Use ajax to solve the problem of webpage advertisement display

Sometimes Google or other advertisements cannot be displayed, resulting in slow page access. How can this problem be solved? We can use ajax to do the following: Place the following in the original locationCode: 〉 Add: 〉 In this way, the

Ajax cache Solution

I used PHP and Ajax in combination. After adding data, I refreshed the front-end page without changing the data. I changed the PHP dynamic script. Only by re-finding IE and entering the address can I see the effect. Are these cache reasons? How

Amber unlimited classification linkage menu Ajax Edition

After I made the amber infinitus classification linkage menu JavaScript edition, I made a presentation on the blue ideal and csdn. Meihua xuexiong raised the issue of inefficiency on csdn, I also realized this. I planned to complete the project

Use ajax to read data in XML format

CopyCode The Code is as follows: Http://> Ajax Hello World Onclick = "startrequest ();"/> Server. xmlCopy codeThe Code is as follows: Hello world!

Page 1/3 of several functions used by Ajax blog

Class Name: Ajax CopyCode The Code is as follows:/* Class Name: Ajax Creation Method: var ajaxobj = new Ajax;. If creation fails, false is returned. Attribute: method-Request Method, String, post, or get. The default value is

Ajax practices DWR

DWR (Direct Web remoting) is a web Remote Call framework. using this framework can make Ajax development very simple. using DWR, you can use JavaScript on the client side to directly call the Java method on the server side and return the value to

The latest tools and technologies of Ajax developers

XML-based Asynchronous JavaScript, Ajax for short, is the crown of web innovation (known as Web2.0. Thanks to the various technologies that make up Ajax, web application interactions such as Flickr, backpack, and Google have made a qualitative leap

Submit comments using Ajax

CopyCode The Code is as follows: Document. write (' the data is being read, please wait... ')Function showloading (){VaR OBJ = Document. getelementbyid ("loadingg ")If (obj. style. display! = ""){ (document.doc umentelement.

Ajax. js contains the content display effect, according to the ID

Ajax. js contains the content display effect, according to the ID CopyCode The Code is as follows: var http_request = false; VaR success = false; VaR showalllistflag = 1; VaR displayarticle = true; Function makerequest (URL, cateid ){

Ajax-related settings in IIS

Today, I found Options for HTTP connection persistence Description: Enable HTTP connection persistenceMost Web browsers require the server to keep connections to multiple requests open, which is called "Keep HTTP Connection ". Maintaining

Ajax tag navigation effect (like Netease homepage)

According to the Ajax tag navigation Effect of yaohaixiao: Effect: Http:// Mainly changed JS:CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: Function GetObject (objectid ){If (document.

A common class that facilitates AJAX Development

Name: AJAXRequest Author: HotHeart (xujiwei) Site: Blog: Copyright (c) 2006, All Rights Reserved Class Name: AJAXRequestVersion: 0.3Date: 2006-12-18Description: AJAXRequest is a common class for

AJAX Development (Part 1)

What is your browser doing when the page is refreshed slowly while browsing the webpage through a browser? What is your screen content? Yes, your browser is waiting for Refresh, and your screen content is blank, and you are waiting for the browser

AJAX technical framework and development tools

Common AJAX frameworks include: DWR-Web RemotingBuffalo-Web Remoting (based on prototype)Prototype-js oo libraryOpenrico-js ui component (based on prototype)Dojo-JS library and UI componentQooxdoo-js ui component (C/S Style)YUL-js ui component The

Ajax agent automatically determines the character encoding

Because ajax has a problem with cross-origin access, the best method is to act as a proxy. I wrote a proxy program and my experiences. In order to act as an ajax proxy, I studied xmlhttp on the lower server and compared it with xmlhttp on the client

An interesting Ajax Hack demonstration

Today, I saw an Ajax Hack demonstration on my dream BLOG. In fact, cross-site discovery is very easy, but it is still very difficult to do big harm. Secretly COOKIE is only for users, the use of xss worm is terrible. Let's take a look at his

Tag navigation using ajax

Main functions: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Function getObject (objectId ){ If (document. getElementById & document. getElementById (objectId )){ // W3C DOM Return document. getElementById (objectId ); } Else if (document. all & document. all

Automatically save the draft of the AJAX application

I believe that anyone who has used Gmail knows that Gmail has a draft automatic saving function. Every time, Gmail automatically saves the draft of the email so that it can quickly resume work in some emergency situations, otherwise, emails written

Ajax object of prototype. js

I think the ajax objects in prototype. js will certainly attract a lot of people and a large number of encapsulated ajax logic classes will be of great help to our beginners who use ajax. Here is an example of my use: 1. Ajax. Request You can create

AJAX chat room V1.0 released

Plug-in name: ChatRoom Plug-in version: v1.0 Plug-in Author: Clear The plug-in supports the BLOG version: PJBlog2 v2.5.0125 Version description:Enables PJBlog2 to support real-time communication;AJAX is refreshing and instant messaging is available

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