Solutions to the javascript contained in pages loaded using ajax

1. [Use iframe] Add an iframe to the page to be loaded, as shown below:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Add the function you want to call in onload. If the loaded page is in the pop-up layer, this function should be placed on the parent page of the

Ajax (iframe) does not need to submit new forms, upload files

Search the data to get the result: NoHowever, we also found a solution, that is, using iframe to submit the form, that is, you can upload files without refreshing the new form!I. HTML codeCopy codeThe Code is as follows: no need to submit a new form

PHP matches regular expressions of consecutive numbers or letters

Rules for writing regular expressions:"/The rule must be written in the middle of two slashes./". (.: Decimal point) is used to match all characters except line breaks. (\ S: Lower-case backslash (s) is used to match a single space character,

Javascript Ajax obtains remote url return judgment

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:

Ajax basics-XMLHttpRequest object Summary

XMLHttpRequest provides the protocol for communication between the client and the http server.I. CreateIE: http_request = new ActiveXObject ("Msxml2.XMLHTTP ");Http_request = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ");Non-IE: http_request = new

Details about five states of ajax readyState

In Pragmatic Ajax A Web 2.0 Primer, the readyStae status is described as follows:0: (Uninitialized) the send () method has not yet been invoked.1: (Loading) the send () method has been invoked, request in progress.2: (Loaded) the send () method has

Ajax objects include post and get asynchronous transmission methods.

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:/*** @ Author Supersha* @ QQ: 770104121.*/ Ajax Document Note:The Ajax object accepts an object literal as a parameter, which contains the method, url, success, params, and fail parameters.Method: "GET" or "POST"Url:

Solution to cross-origin cookie Theft using ajax in ie7

One afternoon of study, the first challenge was ajax cross-Origin data submission, which can be solved using web Proxy. a.htm code on http: // asp is an asp proxy.You can directly access http: // to send data.

Ajax + Asp source code] Page 1/2 of the table (no framework is used) for reading database content

Function:The table that reads the database content. the Data Reading method is ajax, And the paging method is also. the code is not well written. haha. for reference by some ajax learners. if there is any problem, please follow up and correct it. I

AJAXRequest v0.2

Update:1) Change the constructor to include parameters to simplify the procedureClass Name: AJAXRequestCreation method:Var ajaxobj = new AJAXRequest (method, url, async, content, callback );If creation fails, false is returned.Attribute:

First AJAX experience

AJAX is a hot thing in the past two years, and I have also joined in the fun. I went to some tutorials the other day to learn about it. Next I will write my own things according to the entire process. However, because it is a beginner Please forgive

Ajax technology makes online lyrics search function

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: untitled document 100,000 online free query of lyrics Enter the song name:

Automatically save the draft of the AJAX application

I believe that anyone who has used Gmail knows that Gmail has a draft automatic saving function. Every time, Gmail automatically saves the draft of the email so that it can quickly resume work in some emergency situations, otherwise, emails written

Use javascript to update data without refreshing pages

The following body:The program design often encounters a situation where the user cannot know in advance what data the user will need. After the data is extracted, It is fed back to the user. For example, if you select a province All cities are

Cainiao Cai's Ajax review article 2 (Ajax function implemented by the load () method in JQuery)

In the previous blog, I wrote that the XMLHttpRequest object is used in traditional Javascript to load data asynchronously. Alas, it's a headache to see the code! Haha ...... not only are you, but I am a little disgusted, not only need to judge the

How JavaScript controls Session implementation principles and code

When you see this question, someone may ask, JavaScript represents the client, and Session represents the server (you don't know if you can understand it ).First of all, I need to change the module code in the Session when I click a module during

Application of ajax json value passing Method on jsp page

Jsp page:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:$ (Document). ready (function (){SetInterval (function myTimer (){// Alert ('A ');GetViews ();},1000 );});// PlayFunction getViews (){$. Ajax ({'Url': "$ {pageContext. request. contextPath}/video/getVideos.

JQery ajax -- load () method example

I. load () method (simplest)Load (url, [data], [callback])Url: the address of the loaded page.Data: Optional. data sent to the server. The format is key/value.Callback: optional, callback function1. The simplest applicationCopy codeThe Code is as

AJAX obtains the current time and time format output of the server.

AJAX obtains the current server time ------------------------------ WebService1.asmx ----------------------------------Copy codeThe Code is as follows:// To allow ASP. net ajax to call this Web service from a script, cancel the comments to the

Ajax jquery asynchronous Form Verification sample code

File directory: Html code:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: asynchronous Form Verification Php code:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:// Connect to the server$ Link = mysql_connect ('localhost', 'root', 'sanyun ');If (! $ Link ){Die ('Connection

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