Ajax prevents code cached by pages

When Ajax technology is used, we usually use the same URL to retrieve data after refreshing the page to submit data, and we will find that the data is from the past ~ This creates an illusion for the client ~~ You can cancel the cache using the

Description of open method new in Ajax in IE7

Open method assigns method, destination URL, and other optional attributes of a pending request. Syntax XMLHttpRequest . Open ( Smethod , Surl [ , Basync ] [ , Suser ] [ , Spassword ] )[/PRE]

Highly recommended-Ajax Technical Resource Center

Ajax Technical Resource Center Web ApplicationsProgramIt is possible to achieve cross-internet interaction, but have your users complained about the pain of waiting for the page to refresh? Now, it's time to combine your skills and create a rich

Notes in Ajax

The returned data of Ajax calls will be cached, and static html is called. Even if HTML is modified, ie may display it with the original data. Firefox can display new data normally. Solution: In prototype get, Set Pars = "Mod = readarticle &

Ajax is not mysterious: uncover the underpants of various Ajax controls and Class Libraries

There are too many Ajax controls and class libraries now. Without knowing it, the mystery and complexity of Ajax have been added. Many people in the version are puzzled and worried about this, I decided to post this post to talk about my views on

Ajax does not need to update the application code when registering a user name

VaR XMLHTTP; Uname () // when the user name loses focus { If (all. uname. = "") { All. l1.innerhtml = "cannot be blank! "; SetTimeout ("close (1)", 1500 ); Return; } Else { XMLHTTP = new activexobject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP "); XMLHTTP.

Found an Ajax image browser simpleviewer

ArticleDirectory Features: Using simpleviewer: Frequently Asked Questions Support Simpleviewer-Pro Other airtight image viewers Version history and credits Terms of Use:

How to process XMLHttpRequest objects that send multiple requests simultaneously in Ajax

In Ajax applications, a page usually sends multiple requests at the same time. If there is only one XMLHTTPRequest object, the previous request is not completed, and the subsequent request will overwrite the previous one, if a new XMLHTTPRequest

Ajax implementation without any new three linkage drop-down box

Ajax implementation without any new three linkage drop-down box Cellpadding = "1" width = "300" border = "1" bgcolor = "# ccff66"> province and city city city Width = "pixel PX"> Type = "button" value = "test" onclick = "getdata ();"

Download the Ajax case set: Add a paging query case (including two comprehensive cases in Ajax development essentials)

In Ajax development essentials, I have built two simple comprehensive examples. One is a simple message book that supports addition, deletion, modification, and fuzzy search, and the other is a function that simulates log comments, fixed links,

A * game path algorithm implemented by js + ajax: Page 1/2

Author: llinzzi Date: Last year, we made a little thing, an online WebGame. Currently, we only implement multi-person chat, mobile, drag screen movement, and scenario system, which can be used in chat rooms. But it's been a year. Design by static

Solution to struts and ajax garbled characters

The garbled problem seems to have a special relationship with our Chinese programmers. It has been plagued by the JSP garbled problem, STRUTS garbled problem, and now the AJAX garbled problem, no one is engaged in a lot of programmers, all day scold

How to fix the garbled characters when AJAX posts Chinese Characters

Add the character encoding method: Response. setHeader ("charset", "gb2312 "); **************************************** ****The original description is as follows: When AJAX is used to GET back to a page, most of the Chinese characters in

Use Dojo and JSON to create a function module tree for infinite AJAX Dynamic Loading

After reading the article "using hibernate to implement infinite classification of tree structures, I also want to share with you the implementation method of the function module tree used in all development projects and the complete DEMO (including

Ajax unified world-wide Dojo Integration

With the increasing number of Ajax applications, various types of Ajax libraries (Prototype), Ajax Framework (DWR), and Ajax Toolkit (Dojo, YUI) are increasingly enriched. Is there a way to combine them? Similar to Spring, of course, I cannot build

An encapsulated Ajax class

Usage:New Ajax (). Request (url, cmd, async, method, postString, title)Parameters:Url: URL of the Request page (required)Cmd: return value processing function (required)Async: asynchronous or not, (true | false). The default value is true.Method:

Basic AJAX technology

XML-based Asynchronous JavaScript, AJAX for short, is the crown of Web innovation (known as Web2.0. Thanks to the various technologies that make up AJAX, Web application interactions such as Flickr, Backpack, and Google have made a qualitative leap

Code for automatic voting implemented using ajax

A friend entrusted me to vote for him: Http://publish.sina.com.cn/04/13/413/search.php The voting link is: Http://publish.sina.com.cn/poll.php? P_id = 413 & t_id = 119 I made the following code and made it into a task manager. I opened it once every

AJAX preliminary application-code and download of RSS no-brush new aggregator page 1/3

Rss. js Copy codeThe Code is as follows: // Control ID Function getId (objId ){ Return document. getElementById (objId) } // Link corresponding array, please indicate Reprinted from http://www.cnrui.cn/blog Function urlArrary (urlName ){ Switch

Five-stroke encoding query tool implemented by hta and ajax

Save as an hta file. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: five-stroke encoding query tool MaximizeButton = "No"Icon = "http://www.w3cg.net/WuBi/wb.ico"Id = "WuBiApp"SingleInstance = "Yes"ContextMenu = "Yes"Sysmenu = "Yes"WindowState =

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