[Js] lightweight XMLHttpRequest application function: downloadUrl ()

Some time ago, when I used the google map api function library, I found that the downloadUrl function is very useful, so I wrote one myself. When I get tired of what frameworks and what pools, I find that the simpler things are, the more suitable I

Simple Example of ASP + Ajax implementation without refreshing comments

Dim CurPageCurPage = cint (Request ("page "))If CurPage = empty or CurPage CurPage = 1End IfResponse. ContentType = "application/xml"Response. Charset = "gb2312"Response. Expires = 0Response. Write (" ")Dim rs and SQL 'define database connection

Php and ajax experience

Ajax is an asynchronous callback method!It also works with transmission methods on the server side, such as GET or POST.What I am talking about here is that when xml or json data is transmitted,PHP differs from other server languages in that it

AJAX weather forecast front-end

You can directly use the background program to capture weather information across domains.Currently, firefox is fully supported.Copy codeThe Code is as follows: untitled document Wuhan Nanchang Haikou Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Yinchuan

How to become an AJAX expert

When it comes to JavaScript, many Programmers think that it is very low-level. for example, in the C/S product development mode, JS is useless. however, after GOOGLE launched map search overnight, the world had some subtle changes. until New Year's

Real-time AJAX application registration User Detection

The refreshing mechanism of AJAX enables real-time display of Registration Name detection in the registration system.Common User Registration is the user entering the user name. The background program checks whether the user name in the database is

Practical experience of AJAX-creating a blog without refreshing search

If you are not familiar with AJAX, You can first take a look at the previous article "AJAX first experience" in this tutorial. Nowadays, blogs are very popular. I believe that anyone who needs to spend a little time surfing the internet will have a

Understanding the AJAX page 1/7

Ajax consists of HTML, JavaScript™The combination of technology, DHTML and DOM can transform clumsy Web interfaces into interactive Ajax applications. The author of this article is an Ajax expert who demonstrates how these technologies work

AJAX chat room V1.0 released

Plug-in name: ChatRoomPlug-in version: v1.0Plug-in Author: ClearThe plug-in supports the BLOG version: PJBlog2 v2.5.0125Version description:Enables PJBlog2 to support real-time communication;AJAX is refreshing and instant messaging is available on

Ajax tag navigation effect (like Netease homepage)

According to the Ajax tag navigation Effect of yaohaixiao: http://www.blueidea.com/tech/web/2006/4144.asp.Effect:Http://www.lorlo.com/tab.htmlMainly changed JS:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Function getObject (objectId ){If (document.

Ajax website memo

Http://www.dragonson.com/doc/ajax.htmlAjax internal communication document Http://info96.k12studio.com /~ Nio/comments. php? Id = 242_0_1_0_CBriefly describe Ajax Http://www.adaptivepath.com/publications/essays/archives/000385.phpAjax: A New

ASP + AJAX + ACCESS database instance three steps

After reading this ajax example tutorial, I believe that you can easily make a basic AJAX application.You can also directly access: http://www.jb51.net/codes/57017.html to download the ajax tutorial source code example.Well, next we will start to

Cainiao Cai's Ajax review article 1 (backend asp.net) (using traditional JavaScript methods to implement Ajax functions)

In fact, the simplest way is to understand: JavaScript + XMLHttpRequest + CSS + server-side collection, which is essentially a browser-side technology. Okay,Let's briefly describe the code now!(1). Function Description:The tag on the dimensions

Json data is asynchronously bound to the Table on the interface and the principle and code are automatically refreshed.

Winform is used to setting datasource.If you want to regularly refresh the page, it is easy to use. net to implement the encapsulated updatepanel and timer controls. This adds a lot of elements that you cannot control. For example, after using

AJAX prevents repeated request submission.

When AJAX (jQuery) is used for asynchronous data request, to prevent users from repeatedly clicking the button for some reason, we need to disable the request submission button.Key Points: The attr and removeAttr functions of jQuery are mainly the

JQuery + Ajax sorts different Column Titles of table data (injecting vitality into the table)

We are all very familiar with tables. Today's CSS makes the layout of tables more and more brilliant. However, in any case, it cannot conceal the rigidity of those packages.So how can we make those rigid data more readable and available, and make

Use AJAX to return the specific implementation of the Set in WebService

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:------------------- WebService1 -----------------------------// To allow ASP. net ajax to call this Web service from a script, cancel the comments to the downstream.[System. Web. Script. Services. ScriptService]Public

Solutions to browser cache problems in Ajax

Each time the cache is cleared, a new data will be generated. Therefore, the browser cache is the final problem. After a long struggle, I finally solved the problem. Here I will summarize it.We all know that ajax can increase the page loading speed

Invalid jquery ajax is related to the jquery import path.

Needless to say, Jquery is a js framework. You can read this article.Ajax is certainly required for projects.If jquery's ajax is used, jquery needs to be introduced to the jsp page.When you find that jquery ajax is invalid, use the fire bug to debug

Example of JSON-based ajax parameter passing using jQuery (with Json plug-in)

JQuery's ajax call is very convenient. When passing parameters, you prefer the Json data format. For example:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Function AddComment (content ){Var threadId = $ ("# span_thread_id" ).html ();Var groupId = $ ("# span_group_

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