Jquery Ajax application

Jquery Ajax application   jquery Ajax application

Example and notes of using jquery and JSON to implement Ajax in struts2

1. A required package. One package must be unique !! Json-lib-2.3-jdk15.jarStruts2-json-plugin-2.3.3.jarCommons-beanutils-1.8.3.jar,Commons-collections-3.2.1.jar,Commons-logging-1.1.1.jar,Commons-logging-1.1.1.jar,Ezmorph-1.0.6.jar (if this

Ajax: Real-time prompt Function

Remember Google's search. When you enter "North", the search keyword starting with "North" will be immediately pulled out. For example: Through Ajax technology, we can also easily implement this function. BelowSource codeThis is an example I

Ajax framework comparison

Recently, I used jquery to develop my website. It is the best Ajax framework I have used. It is lightweight and easy to use. prototype is getting bigger and bigger, and extjs is available, it is also hard to say that if the network is poor and it

Select option box created by Ajax in jquery

Using jquery ajax to interact with PHP, the select option box is dynamically created for the XML data source. Not to mention, serving:   Javascript: /** * aajax creates select * @ return void */ function ajax_category () { var OBJ ={};

Basic Ajax format

// JavaScript format Function btnclick (){VaR XMLHTTP;Function createxmlhttprequst (){If (window. activexobject ){XMLHTTP = new activexobject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ");}Else if (window. XMLHttpRequest ){XMLHTTP = new XMLHttpRequest ();}If (! XMLHTTP ){

Jquery Ajax access servlet to process JSON data

Front-end JSP page: "> my JSP 'jqueryajax. JSP 'starting page jquery dynamically acquires data, demo .. A servlet in the background obtains data from MySQL and processes it as a jsonarray package com.action;import

Jquery + Ajax + Struts implement File Upload

First, introduce jquery. JS and ajaxfileupload. JS files are generally introduced at the end, so you can use jquery's jquery. noconflict (); method to avoid conflicts, among which jquery. JS and ajaxfileupload. JS is recommended to be placed at the

Jquery Ajax cross-origin solution (in JSON format)

Recently, many projects developed by the company require cross-origin Ajax requests, such as several subdomains.Http: // A. *****. com/index123.aspx,Http: // B. *****. com/index2.aspxRequest the JSON information of the user, and then process the

An example of basic Ajax application

JS: Java code   public ActionForward getSups(ActionMapping mapping, ActionForm form, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception { List rlist = this.supServices.getAllSupp(); String beg1 = ""; String end = "";

Jquery Ajax-load () method

The load () method loads data from the server through Ajax requests and places the returned data in the specified element..The URL specifies the URL to which the request is sent.Data is optional. Specifies the data sent to the server together with

30 minutes to learn how to use jquery's Ajax Function

The following example uses the get method of jquer's Ajax function for asynchronous requests. The result is: click the button to check whether the entered username is available. download jquery. js and create a folder named jquery under the project

30 minutes to learn how to use Ajax:

The following example shows how to use the post method of Ajax. The post method of AJAX is usually used. In this example, enter a user name to check whether the user name can be used. : Create an Ajax Tool class (1): Create ajaxutils. js (2): the

Principles of Ajax and XMLHTTP

The principle of AJAX is simply to use the XMLHTTPRequest object to send asynchronous requests to the server, obtain data from the server, and then use JavaScript to operate the Dom to update the page. The most critical step is to obtain request

Ajax in CakePHP

// This article is an article by the elasticsearch NiO expert. it is published in the sixth phase of PHP & more. You are welcome to download PHP & more vol 6.Ajax in cakephpcake CakePHP (hereinafter referred to as "cake", the version used in this

Use the Ajax modalpopupextender control to update new window data.

In fact, Ajax modalpopupextender is used to update pseudo-new window data, because it is all in a page ,:) No title page . modalbackground { background-color: # DDD; filter: alpha (opacity = 70); opacity: 0.5; }. modalpopup {

How to Learn Ajax technology

As a J2EE developer, we often seem to be concerned with backend mechanisms )". We often forget that the main success of J2EE lies in Web applications. Many reasons make people prefer to use web to develop applications, however, it is mainly because

Cross-Domain Ajax

This is the case, or the personal portal. One function is RSS subscription. Each subscription is displayed on the page as a module. If a user subscribes to a large number of RSS feeds, all the RSS modules will start loading when the page is opened.

Google Ajax translation language API example sample reference

Google translation API class reference       Google language API sample Google. load ("language", "1"); function initialize () { } Google. setonloadcallback (initialize); // ---------------------- language translation ------------

Google Ajax search API example sample

    Google Ajax search API sample -- smallkonrad type = "text/JavaScript"> // to use this search API on a website, you need to add the Google Ajax API loading program URL (http://www.google.com/jsapi) // This library allows you to use

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