Ajax + php Chinese garbled Solution

Causes of AJAX garbled charactersBecause XMLHTTP uses Unicode encoding to upload data, and generally uses gb2312 as the page, garbled characters are generated when the page is displayed. When the page is obtained, XMLHttp returns UTF-8 encoding,

AjaxJS. js used for pjblog comments

Document. write (' the data is being read. Please wait... ')Function showloading (){Var obj = document. getElementById ("loadingg ")If (obj. style. display! = ""){Obj.style.left.pdf (document.doc umentElement. clientWidth-parseFloat (obj.

AJAX prevents code cached by pages

When AJAX technology is used, we usually use the same url to retrieve data after refreshing the page to submit data, and we will find that the data is from the past ~ This creates an illusion for the client ~~ You can cancel the cache using the

Ajax agent automatically determines the character encoding

Because ajax has a problem with cross-origin access, the best method is to act as a proxy. I wrote a proxy program and my experiences.In order to act as an ajax proxy, I studied xmlhttp on the lower server and compared it with xmlhttp on the client

Common AJAX Functions

Create an XMLHTTP object. Differences between IE and Mozilla browsersCopy codeThe Code is as follows: function getRequest (){Http_request = false;If (window. XMLHttpRequest ){// Create XMLHttpRequest for Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, and other

163 AJAX Tab

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:// 163 AJAX Tab// Update 2006.10.18// Added the mouse latency sensing feature.// Update 2006.10.8// The href attribute of the tag retains the original HTML function. Add the URL attribute to the AJAX Load path.//

Good ajax applications

Style = "cursor: pointer; text-decoration: underline"Onclick = "makeRequest('test.html ')">Make a request Make a request [Ctrl + A select all Note: If you need to introduce external Js, You need to refresh it to execute]

How ASP thieves use XMLHTTP to submit forms

[Original] How ASP thieves use XMLHTTP to submit forms and send cookies or sessionsXMLHTTP is used to create thieves. Many people have already discussed and discussed the specific details behind the times. However, in the process of making ASP

AJAX request class

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:// AJAX classFunction AJAXRequest (){Var xmlObj = false;Var CBfunc, ObjSelf;ObjSelf = this;Try {xmlObj = new XMLHttpRequest ;}Catch (e ){Try {xmlObj = new ActiveXObject ("MSXML2.XMLHTTP ");}Catch (e2 ){Try {xmlObj =

Robust AJAX source code learning application example

This example mainly demonstrates how to operate XMLHttpRequest .....Introduction to XMLHttpRequestTo realize such a brilliant miracle, you must be very familiar with a JavaScript Object, XMLHttpRequest. This small object has actually existed in

The latest tools and technologies of AJAX developers

XML-based Asynchronous JavaScript, AJAX for short, is the crown of Web innovation (known as Web2.0. Thanks to the various technologies that make up AJAX, Web application interactions such as Flickr, Backpack, and Google have made a qualitative leap

Ajax checks whether the user name is occupied

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:// Check whether the user name is occupiedFunction GetO (){Var ajax = false;Try {Ajax = new ActiveXObject ("Msxml2.XMLHTTP ");} Catch (e ){Try {Ajax = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ");} Catch (E ){Ajax =

Implementation principle of ajax cross-origin communication using iframe (illustration)

In the long journey of front-end development, ajax is inevitable and generally used for ajax requests in the same domain. However, if a request occurs in different domains, the request cannot be executed, and an exception will be thrown, prompting

Detailed steps of the drop-down list prompts during Baidu search using AjaxControlToolkit

AjaxControlToolkit is a set of controls, can realize automatic filling text box, click the text box to pop up the calendar, add watermarks and other Ajax effect, contains more than 40 controls, the specific implementation effect such as:

Jquery ajax submits a form from the action to the jsp implementation Summary

Jsp page:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Var clientTel = $ ("# clientTel"). val ();Var activityId = $ ("# activityId"). val ();$. Ajax ({Type: "post", // sending MethodUrl: "/arweb/reserve/saveCode. action", // pathData: "clientTel =" + clientTel + "

Batch upload of Images Using JQuery + ajax (self-writing)

I searched the internet and found that the code for uploading a single image in jquery + ajax mode is available, but the program for uploading images in batches is not found, so according to the searched code, write a file that can be uploaded in

AJAX and WebService implement email verification (without refreshing verification of whether the email address is valid)

First, add a service reference to the project.--------------------------- Verify that the Email address is correct. aspx -----------------Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Email Runat = "server" Text = ""> ------------------ Verify that the Email

Solution to ajax aborted request interruption in IE6

A click event is bound to tag a to trigger ajax requests. In IE6, requests are often interrupted and everything works in other browsers.In IE6, when Fiddler2 and httpWatch are used to monitor requests, "aborted" is often displayed, which is quite

A detailed example of AJAX mouse implementation is displayed.

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: data prompt Product list: item A item B item C

How to assign values to external variables in ajax asynchronous callback Functions

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: The asynchronous ajax callback function causes "aaa" when the str value is directly obtained from the outside. When "bbb" is required, you can call the function with "bbb" in the callback function.

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