Why Ajax cannot submit attachments

Ajax is based on JavaScript, while JS cannot operate for security reasons.CompositionTherefore, Ajax cannot directly upload attachments. You can use other workarounds.However, Ajax submission is based on the HTTP protocol. It can also be divided

XMLHTTPRequest object-Ajax Basics

ArticleDirectory Browser support W3C Standardization Readystate Responsetext Status Statustext Onreadystatechange Abort () GetAllResponseHeaders () GetResponseHeader () Open () Send () SetRequestHeader ()

XMLHTTPRequest object-Ajax Basics

ArticleDirectory Browser support W3C Standardization Readystate Responsetext Status Statustext Onreadystatechange Abort () GetAllResponseHeaders () GetResponseHeader () Open () Send () SetRequestHeader ()

Javascript jquery Ajax cross-origin access to post data

If it's just get, there will be more solutions, such as jsonp.   Post is a little troublesome. I searched the internet and found a lot of solutions. I feel that this method of using flash for proxy is quite good, and the browser compatibility is

Ajax in action

Like others, I was surprised when I saw the RIA application, such as Google Maps and Google suggest. I want to know how it is implemented. Now, the answer lies in Ajax. This was only known after I spent some time studying Ajax. Here is a good

Ajax advantages in enterprise applications

Suppliers are trying to make it easier for enterprises to use Ajax. Today's network users are all spoiled. Once they have experienced quick responses and good interaction functions on Google or Flickr, traditional click-and-wait web interfaces

Ajax remote script calling engine with a performance improvement of 10 times

Easyjweb already has an Ajax remote script calling engine, which is very early. However, due to some performance problems, we have not recommended them until the latest m3 release. By improving the Ajax remote script calling engine, we can simplify

Easily develop Ajax applications in easyjweb

Web2.0 is in full swing, and its vivid interface support ushered in the second spring of B/S application, fromEasyjweb-From version 0.8, you will find thatEasyjwebIt is very convenient to develop Ajax applications. This article briefly introduces

Download the microerp source code based on AJAX + J2EE

Microerp is a small ERP system developed using Ajax and J2EE Technology for Water Plants and related enterprises. The system is developed using easyjweb and easydbo framework developed based on easyjf, an open-source organization in China, includes

Ajax synchronization, Asynchronization, and instance demonstration

There are two forms of submission in Ajax: synchronous and asynchronous.XMLHTTP. Open ("get", URL, true ); XMLHTTP. Open ("get", URL, false ); Synchronization: after submission, wait for the server to respond. After receiving the data returned by

Differences between get and post in Ajax

About Ajax get And post Difference Get Method: Use get Simple data can be transmitted, but the size is generally limited to 1 kb, and the data is appended to the URL for sending (HTTP header transfer), that is, the browser will Each form field

Create an XMLHTTPRequest object using Ajax

VaR xmlhttpreq = false;// XMLHttpRequestFunction createxmlhttprequest (){If (window. XMLHttpRequest){// MozillaXmlhttpreq = new xmlhttprequet ();}Else if (window. actionxobject){// IETry {Xmlhttpreq = new activexobject ("msxml2.xmlhttp ");}Catch (E){

Details about the five States of readystate in Ajax

In pragmatic Ajax a Web 2.0 primer, I accidentally saw an introduction to the readystae status. I think this introduction is very practical. The excerpt is as follows: 0: (uninitialized) The send () method has not yet been invoked.1: (loading) The

Implement ASPX page refreshing asynchronous requests using jquery + Ajax

The Code is as follows: function load() { $.ajax({ type: "post", url: "WebForm3.aspx", data: "do=get", complete: function (msg) { show(msg.responseText)},

Parsererror in Ajax cross-origin request

The parsererror message for Ajax requests is a broad concept. In many cases, this error is reported,In many cases, even if Ajax is submitted and returnedXMLHttpRequest. Status = 200 (normal response)XMLHttpRequest. readystate = 4 (normally

Implement Ajax in Zend framework

Development Platform: Windows XP SP2Test Platform: FreeBSD 7.0Development tools: netbeans 6.1Framework: Zend framework 1.5.2Database: MySQL 5.0.51a **************************************** Required database tables and ZF related directories and

Ajax is not required. Data is loaded when the Treeview control is expanded.

Recently I made a system, but loading a large volume of data slows down page loading ,. net Treeview controls are slow when you use recursive binding when there are hundreds of data records. It is really a pain. The idea at the beginning was Ajax,

Ajax-tabpanel-add events

How to add an event to the tabcontainer and click the BTN button to update the database? However, there is no event in the BTN. How can this problem be solved? Thank you for your help. The problem has been solved. You can also

Examples of user registration and technical summary compiled by Ajax

In my example, an application is registered as an enterprise user. When a user registers, it checks whether the user name and enterprise name are available. The previous method was to add a button next to it, click "check" to send a request to the

Unlimited linkage menu-Ajax version (with source code download)

Alibaba Cloud-unlimited linkage menu [Ajax] Amber infinity linkage menu-Ajax version [hpmenu_ajax V1.0] continent: ----- select ----- Asia Europe guo jia: ----- select ----- City: ----- select ----- location: ----- select ----- &

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