Ajax Control Toolkit: Ajax control tool

To use ajax.net well, you must learn to use the Ajax Control Toolkit provided by ajax.net flexibly. This control package provides a lot of controls that are very effective, with which you can easily create an Ajax website. From this chapter, we will

How to use JavaScript to stop or start Ajax Timer

In C #, it is too easy to stop or start timer, but you have to return the server and refresh the page. Even if you use Ajax updatepanel, it is still returned, some client operations are also done in white, for example, the displayed layer is gone.

HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, and jquery

I recently learned some new knowledge. Through the exercises of the news publishing system and the participating educational administration system, it involves HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, and jquery. The following is a brief summary, hope to criticize

Ajax Control Toolkit introduction and build development environment

1 Overview Ajax Control Toolkit is an ASP developed by the community and Microsoft.. Net Ajax extension control package, which contains dozens of ASP-based. net Ajax, server control that provides a specific function. Built on ASP. NET 2.0 Ajax

Use ajax to implement a simple progress bar

The principle is very simple, that is, when a certain operation may take a long time, you can have a prompt in the browserThe progress bar is actually a simple digital display. Start of Construction ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Several pages are easy to write and

Vernacular Ajax and Its Basics

I. Principles of Vernacular Ajax This can start with the principles of C/S and B/S. The birth of the Windows operating system provides great support for standalone communication, and the program design is also from the early dos single task single

Simple Ajax-based login verification

Ajax is a collection of multiple technologies (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)1. javascript is responsible for operating XMLHttpRequest objects to deal with databases 2.dom( Document Object Model) is responsible for dynamic data display and

Jquery-based Ajax login Effect

Using jquery to implement Ajax is more convenient and concise than using the xmlhttp_request object. The following shows a column. First, create a JSP page and introduce JS files from outside.Code: jquery1.4.2 User Logon

Reverse Ajax, Part 1: websocket

This article series discusses how to use reverse Ajax (reverse Ajax) technology to develop event-driven Web applications. Part 1 describes several different methods for implementing reverse Ajax communication: polling, piggyback, and comet with long-

Reverse Ajax, Part 1: event-driven Web Development)

This article series discusses how to use reverse Ajax (reverse Ajax) technology to develop event-driven Web applications. Part 1 describes different methods for implementing reverse Ajax communication; part 1 describes how to use websocket to

Reverse Ajax, Part 1: Introduction to comet

In the past few years, web development has undergone great changes. Now, we expect to be able to quickly and dynamically access applications through the Web. In this new article series, we learned how to use reverse Ajax (reverse Ajax) technology to

Reverse Ajax, Part 1: Atmosphere and cometd)

Preface This series of articles demonstrate how to use reverse Ajax technology to develop event-driven Web applications. Part 1 describes reverse Ajax (reverse Ajax), polling (polling), streaming (streaming) comet and long polling; Part 1 describes

Reverse Ajax, Part 1: Web server and socket. Io)

Preface Today, users expect fast and dynamic applications that can be accessed through the web. This article series shows how to use reverse Ajax (reverse Ajax) technology to develop event-driven Web applications. Part 1 of the series describes

Ajax post asynchronous and JSON ashx Learning

Handler. ashx: using system; using system. web; public class handler: ihttphandler {public void processrequest (httpcontext context) {string id = context. request. form ["ID"]; string name = context. request. form ["name"]; // JSON output string

Microsoft Ajax controls

Microsoft's Ajax controls are quite powerful. -- Dynamic Registration in the backgroundScriptmanager1.registerasyncpostbackcontrol (slider1 ); -- Use controls on the page// Let the control in updatepanel return, that is, do not partially refresh//

Partial Ajax refresh

Ajax implements partial refresh protected void page_load (Object sender, Eventargs e) {// obtain the passed parameter string city = request. querystring ["city"]; response. clear (); // determine the city name switch (city) {Case "Beijing": // fill

Easy understanding of Ajax Asynchronous Communication

First of all, let's briefly understand what Ajax is under idea: Ajax is a technology that uses JavaScript and extensible editing language (XML) to transmit or receive data between Web browsers and servers. Ajax is one of the core of Web. It is used

Easy understanding of AJAX (jquery) asynchronous communication

I talked about Ajax in my previous blog. Next I will talk about its advantages and disadvantages. We know that no matter what technology is used, it is generally because of its advantages. That is, they all have advantages, there is an old saying

Send Ajax request

Send Ajax request 1. obtain the required data from the web form.2. Create the URL to be connected.3. Open the connection to the server.4. Set the function to run after the server completes.5. Send a request. Function callserver (){// Obtain the city

Ajax-send a request to the server

The XMLHTTPRequest object is used to exchange data with the server.Send a request to the server To send requests to the server, use the open () and send () Methods of the XMLHTTPRequest object: xmlhttp.open("GET","test1.txt",true);xmlhttp.send();

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