Jquery Ajax reads the content of a JSON File

JSON file: [{"Name": "Haha ·", "email": "email 01", "gender": "male", "holobby": ["surfing the Internet ", "playing"] },{ "name": "Haha ·", "email": "email 02", "gender": "male", "holobby ": ["online shopping", "playing"]}] JSCode:  

From getting started to mastering Ajax !!!

Part 1: Ajax Introduction Ajax is composed of HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, and Dom. This outstanding method can convert clumsy web interfaces into interactive Ajax applications.Program. The author of this article is an Ajax expert who demonstrates how

Ajax basic learning (1) -- Student ID verification

ajaxtest. aspx Ajax test var XMLHTTP; function createxmlhttprequest () { If (window. XMLHttpRequest) { XMLHTTP = new XMLHttpRequest (); If (XMLHTTP. overridemimetype) { XMLHTTP. overridemimetype ("text/XML"); } else if (window.

October 21 Ajax training diary

Today, instructor Liang Yanbing explained ajax to everyone. He first introduced the applications of Web 2.0 and Web 2.0.Ajax framework:Client framework: dojo, bindows, RicoServer framework: DWR, JSON, BuffaloBasic Library: Prototype. jsThis is the

Tianyi 28 -- simple use of struts2.1 and Ajax JSON

I. effect Preview Note: No style la s are made here, just simple implementation functions. 1) the username and password are empty: 2) incorrect user name and password: 3) enter the correct user name and password: Ii. Code Demo: 1) project

(About Ajax)

I will not reference any original article on the Internet in this article. It is my own experience. I believe it will help many people who want to know what Ajax is and how it is applied, because I am also a beginner, so there may be something wrong

Ajax implementation level-2 linkage menu

Index. jsp: second-level menu linkage demonstration Secondary association example select Beijing Tianjin Shandong select Selectservlet: Package com; import Java. io. ioexception; import javax. servlet.

Msdn cast: Ajax and Atlas development courses

Some concepts are not accurate and cannot be completely heard. There are some problems with English pronunciation. Ajax and Atlas development series (1): Ajax introduction and Web2.0 Ajax and Atlas development series (2): Ajax development

October 22 Ajax training diary

Today, teacher Liang Yanbing explained Ajax. According to the feedback from the students yesterday, he thought that the ajaxtable project was too big and he had a hard time learning. He hoped that Mr. Liang could explain a small comprehensive case.

Encapsulated Ajax Tool Library

Tool: ajaxutil. js VaR ajaxutil = {// basic options: {method: "Get", // default submitted method, get posturl: "", // Request Path requiredparams :{}, // request parameter type: 'text', // type of returned content, text, XML, jsoncallback: function

Javascript uses ajax to Implement Asynchronous Server Data Operations

This type is indeed much more complicated than the jquery method... Http://blog.csdn.net/huoshi5151/article/details/8540326

Ajax linkage between provinces, cities, and counties

HTML code       CS code     Public sqldmo = new sqldmo (); Protected void page_load (Object sender, eventargs E) { If (! Ispostback) { Setprovince (); Listitem listcity = new listitem ("select", "

Integrate Database Technology in Ajax Development

   I. Introduction Today, many web applications, such as backpack, blinksale, and Gmail, integrate database technology with Ajax. By providing a powerful technology that communicates with the database without refreshing the browser, this

Ajax integration with JSF 2.0

Ajax integration with JSF 2.0 In JSF 2.0, an Ajax engine will be implemented on the client side. It will be responsible for the following: 1. Sending an Ajax request to the server. 2. Processing the partial response then updating or inserting new

Ajax (1): GET request

The previous article discussed the theory of Ajax technology. This article discussed how to use XMLHttpRequest to asynchronously send GET requests to the server in actual programming without considering Chinese characters, chinese Garbled text will

Ajax (5): Using JSON for data exchange

Project directory: Show. jsp: insert title here Share. Java: public class Share {private String shareName;private double sharePrice;private Date date;public Date getDate() {return date;}public void setDate(Date date) {this.date =

Dark Horse programmer _ Ajax uses XML (output XML format data from the server side and receive data on the template page)

------- Windows Phone 7 Mobile Phone development,. Net training, and we look forward to communicating with you! ------- Using XML in Ajax, I learned how to use this in this lesson to implement a text that displays the login name of a logon user on

Jquery Ajax application

-------------------------- Index. jsp -------------------------- Http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd> Ajax request data Request data output: --------------------------------- Myjsp. jsp --------------------------------- VaR APRs = {Keyword: 'name '

Links to some Ajax articles are good for anyone who wants to know about this stuff.

These items are not my own. (Oh, if I wrote them, it's not like it now. ^_^) it feels pretty good. So I made a link and a brief introduction. From the following articles, you may not know about Ajax, a new bottle of old wine. (Of course, the premise

Jquery uses ajax to submit form

Today, we can see how jquery Ajax submits data to the server. The original Article is: Save the data to the server. If the data is successfully saved, the information is displayed.Jquery code: $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "some.php", data:

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