Ajax get instance

Get XMLHTTPRequest object Function XMLHttpRequest () {var XMLHTTP; try {XMLHTTP = new XMLHttpRequest (); // Firefox, opera 8.0 +, Safari} catch (E) {try {XMLHTTP = new activexobject ("msxml2.xmlhttp"); // Internet Explorer} catch (e) {try

Ajax implementation steps

1. Create an XMLHTTPRequest object 2. Register a listener (Receive data from the server) During Ajax execution, the server notifies the client of the current communication status. Communication status changes must be triggeredOnreadystatechange

The next learning direction for web development: Ajax [Post]

What Is Ajax:Http://www.baidu.com? WD = % Ca % B2 % C3 % B4 % Ca % c7ajax & CL = 3Http://www.google.com/search? Hl = ZH-CN & newwindow = 1 & Q = % E4 % BB % 80% E4 % B9 % 88% E6 % 98% afajax & LR = Website introducing Ajax design patterns:

Jquery mobile displays the Ajax loader manually and prompts loading...

When developing with jquery mobile, sometimes we need to display a loading prompt box during the Ajax request (for example, a rotating image + a prompt: loading ...). At this time, we can manually display the jquery mobile loader. The general

Use Ajax in the jquery framework to Implement Foreground interaction with actions in struts2

In this example, the POST method in the jquery framework is used to transmit data between JSP page data at the front end and actions at the background of struts2. First, compile the JSP page JSPCode User Login Username:

Jquery Ajax application

Jquery Ajax application   jquery Ajax application

Obtain the JSON parameters of Ajax at the front end based on the Jersey pojo object

Jersey is not introduced here. It is a restful Web Service implemented by Sun. For details, refer to the following link: use jersey and Apache Tomcat to build a restful web service. What I want to talk about here is how to obtain the JSON data of

Details about Ajax applications in Web2.0

Details about Ajax applications in Web2.0 [Guide] This article uses two examples to verify the existence of a pass account to describe Ajax in practice: return a server

Servlet + Ajax instance: select city from Province

Test.html myhtml.html select Zhejiang Jiangsu Ii. Servlet Source programPackage com. Stephen. servlet;Import java. Io. ioexception;Import java. Io. printwriter;Import org. dom4j .*;Import javax. servlet. servletexception;Import javax. servlet.

Garbled data is submitted during Ajax development.

UTF-8 transcoding can be used in the background to solve Chinese garbled characters. This method is applicable to form submission and encoding is completed on the server. The Code is as follows:Form. jsp: test form submission User name: password:

Simple Ajax implementation (modifying page values)

Page:   " value = " "size =" 3 "maxlength =" 3 "class =" biaoti2 "/> );"> modify

Real-time retrieval of database record status using Ajax

Browsed JSP code String excelnameschecked = request. getparameter ("excelname ");List exclenamescheckedlist = new arraylist ();If (excelnameschecked! = NULL &&! "". Equals (excelnameschecked )){String [] excelnamescheckedarray = excelnameschecked.

Analysis of Ajax Technical Principles

Ajax is not a technology, but an interactive Web operation mode. At the same time, Ajax is not something new in the past two years, because all components that implement Ajax applications have been in our browser for several years. The following

A simple Ajax example and Analysis

I sorted out the first small program I wrote when I started reading Ajax last year. It should be regarded as the simplest application of Ajax. First, demonstrate the actual running ajax/ajax.html 'target = '_ blank' class = 'l2'> effect. Click the "

Ajax implementation class Google suggest Effect

Ajax implementation class Google suggest Effect * Project name: Ajax implementation class Google suggest Effect* Author: Crawler* Contact: caolvchong@gmail.com* Time: 2007-7-7* Cause:This problem was raised during the internship interview. It took a

Ajax technology introduction (what is Ajax ?)

I, The latest tools and Technology XML-based Asynchronous JavaScript, Ajax for short, is the current web Innovation (known as Web2.0) is a crown. Thanks to the various technologies that make up Ajax, web application

Use Ajax in struts applications

So far, we have learned how to use JavaScript to call Ajax (listed above), Struts action, actionform, and JSP (basically no change, but adding tags ). To improve our understanding of the Struts-Ajax project, we need to understand three Javascript

Basic Ajax format

// JavaScript format Function btnclick (){VaR XMLHTTP;Function createxmlhttprequst (){If (window. activexobject ){XMLHTTP = new activexobject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ");}Else if (window. XMLHttpRequest ){XMLHTTP = new XMLHttpRequest ();}If (! XMLHTTP ){

Jquery Ajax access servlet to process JSON data

Front-end JSP page: "> my JSP 'jqueryajax. JSP 'starting page jquery dynamically acquires data, demo .. A servlet in the background obtains data from MySQL and processes it as a jsonarray package com.action;import

Jquery + Ajax + Struts implement File Upload

First, introduce jquery. JS and ajaxfileupload. JS files are generally introduced at the end, so you can use jquery's jquery. noconflict (); method to avoid conflicts, among which jquery. JS and ajaxfileupload. JS is recommended to be placed at the

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