Javascript jquery $. Post $. Ajax usage

Jquery. Post (URL, [data], [callback], [type]): Use the POST method for asynchronous requests. Parameters: URL (string): the URL of the request. Data (MAP): (optional) data to be sent to the server, expressed in key/value pairs. Callback

What Is Ajax definition?

Ajax is called Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). It is a Web page development technology used to create interactive web applications. It uses: * Use XHTML + CSS to represent information;* Use JavaScript to operate

Simple jquery tutorial easy Ajax with jquery full set of Chinese versions page 1/3

Ajax is changing web applications and bringing unprecedented desktop applicationsProgramBeyond the shock. However, behind these publicity efforts, we should realize that AJAX is nothing new than -- (x) HTML, JavaScript, and XML. in this tutorial, I

Ajaxrequest. js ajaxrequest 0.7 the latest version uses ajaxrequest for Ajax application development tips

Use ajaxrequest for Ajax applications Program Development (1)-First knowledge of ajaxrequest Preface After several versions of the ajaxrequest class were released, many friends gradually used it, and many friends asked me if I had more detailed

You can edit a text by clicking it without using Ajax.

Just got in touch with createlement, appendchild, etc! Haha! I wrote this thing. It may seem very immature to the experts! But I wrote it myself! Not complete yet. Please kindly advise !! View Code Copy code The Code is as follows: new

Cross-origin access execution of Ajax Javascript

I suddenly felt that this was the problem. After studying the problem, I thought it was quite easy, but my knowledge was still lacking. The solution was as follows: Blocked Ajax requests Let's verify the request blocking first. We use the

Get comments from chinaz Ajax code

The characters obtained by Ajax are similar to the following content: CopyCode The Code is as follows: {A: " supported: [0] objection: [0] Chinese webmaster site: Anonymous on commented: who thinks that Google Adsense websites cannot be

A simple example of Using ajax to read XML files

At this point, you can send a request to read the XML data on the server. The last thing to do is to process the data. For more information about XMLHttpRequest objects, see the document about XMLHTTPRequest object. Example: // Ajaxdemo.html

Comprehensive Solution to form garbled Characters During Ajax XMLHTTP post form

Part I post Chinese content First, let's take a look at how e-text forms are submitted: CopyCode The Code is as follows: If you change stra = "submit1 = submit & text1 = scsdfsd"; to: stra = "submit1 = submit & text1 = Chinese ";You will find that

Solution to cross-origin Cookie Theft using Ajax in IE7

One afternoon of study, the first challenge was Ajax cross-Origin data submission, which can be solved using Web Proxy. a.htm on http: // 192.168.8.htm Code : Web. asp is an ASP proxy. You can directly access http: // to

Solve the "no permission" error in cross-origin access in Ajax.

Prohibit Access to non-domain websites, the following example to access, Save this sectionCodeTo test.html, you can use IE to open the code locally. However, after uploading the code to the server, the error occurs-js

Simple Ajax application example-pop-up layer

Function createobj (){ If (window. activexobject ){ Return (New activexobject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ")); } Else if (window. XMLHttpRequest ){ Return (New XMLHttpRequest ()); } } function personalinfo () { var obao = createobj (); var cont = sys undefined error Solution

I checked a lot of processing logs and said what statements are added in Web. config, which are the following: CopyCode The Code is as follows: I found all my web. config! Oh, damn it! You copied me!After several tests, the

Ajax FCKeditor rich editor integration page 1/2

(Http://, javaeye editor is also used FCKeditor, XX see slightly the same? Haha), it's opensource (free, you can change it directly Source code Ah, haha), powerful (almost a Web version of Office Word), providing support for

Implementation of the Ajax real-time task prompt function page 1/2

Project Code For the structure, see the article [EXT/FCKeditor Integration -- Ajax UI -- a new way of thinking for web development, which should be converted into ideas in a timely manner. In ├ ── Taskofpig │ ─ ── Controller │ ─ ── Dao │ ─ ── JS │

How to obtain cached pages through Ajax

In this case, the local cache is checked before Ajax is obtained. If the local cache already contains the same content, the remote server is not accessed. This operation can increase the speed and reduce the pressure on the server. But the

One-sentence solution to Ajax Chinese garbled problem [recommended]

Below is my Program HTML: CopyCode The Code is as follows: No title page enter the name: Request. ashx:CodeCopy codeThe Code is as follows: Using system;Using system. Web;Public class request: ihttphandler {Public void processrequest

Some nice js functions ajax

// Create a component Function createobj (){ If (window. ActiveXObject ){ Return (new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ")); } Else if (window. XMLHttpRequest ){ Return (new XMLHttpRequest ()); } } Var cs;// Send the requestFunction sxs (Fileid

Dynamically load the required js files using ajax

I am used to using java. in java, a class can be directly imported, so I want to achieve this effect when doing javascript. Some time ago, I used dojo. The function of dojo. require in it was very good. I looked at the code and got dizzy. There were

Use ms ajax to register a Javascript namespace and create a class

1. Add a ScriptManager control to the page. Ii. Register a namespace: Type. registerNamespace ("Demo "); 3. Add constructors, attributes, and methods to the class. Demo. sample = function (){} Iv. Registration. Demo. Person. registerClass ('demo.

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