The Ajax message source code is provided for download.

I didn't plan to put this source code on. After all, it has been a long time and has never been improved. However, I found that many netizens asked me for this CodeI am a lazy guy. I don't want to send emails one by one, so I just moved to my blog.

Also write an Ajax. Request class with code

Purpose: Because blog Program Some modules in need to use Ajax and directly use prototype. JS is relatively large (more than 40 K), and only uses the Ajax function. Therefore, to reduce the download burden, you cannot change the prototype already

Ajax prevents code cached by pages

When Ajax technology is used, we usually use the same URL to retrieve data after refreshing the page to submit data, and we will find that the data is from the past ~ This creates an illusion for the client ~~ You can cancel the cache using the

Description of open method new in Ajax in IE7

Open method assigns method, destination URL, and other optional attributes of a pending request. Syntax XMLHttpRequest . Open ( Smethod , Surl [ , Basync ] [ , Suser ] [ , Spassword ] )[/PRE]

Ajax garbled code Solution

Friends who have used Ajax certainly know that JavaScript is using UTF-8 International encoding, that is, each Chinese character with 3 bytes to store, but this caused the use of Ajax to send data when garbled. One solution is to use

Ajax blocking and cross-domain name resolution

Blocked Ajax requests Let's verify the request blocking first. We use the followingCode: Initiate three consecutive requests Function simplerequest () { VaR request = new XMLHttpRequest (); Request. Open ("Post", "script. ashx "); Request.

Ajax set weather \ IP \ multi-language translation MP3 (LRC lyrics can be synchronized) \ Perpetual calendar Query

'Keep this declaration information during forwarding. This declaration does not affect your speed! ***** Tianfeng Ajax set weather \ IP \ multi-language translation MP3 (LRC lyrics can be synchronized) \ Perpetual calendar query through ********

Two solutions to Ajax cache problems (IE)

I started to think it was good to use Ajax for a project. Then I found a problem, for example, deleting an item. After the project is restored, it cannot be deleted,You have to wait for a while. Later I learned that it was an issue with IE

Comprehensive Optimization of v4.0 and Ajax tag usage skills

As we all know. Kesioncms v4.0 has a qualitative overflight in terms of both functionality and performance. It is no longer the previous version. Only one article can be generated in 1 second. Article . However, it has recently been found that some

Simple jquery tutorial easy Ajax with jquery full set of Chinese versions page 1/3

Ajax is changing web applications and bringing unprecedented desktop applicationsProgramBeyond the shock. However, behind these publicity efforts, we should realize that AJAX is nothing new than -- (x) HTML, JavaScript, and XML. in this tutorial, I

Common Ajax functions create XMLHTTP objects. Differences between IE and Mozilla browsers

Common Ajax functions are used to create XMLHTTP objects, which are different from functions in IE and Mozilla browsers. There are many functions on the Internet that create XMLHTTP objects, which are different from functions in IE and Mozilla

Dynamically load the required js files using ajax

I am used to using java. in java, a class can be directly imported, so I want to achieve this effect when doing javascript. Some time ago, I used dojo. The function of dojo. require in it was very good. I looked at the code and got dizzy. There were

Use ms ajax to register a Javascript namespace and create a class

1. Add a ScriptManager control to the page. Ii. Register a namespace: Type. registerNamespace ("Demo "); 3. Add constructors, attributes, and methods to the class. Demo. sample = function (){} Iv. Registration. Demo. Person. registerClass ('demo.

Ajax code used by Baidu Musicbox

Var names; Var Cs, St; Var rorw = ""; Var lrcT; Function getname (songname ){If (songname = ""){Names = $ ("name"). value;} Else {Names = songname;}Geturl ();}Function geturl (){AJAXCALL ("inc/songurl. asp? Type = url1 & keyword = "+ names,"

Ajax learning resources are available both in China and abroad

AJAX developers compile mode: • XMLHttpRequest Tutorial: Dynamic Web Interface: • JavaScript performance benchmark: P = 14 •

My ajax message board has a good source program and js application.

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: // JavaScript Document Function $ (id) { Return document. getElementById (id ); } Function echo (obj, html) { $ (Obj). innerHTML = html; } Function fopen (obj) { $ (Obj). style. display = ""; } Function fclose (obj) {

FormValid0.5 is released, with examples of ajax custom Verification

The latest update changes. When the input component name contains [], a JS error occurs when the focus is moved to the component. This is the case only for IE, and no good solution is found, I just excluded this situation, that is, when the

AJAX resume system with js files

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: /*************************************** ******* * @ Author skyz * @ Function javascript client ajax dealwith * @ Datetime 2006-3-20 **************************************** ****** * Function: Create a httpRequest

Summarize JS code snippets and browser models related to AJAX

In. net development, making full use of free controls is good, but if you cannot modify the controls to meet your needs, you need to use the JS method, the premise is to study the method attributes of various objects in the browser model. It is

AJAX achieves the effect of imitating Google Suggest

Fixed some code details (supporting continuous key events) * Project name: AJAX implementation class Google Suggest Effect * Author: grass insects (that is, the blue ecma) * Contact: * Time: 2007-7-7 * Tools: DreamWeaver (write

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