronous refresh of namespace{/// ///

How ajax works and how asynchronous requests are encapsulated

Ajax principles: The client sends asynchronous requests through the built-in object XMLHttpRequest in the browser. When the server returns an response, it calls the previously registered callback function. In the callback function, you can use

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