Create an XMLHttpRequest object pool

Author: legendHttp:// /? P = 85In ajax applications, a page usually sends multiple requests at the same time. If there is only one XMLHttpRequest object, the previous request is not completed, and the subsequent request will overwrite the

Ajax implementation without any new three linkage drop-down box

Ajax implementation without any new three linkage drop-down box CellPadding = "1" width = "300" border = "1" bgColor = "# ccff66"> province and city city city Width = "pixel PX"> Type = "button" value = "test" onclick = "getData ();"> 2.

Description of open Method New in ajax in IE7

Open Method Assigns method, destination URL, and other optional attributes of a pending request.Syntax XMLHttpRequest . Open ( SMethod , SUrl [ , BAsync ] [ , SUser ] [ , SPassword ] )[/Pre] Parameters SMethod

Amber unlimited classification linkage menu AJAX Edition

After I made the amber infinitus classification linkage menu Javascript edition, I made a presentation on the blue ideal and CSDN. Meihua xuexiong raised the issue of inefficiency on CSDN, I also realized this. I planned to complete the project

How to solve the garbled problem in remote page capture

Because the commonly used webpage files are basically in gb2312 encoding mode, if you read them through the xmlhttp Control, garbled characters will certainly occur, but you need to change all the files to UTF-8 encoding, it is difficult to operate.

[ASP. NET Ajax] ECMAScript basic class and Ajax Class & amp; lt; Obje

"Everything is Object", which is known to anyone in the object-oriented programming language. But for me, this is a feeling that it is hard to say. Due to my lack of JavaScript and knowledge, I learned how to use ECMAScript while reading the

Ajax technology )-

Ajax internal communication document I. Main reasons for using Ajax1. Better User experience through appropriate Ajax applications;2. Transfer the previous server workload to the client, which facilitates the idle processing capability of the client

How to Use ajax to develop web applications page 1/2

Author:Jonathan FenocchiTime:2005.10.25Translator:SheneyanOriginal English:Http:// In the past, web applications were restricted due to the need to reload web pages (or load other pages)

Variable conflict Processing

I have recently developed a phase of AJAX and have some experiences. It will be written slowly in the future. Please kindly advise AJAXer ~ When I first started writing AJAX code, I directly referred to the Code in the basic AJAX tutorial book (this

Ajax and Asp Programming

Ajax.htmlCopy codeThe Code is as follows: 1: Show "OK"; other characters: Show "Error" detect T. aspCopy codeThe Code is as follows:Response. ContentType = "text/xml"Response. charset = "gb2312"If request. querystring ("t1") = "1" thenResponse.

Aggregate RSS with AJAX technology

Sometimes, your Blog may need the following features:Aggregates and displays the latest Blog articles on your own Blog, so that you can learn about your friends in a timely manner. In addition, it is also convenient for visitors to find Blog and

An in-depth understanding of functions in JavaScript

OverviewFunctions are the basis for modular program design. To compile complex Ajax applications, you must have a deeper understanding of functions. Functions in JavaScript are different from other languages. Each function is maintained and run as

Summary of various solutions to ajax Chinese garbled characters

XMLHTTP uses Unicode encoding to upload data, while the general page uses gb2312, which leads to garbled Characters During page display. when the page is obtained, XMLHttp returns UTF-8 encoding, which causes garbled characters in the display.One

AJAX (XMLHttpRequest. status) status Code

The following is a detailed list of AJAX parameters in Jquery.: Parameter Name Type Description Url String (Default: Current page address) the address of the request sent. Type String (Default: "GET")

Detailed idea and code for implementing the paging function in AJAX and L3 Architecture

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:-----------------------------HTMLPage1.htm --------------------------------- page 1 previous page next page last page Id = "txtPageindex" type = "text"/> Go ------------------------- WebService1 ------------

Perfect solution for Ajax cross-origin query through $. getJSON ()

Cause:Browser security restrictions are imposed to prevent cross-origin ajax data acquisition.Solution:$. GetJSON () provided by jquery can be used to obtain JSON-format data across domains. Advantage: strong compatibility.Java background code: Copy

A clear article about Ajax

1. Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)Ajax definition: allows the client browser to communicate with the server. ajax technology is used without refreshing the current page.2. Without refreshing new pages, ajax, flash, javaApplet, Framework

Ajax interaction Struts2 action (Client/Server)

1. Client webpage code Copy codeThe Code is as follows: check whether the user name is unique Cellpadding = "0" cellspacing = "0" background = "images/bg.gif"> & Lt; td height = "253" valign = "top" & gt;Cellspacing = "0"> User name: Id =

Solve the problem that jquery ajax cannot obtain the latest data under IE (IE cache)

Today, I modified a bug and used ajax to query data. In Google's browser, I can get the latest data. In IE, I got old data, but I cannot get the latest data, I found the IE cache again.It is found that the ajax request uses the get method. The URL

Two ajax submission methods (get/post) and two versions

Recently, I am idle. I just made a note of the technologies I have used before, so that I will be lazy and you will be happy.The first step is to comment out the javascript version of ajax: ajax asynchronous refresh is mainly to splice the required

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