RIA and Ajax, select the most appropriate product

JavalobbyArticle"Rich Internet applications and Ajax-selecting the best product" by Marc domenig. He proposed a decision tree model to determine how to choose the right Ria product. HTML is used when the user interface is simple; Ajax is used

Ajax = one page less submit

Many people on the Internet say That Ajax applicationsProgramIt should be one page one application. I think this is not suitable for my current development model. Each application has its own special structure. I have seen a lot of applications

Three Forms of AJAX (open-source projects)

My friend asked me to introduce the benefits of Ajax. I thought about the following points: 1. This greatly reduces the data traffic on servers and clients. Unlike the submit-Responce era, a large amount of HTML scripts are required. 2. Enrich

Protopyte. js ajax

Document directory HTML file In the previous blog, I used the original XMLHttpRequest for a simple test. Below I will use prototype. js to implement similar tests.HTML file test message click here The main changes are: Create an

Use reco to write Ajax applications

Use reco to write Ajax applications This is basically an introductory tutorial for copying reco.In reco, the Ajax mechanism is encapsulated in an object-oriented manner, and two simple response modes are designed: Element update

Use os3grid to create a payroll entry interface based on Web and Ajax

1. First, make some minor changes to os3grid: Add the following code: Function strlen (STR){VaR Len;VaR I;Len = 0;For (I = 0; I {If (Str. charcodeat (I)> 255) Len + = 2; else Len ++;}Return Len;} Modify the following line in function

Ajax framework selected by J2EE developers

In the following article http://www.firstpartners.net/blog/technology/2006/03/01/web-20-and-enterprise-java-move-over-struts/, the author introduces several common AJAX frameworks.   Finally, the author takes Struts as an example to introduce

Several common Ajax library sections

I have selected some of the most commonly used ajax, but I have not listed all of them. Hope to help you 1 jsolait (JavaScript O Lait) The goal is to develop JavaScript development by building a free library of reusable Modules and components and

Start to implement the ajax-jsf component for exoplatform.

Currently, it seems that there is no good combination of ajax and jsf in open-source projects. The ultimate goal of label library encapsulation should be to achieve industrial-level component reuse. The template language does not need to be exposed

One-minute Ajax sample of how to implement the suggest Function

Ajax is not a fresh technology. In MSDN, which Microsoft launched in, it introduced the function of msxml and xmlhttpreuqest to remotely read xml documents. However, at that time, the B/S technology was far less popular than today, so ajax was

Full ajax page framework

1. Modify the ajax form submission framework skygqCheckAjaxForm.1.3 If (settings. zhedang ){$ ("Body "). append (' ');} Else {$ ("Body "). append (' ');} // ZookeeperIf (settings. isAjaxSubmit ){Maxfor = maxfor + 1;Var nowindex = 1;FormObj.

The fourth day of Ajax Learning

Like in HTML external files, the organizations marked are separated from their styles, formats, and behaviors. Although you can certainly use JavaScript to change the element or text style, it is more interesting to actually change the organization

First day of ajax Learning

  Ajax is composed of HTML, JavaScript technology, DHTML, and Dom. This outstanding method can convert clumsy web interfaces into interactive Ajax applications. The author of this article is an Ajax expert who demonstrates how these technologies

Basic AJAX Tutorial example source code


What Is Ajax?Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a new term designed to describe the powerful performance of JavaScript. these two performances have been ignored by network developers for many years. Until recently, the birth of Gmail, Google

A very popular ajax framework, JQuery

 Jquery library. You can find the latest download here. This Guide provides a package containing the instance for download. Download: jquery starterkit (Translator keel Note: You must download this package. It is definitely not feasible to read

Topics on basic AJAX applications

AJAX basic application topic: http://www.csdn.net/subject/ajax/ AjaxAjax: Abbreviation of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML Basic role of AJAX: refreshing new pages Now Google Suggest and Google Maps use Ajax. Through Ajax, we can make the client

DWR Reverse Ajax

1. Class   1.1 handle class   Package com. cloverworxs. uma. helper; import java. util. collection; import java. util. export list; import org. directwebremoting. webContext; import org. directwebremoting. webContextFactory; import org.

Announcing Microsoft Ajax Library (Preview 6) and the Microsoft Ajax minifier

The ASP. NET team today released a significant new update of the Microsoft Ajax Library (Preview 6 ). this update includes des a bunch of new capabilities and improvements to our client-side AJAX library, and can be used with any version of ASP. NET

Web. config [Ajax Script Error XXXX undefined] When IIS 7 uses Ajax. dll

Web. config needs to change when IIS 7 uses ajax. dll This problem occurs because the IIS version of the server is IIS7. Therefore, you need to configure IIS6. Most importantlyIn system. webServer

Use ajax to obtain the user's IP address location

I read a person in the Forum and asked me how to obtain the IP address location and use the www.ip.cn website. In fact, the method is very simple. I forgot Microsoft. when the XMLHTTP object is used, jquery is used. jquery calls ajax to obtain the

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