Select option box created by Ajax in jquery

Using jquery ajax to interact with PHP, the select option box is dynamically created for the XML data source. Not to mention, serving:   Javascript: /** * aajax creates select * @ return void */ function ajax_category () { var OBJ ={};

Ajax and XML (1)

From: Now, no meaningful programming can be performed without using XML. Whether you are looking at web designers turning to XHTML, web programmers using JavaScript, server programmers

Ajax Technical Principles

Ajax is widely known to mean Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML ). The core of this technology is to send an asynchronous HTTP request through a browser to call the webpage or service of the server. To use Ajax

Communication between jquery and struts2 using Ajax

Jquery has the following Ajax methods:1. $. Post (URL, Params, callback );2. $. getjson (URL, Params, callback );3. $. Ajax ();4. $. Load (URL, Params, callback ); First: Post is used for submission. Chinese parameters do not need to be transcoded.

Ajax JS uses ajax to check whether the user name exists

JSP page: JS Code Web. xml configuration file: XML Code Checkuname Servlet. ajaxcheckuname Checkuname /Checkuname checkuname servlet. ajaxcheckuname checkuname /checkuname Servlet page: Java code Public void dopost

Ajax preliminary test

I have heard about Ajax for a long time and it seems to be good if it is not used. Today I made a simple test. Hey hey, it's not bad!   Ajax. js // JavaScript document VaR XMLHTTP;VaR tagsid = "body "; Function createxmlhttp (){If (window.

Ajax (2) -- Javascript

Today is the National May Day holiday. It is a good day for everyone to go out and enjoy it. A few days is his birthday. We also went out for a meal by taking advantage of his light from the next day, but I was afraid of the sun. I had a headache

A simple Ajax class

VaR configuration = {Maxhttprequest: 3} Function Ajax (){This. Version = "1.0.1 ";This. query = new array (configuration. maxhttprequest ); This. requestcount = 0;This. XMLHTTP = NULL;} Ajax. Prototype. Create = function (){Try {This. XMLHTTP = new

No page Jump and comparison using Ajax and jquery

Method 1: The second method is implemented using jquery. Jquery may be much more convenient, but the principle should still be understood. Otherwise, it would be too big to change the framework!

Real-time display and Temperature Detection of web pages using Ajax technology

Recently, we have been conducting a GPRS remote monitoring experiment. Basic functions are easy to implement. The problem of Real-Time Detection of device status on the web page has not been solved. I did not think of a solution until I learned Ajax

Open-source Chinese pagination using AJAX

/// /// Counterfeit open-source pages in China. The page is similar to the URL page./// 1 [2] [3] [4] [100]/// Qq: Zr, some bugs not fixed/// current index /// page number /// redirected page /// style name /// Public string pagIng (int

Chapter 3 of ajax basic reading notes (sending requests and processing responses)

Use XMLHttpRequest. responsexml; Resolve the response to XML The following attributes and methods are available for obtaining objects:   Table 3-1 process Dom element attributes of an XML document     Attribute nameDescription ChildnodesReturns an

All Ajax statuses in jquery

Jquery ajax has been used to deal with the asynchronous problem, which is quite convenient. Recently, due to work project requirements, various States returned from the asynchronously submitted data source need to be processed, now I want to share

How to handle asynchronous file upload and ajax batch requests using the jquery plug-in ajaxfileuploa

If you encounter these problems due to work requirements, share these problems and solutions. As we all know, jquery's ajax is quite simple, practical, and compatible with various browsers, but it does not know that its native does not support ajax

Ajax class undefined

After a very busy day, the Web. config settings are correct and all of them are registered. If everything is correct, '_ default' is always displayed. The Ajax. dll and ajaxpro. DLL files have been changed several times, but this problem still

Integrate struts2 JSON with jquery to implement Ajax and user registration verification

Document directory Overview Parameters Example Asynchronous Communication is easy to implement with json and jquery. Integrate jQuery with Struts2 In Struts2, the main business operations are completed through Action. In this case, jQuery is

Js lite Ajax Functions

Version: version 1.0 Author: lz_wu Time: Call method: AjaxHandler. Ajax ({ Url: "webtest. aspx ", Type: "get ", Data: {name: "joy "}, DataType: "json ", Success: function (result ){ Alert (result. name ); }, Error: function (e, status ){ Alert (e.

Ajax json request Receiving and Processing Based on Yii

(Original: CGridview: Array ( 'Name' => 'remark ', 'Type' => 'Raw ', 'Value' => 'chtml: textField ("remark", $ data-> remark, array ( "Size" => 7, // "Readonly" => "readonly ", "Class"

Ajax processing array, Ajax processing XML

AJAX JavaScript This is the JavaScript code stored in the file "selectcustomer_xml.js: var xmlHttpfunction showCustomer(str){ xmlHttp=GetXmlHttpObject();if (xmlHttp==null) { alert ("Your browser does not support AJAX!"); return; }var

Concerning the actual use of the ajax. dll Development Kit, the compatibility between IE6.0 and IE7.0 is involved.

Javascript code: // Check whether the customer name exists Method 1:Function SearchCustName (){Var name = escape (document. getElementById ("txt_Custname"). value );Var a = Test. GetCustName (name). value;Document. getElementById ("txtname").

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