How to fix the garbled characters when AJAX posts Chinese Characters

Add the character encoding method:Response. setHeader ("charset", "gb2312 ");**************************************** ****The original description is as follows:When AJAX is used to GET back to a page, most of the Chinese characters in RESPONSETEXT

Notes in Ajax

The returned data of ajax calls will be cached, and static html is called. Even if html is modified, IE may display it with the original data. Firefox can display new data normally.Solution:In prototype GET, SetPars = "mod = readArticle & fid = '+ $

How to process XMLHttpRequest objects that send multiple requests simultaneously in AJAX

In ajax applications, a page usually sends multiple requests at the same time. If there is only one XMLHttpRequest object, the previous request is not completed, and the subsequent request will overwrite the previous one, if a new XMLHttpRequest

AJAX technical framework and development tools

Common AJAX frameworks include:DWR-Web RemotingBuffalo-Web Remoting (based on prototype)Prototype-js oo libraryOpenrico-js ui component (based on prototype)Dojo-JS library and UI componentQooxdoo-js ui component (C/S Style)YUL-js ui componentThe

Ajax responseXML return accept asp

Index. asp of the first FileThe second login. aspResponse. ContentType = "text/xml"Response. Write (" ")Response. Write (" ")Response. Write (" love you ")Response. Write (" ")%>

AJAX Development (Part 1)

What is your browser doing when the page is refreshed slowly while browsing the webpage through a browser? What is your screen content? Yes, your browser is waiting for Refresh, and your screen content is blank, and you are waiting for the browser

A simple AJAX request class

After I added the refresh search and instant verification detection to my blog, I read the code again. I felt too much trouble. I encapsulated the XMLHttpRequest request into a class, which is much more convenient to use, there is no need to

[ASP. net ajax] Function object and Type Class Method Introduction

The last time we learned about JavaScript Microsoft AJAX Library in general, it seems a little abstract because of temporary issues. This time, we will certainly use some examples to Make Asp more intuitive. NET Ajax script library is a very

Popular Ajax application demos and source code downloads

70 popular Ajax application demos and source code downloads, including: Greybox, Lightbox, Thickbox, etc. The rich content is a rare learning and research material and many things can be used directly, it is time to make full use of the come

Use Ajax to read data in XML format

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Http://> Ajax Hello World Onclick = "startRequest ();"/>Server. xmlCopy codeThe Code is as follows: hello world!

Introduction to XMLHttpRequest in AJAX

Before using the XMLHttpRequest object to send requests and process responses, you must use JavaScript to create an XMLHttpRequest object. Because XMLHttpRequest is not a W3C standard, you can use JavaScript to create an XMLHttpRequest instance in

Cainiao Cai's Ajax review article 3 (no need to log on with Ajax)

Well, let's just look at the previous example. first create a login.html page to fill in the login information, and then create a DealData. aspx page (of course, it is best to use a general handler here :*. ashx) used to process data.The Code on the

Use Ajax to submit a form with file upload and hide iframe applications

Generally, forms are submitted in ajax mode, so it is troublesome to upload a form with a file. The basic principle is to add a hidden iframe on the page, and then submit the form data except the file through ajax. In the callback function after the

Ajax implements Static Page refreshing with rotating images loaded

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: // Use ScriptManager in Ajax Extensitons// Usage example// Put the code OnClick = "ibtnFBSJ_Click"/>// When the page is refreshed statically, The UpdateProgress will be called, but this background also requires code.

How to pass a parameter through ajax

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Username Password

Analysis of AJAX garbled characters and error Solutions

One is garbled characters, and the other is javascript system errors:-1072896658. The row XX. innerHTML = xmlhttp. responseText; is displayed.In fact, it is caused by inconsistent encoding. The solution is to add the specified character encoding

Ajax partial refreshing of jsp content under a div

Use AJAX to refresh the jsp content in a DIVCopy codeThe Code is as follows: If you want this div to be automatically refreshed, you can use setInterval ('startrefresh () ', 5000) to automatically execute the startrefresh method every five seconds,

Example code for deleting a row of data in a table using Ajax

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:/*** Ajax-based Information deletion-Background Data** Action* Id Primary Key Value* Obj */Function removeRow (action, id, obj ){If (confirm ('Are you sure you want to delete it? ')){Ext. Ajax. request ({Url:

Ajax JSONP request processing callback function jsonpCallback case sensitive

Cross-origin JSONP request using ajax, because the name of the callback function of the Requested Party cannot be modified. Multiple different JSONP requests will appear on the page, but their Callback function names are all the same, _ Callback.

Ajax obtains the site file content instance

A simple Ajax example: if you select a book, the relevant name will be obtained in real time through Ajax.Put four html files under the same file on the web site.Index.htmlCopy codeThe Code is as follows: A simple Ajax instance that does not involve

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