Ajax request data, the server outputs a clever way

Dynamically create a net page and output HTML after executionCodeSaves the trouble of splicing HTML code by client JS     System. Threading. thread. Sleep (500); page = new page (); customerorders CTL = (customerorders) page. loadcontrol ("~

Real-time Data push in Ajax applications

Http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/web/wa-aj-socket/ Ajax technology has existed for a while, and the Development motivation has been recognized by people. More and more web sites are considering using Ajax for design, and developers are

Ajax cross-origin tool: modello. Ajax

Ajax cross-origin tool: modello. Ajax ProblemAjax is a good thing, but it is not so convenient to use. The problem is summarized as follows: The creation method and usage method on various browsers are inconsistent Different browsers have

Use IFRAME for cross-origin access execution of Ajax Javascript

When a website call loads comments and other information, it encounters a problem where JavaScript cannot be executed between different domain names. It is always not displayed during loading, but it can be correctly displayed if you access another

Summary of JavaScript cross-origin and Ajax cross-origin Solutions

In a recent project, Ajax cross-Origin data retrieval is required. If it is true that there is no problem in the current domain, a prompt box is displayed in the browser of the second-level domain and other domains: "This page is accessing data out

Handling of serialized custom objects formatted by datetime of the date type in Ajax JSON and custom type parameters

First, let's take a look at the processing of JSON serialization on the ASP. NET Ajax server side: (for details, see javascriptserializer. CS in the Ajax extension source code)Internal static readonly long datetimemintimeticks = (New datetime (1970,

Ajax and interface design for streaming

Ajax and interface design for streaming Inshua@gmail.com reprinted please indicate the source The rapid development of Ajax swept through web development, and the old man was not familiar with it. He believed that AJAX development was not robust

Ajax begin end example

// ------------------- Ajax begin -------------------------- VaR XMLHTTP; Function createxmlhttprequest (){ // Indicates that the current browser is not IE, such as ns or Firefox If (window. XMLHttpRequest ){ XMLHTTP = new XMLHttpRequest (); } Else

Ajax framework-Dojo (II)

Currently, dojo has been upgraded to version 1.0.1. With the upgrade of the version, the location of each package of dojo and the function changes greatly. This is very unfavorable for our developers. Despite this, I was shocked by the power of the

Ajax framework-Dojo (1)

1. Do object functions 1) Dojo. byid (ID)  test Note: This function does not return HTML elements based on the name attribute even in IE. element 1 element 2 2) Dojo. addonload (functionname) and dojo. addonunload (functionname) Note: The

Simple Ajax example

XMLHttpRequest Ajax demo     Pay attention to the execution sequence of Ajax. Onchange () onpropertychange () is more sensitive to actions whose input type is text than the former. It is possible that onchange () will not change with the changes

Complete Ajax package

From If (typeof XMLHttpRequest = 'undefined ')XMLHttpRequest = function (){Return new activeobject (navigator. useragent. indexof ("MSIE 5")> = 0? "Microsoft. XMLHTTP": "msxml2.xmlhttp ");};Function Ajax (options ){Options = {Type: Options. type | "

Javascript Ajax instance


Dynamically create JSON objects, including josn objects called under Ajax

Ajax Hello World Onclick = "startrequest ();"/>

MVC logon Ajax verification record

Recently, the project was developed using MVC, And the login problem was first encountered. It was a simple feature to be developed using aspx before. using MVC, the problem was easily solved and recorded, after thinking for a long time, I decided

Ajax obtains the name and class by ID

  -- Add Clerk Number: clerk name:    row number: row name:   transaction No.: transaction name:   transaction amount: Transaction date:   $ Requestmap. gettoken ()  

Javascript in Ajax

VaR XMLHTTP;   Function createxmlhttprequest (){ If (window. activexobject ){ XMLHTTP = new activexobject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP "); } Else if (window. XMLHttpRequest ){ XMLHTTP = new XMLHttpRequest (); } }   Function queryuserinfo (){ VaR jrntl_id =

Ajax instance (. NET)

Document directory 5.2 Ajax basic http://book.csdn.net/bookfiles/653/10065320712.shtml 5.2.1 XMLHTTPRequest object  5.2 Ajax basic http://book.csdn.net/bookfiles/653/10065320712.shtml Before Ajax development, we must first understand some

Experience the surprise of the new. Net Ajax refreshing Technology

Today, I got a. Net Ajax development kit, which includes asp2.0 and Ajax currently used in asp1.1. For more information, see http://ajax.schwarz-interactive.de. 1. Create a new project and add reference Ajax. DLL to the reference. Ajax. dll is

FAQs in Ajax Program Development

1. When the XML document returned by the response in Ajax and action is incorrectly formatted, eclipse debug cannot enter the action.2. For Ajax cache problems, you must add XMLHTTP. setRequestHeader ("If-modified-since", "0.3. If you set

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