[-Ajax-] how to understand Ajax cross-origin calls

"For the Javascript field, the most important security restriction is the same origin policy, which is used to determine the pages on which servers can communicate with each other. Orgin refers to a single domain such as www.csdn.net, which can be

Ajax processing 301 302

Some Ajax frameworks encapsulate the processing of 301,302 and other return codes, such Function updatepage () {If (request. readystate = 4) {If (request. status = 200) {var response = request. responsetext. split ("|"); document. getelementbyid ("

Development Trend of Ajax flagship product joyistar webshop

According to joyistar, an Ajax development tool provider, the company is developing a plan to further promote the development of its flagship product webshop, to provide more powerful support for Ajax IDE and Ajax Component Libraries, these plans

Design and Implementation of Web applications based on J2EE and Ajax

Web applications based on J2EE and AjaxProgramDesign and Implementation of Lijun (School of Computer and Information Technology, Beijing Jiao Tong University, Beijing 100044) Abstract: This paper compares the traditional Web applications with the

Use JSON data format in Ajax requests

 1. Front-end page (cross-origin can be implemented using jquery's getjson function)     Note: Both HTML and PHP pages use GBK encoding. Function item (Num, username) {var user = encodeuri (username); // encode Chinese Characters in Ajax (JS uses

Vernacular Ajax and Its BASICS (1)

I. Principles of Vernacular AjaxThis is based on the principles of C/S and B/S. The birth of the Windows operating system provides great support for standalone communication. The program design is also from the early dos single task single user to

Vernacular Ajax and Its BASICS (2)

Iv. common Ajax programming frameworksNow that the above Ajax framework is ready to work, why are there so many frameworks?With the complexity of the page, you may need to write a large number of JavaScript scripts to control the DOM objects in the

Use two functions to implement Ajax

Many people now understand Ajax technology, but when using it, the code is varied and difficult to understand and maintain. Now there are some Ajax frameworks that do well, such as the earlier xajax (under PHP) and jquery and DHTML. However, because

Develop the tabset Ajax control and integrate it into webshop IDE.

  Develop and extend the Ajax control -- tabset Today's topic is to develop the tabset control and integrate it into the webshop IDE environment. The preliminary consideration is that tabset uses table as the page header to add pages without limit

[-Ajax-] JavaScript debugging tool Overview

Document directory Trying to tell you all about JavaScript debuggers Javascript debuggers overviewtrying to tell you all about JavaScript debuggers   Javascript debugging has some specifics in comparison with stand-alone applications.

Five Ajax Best Practices

The five best practices described in this article can be applied to your web application Ajax development work: Minimal call Reduce data Preload Components Easy error handling Use existing tools These best practices help you write more

How does Ajax find the Servlet Path through URL?

Recently, I want to use ajax to implement three-level linkage. However, when the servlet URL is assigned, xmlhttpreq. status returns 404, that is, the servlet is not found and the URL path is incorrect. I configured it like this in Web. xml.

JS parses XML and Ajax accesses XML files

At the beginning, I only knew how to access. Do or. jsp through Ajax. Today I saw the access to the XML file. VaR url = "myxml. xml"; // The URL points to the XML file path.Createxmlhttprequest ();Xmlhttpreq. onreadystatechange =

Initially set up the Yui-ext (Ajax) Development Environment (background-> Foreground Data Exchange)

If you have seen the Yui-ext example, I believe you would like to use it in the actual project, I have been studying it for the past two weeks, almost no information in China, can only find from the http://www.jackslocum.com Forum, I will briefly

Comparison of XML and JSON formats in Ajax

Source: http://blog.csdn.net/heiyeshuwu/archive/2006/04/20) '& D _, l2aa? /M1 {2q just finished a small project using Ajax. The entire small project uses javascr javaspt as the client, PHP as the server, XMLHttpRequest as the interaction tool, and

Struts2 Ajax form asynchronously submits form requests

Use Ajax formsWith the support of struts2 Ajax forms, form requests can be submitted asynchronously.Set the Ajax topic of a formUsing an Ajax form is not much different from using a normal form. You only need to set the form subject to Ajax. When

$. Setting and significance of common Ajax () Parameters

Which of the following is more common? BBB BBB load The preceding parameters are not all of them, and some of them are not commonly used and are not written in.

Parameters passed by the POST method in Ajax will be lost &, %, + ', escape

In Ajax, the post escape cannot be converted to some special characters, such as: + % &, so it must be escaped. Otherwise, this character will be lost during HTTP transmission. In this case, you must manually convert "+" to "% 2B ", the characters

Ajax and JSON

// Cascade departments and queues$ (Document). Ready (function (){$ ("# Deptid"). Change (function (){VaR deptid = $ ("# deptid"). Val ();VaR url = "../leavewordmgr/leaveword. do? Act = queue & deptid = "+ deptid;$. Ajax ({URL: URL,Type: 'post

Tree menu using Ajax technology

Tree menus are widely used in projects. In the past, both the Microsoft Control tree and the excellent alicloud tree read all the data and then display it hierarchically. In this way, if the data volume is large, the first display will take a long

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