Static paging implementation code of + Ajax text files

The Service side is a paging class of text files. It is mainly processed in the stream. Of course, I have used the keyword on the Internet for paging.I personally think that not all the time can meet the requirements. If I write this on myself, I

Ajax perfectly solves the onchange problem in the drop-down box

That is, when the onchange event in the regional drop-down box is triggered, the options of the agent drop-down box are changed accordingly. For example, if you select Hunan> Changsha, the agent drop-down box only displays the agent in Changsha.I

Ajax and some garbled issues

Create an xmlhttprequest object.Copy codeThe Code is as follows: return window. ActiveXObject? New window. ActiveXObject ('Microsoft. xmlhttp'): new XMLHttpRequest;The next object is an onreadystatechange event. There are two attributes: readyState

Implementation Code for reading data from tables through Ajax

What we want to talk about today is: read multiple pieces of data from the server using the Ajax no-refreshing technology, and display the returned data in a table. at the same time, I will show how to use JavaScript scripts and Dom interfaces to

Methods to prevent repeated ajax requests (GET and POST)

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:/*GET and POST methods that prevent repeated ajax requests*/JQuery. extend ({Getx: function (url, data, callback, sender ){Var params = {url: url, data: null, callback: null, sender: null };For (var I = 1; I If

Five Ajax File Upload controls

1. FancyUpload (Demo address) FancyUpload is a multi-File Upload Component that uses Flash and Ajax (MooTools) technology to upload progress bars, similar to SWFUpload.2. SwfUploadPanel (Demo address) SwfUploadPanel is a multi-File Upload

Javascript ajax Functions

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:// Ajax TestVar xmlHttp;Function createXMLHttpRequest (){If (window. ActiveXObject ){XmlHttp = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ");}Else if (window. XMLHttpRequest ){XmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest ();}}Function (){

The code is GB2312. The website displays the data received by AJAX in Chinese.

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: The full text of this article is as follows:XMLHttpRequest transfers data with a UTF-8 by default. When the returned data from the server is UTF-8 encoding, it works very well (developing web applications, when the

The simplest AJAX callback library in history

First of all, I think of AjaxManager in CS. I just want to simplify it and remove unnecessary and many methods that are more suitable for our habits.I named him AjaxLite, because he only needs two classes to implement Ajax functions. In order to not

Asp ajax static pagination page 1/2

AJAX static paging Demonstration: AJAX Implementation of static paging Author: Eleven wolves Contact: 275915854 (QQ) (email) Download:

Ajax framework learning notes

I. Three Important attributes of the XMLHttpRequest object. OnreadystatechangeAttribute The onreadystatechange attribute contains functions for processing server responses. The following code defines an empty function. You can set the

Five data records are randomly read from the ajax database and dynamically refreshed on the page.

You cannot use Top in the database. You can use this method later... This method summarizes and writes a page. If you are interested, you can study together ....Front-end code:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: randomly generated ajax data Background

Step 4 learn Ajax

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:// Step 1: Create an XMLHttpRequest objectVar http_request;Try{Http_request = window. ActiveXObject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ");} Catch (e){Try{Http_request = new XMLHttpRequest ();} Catch (e){Alert ("your browser does

AJAX blocking and cross-domain name resolution

Blocked AJAX requestsLet's verify the request blocking first. The following code is used:Initiate three consecutive requestsFunction simpleRequest (){Var request = new XMLHttpRequest ();Request. open ("POST", "Script. ashx ");Request. send (null

Complete solutions for xmlhttp garbled characters (UTF8, GB2312 encoding and decoding)

There are two possible causes for Form garbled characters when using XMLHTTP Post Form: Chinese garbled characters in Post Form data; and Server Response garbled characters caused by incorrect XMLHTTP encoding. In other words, this article mainly

Ajaxjs used in PJBLOG. Several simple functions

Function $ (id){Return document. getElementById (id );}Function echo (obj, html){$ (Obj). innerHTML = html;}Function fopen (obj){$ (Obj). style. display = "";}Function fclose (obj){$ (Obj). style. display = "none ";}Function createxmlhttp (){Var

Cross-origin access execution of AJAX javascript

I suddenly felt that this was the problem. After studying the problem, I thought it was quite easy, but my knowledge was still lacking. The solution was as follows:Blocked AJAX requestsLet's verify the request blocking first. The following code is

Javascript drag _ cookie_ajax and so on

DEMO of the lib function application of the new website version DEMO of the new website-lib Function Application 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 drag window (1) close the window the Ricoh R series is well-known. The R7 launched last year is a perfect product,

Asp + Ajax simple client login verification

I will not blow off the ease of server operations. Everyone on the Earth knows that it is the most annoying thing to do is page refresh, and his head is dizzy, and when he is refreshing, also trigger server-side events (solution:

An encapsulated Ajax class

Usage:New Ajax (). Request (url, cmd, async, method, postString, title)Parameters:Url: URL of the Request page (required)Cmd: return value processing function (required)Async: asynchronous or not, (true | false). The default value is true.Method:

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