Ajax File Download

Use XMLHTTP to download an object. Like the previous method, add reference-com-Microsoft XML 3.0 first, and thenCodeStart Point: Using msxml2; The following is the main code: Private void page_load (Object sender, system. eventargs e) {string

[-Project essay-] differences between Ajax get and post

The project encountered a strange problem when using Ajax. After the Administrator logged on to the system, he managed his account and changed his password, after he leaves the system, he finds that he cannot log on with the new password, but he can

How to solve the Ajax page refresh Problem

How to solve the Ajax page refresh Problem The problem frequently encountered in Ajax applications is Refresh: After a page is partially updated, the user refresh the entire page and the page returns to the initialization status, this is generally

Ajax (4): how to process a POST request form that contains Chinese Characters

When a POST request is sent to the server and the form is input in Chinese, garbled characters often occur. Solution: Add the following to the servlet that receives the request:Code: Request. setcharacterencoding ("UTF-8 "); For post

Ajax extension control accordion usage Summary

Shows the accordion control: Nice style I. Static Loading: The page code is as follows:   headercssclass = "accordionheader" contentcssclass = "accordioncontent" fadetransitions = "true" transitionduration = "300" framespersecond = "20"

Summary of the sliderextender (volume-Adjusted Control) extension control in Ajax

  Page code:       No title page Targetcontrolid = "textbox1" Boundcontrolid = "textbox2" Decimals = "0" Maximum = "10" Minimum = "0" Enablehandleanimation = "false" >   MinimumThis attribute controls the minimum value of

Code Implementation Ajax asynchronous return (Javascript script popped up), asynchronous update error handling

-------------------------------- Code implementation asynchronous return --------------------------------------------Key page code Background codePublic partial class demo2_api: system. Web. UI. Page{Protected void page_load (Object sender,

Ajax extension control modalpopupextender (pop-up mode dialog box) usage Summary

The Web mode is displayed: Page code: No title page . bgcss { background-color: Gray; filter: alpha (opacity = 70); opacity: 0.7; } --> reading surfing the Internet wash clothes play out

Summary of the usage of Ajax extended control rating

As shown in, the level control (this control mainly specifies the style ): Page code: No title page . ratingstar { font-size: 0pt; width: 15px; Height: 12px; padding: 1px; margin: 1px; cursor: pointer; display: block; background-repeat:

Ajax extension control tabcontainer (Tab Control) usage Summary

Page code: No title page

Preliminary technical implementation of DWR's reverse Ajax

DWR's reverse Ajax mainly includes two modes: Active Mode and passive mode. The active mode includes polling and comet, while the passive mode only includes piggyback. The so-called piggyback indicates that if there is anything in the background

Risks behind Ajax halo

It has been 18 months since Jesse James Garret created the term Ajax, and Ajax has almost completely changed the way web development is developed. In the past year and a half, many things have taken place, including the popularity of Web 2.0, the

About how to obtain data asynchronously in Microsoft. XMLHTTP or Ajax

I believe I am familiar with the following code. Function getdata (URL, OBJ) {VaR XH;XH = new activexobject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ");XH. onreadystatechange = function (){If (XH. readystate = 4){If (XH. Status = 200 ){Return XH. responsetext;}Else

[-Project essay-] Ajax application in tapestry

Instance: 1. Ajax login advantages: If the entered password is incorrect, the page will be refreshed. 2. Ajax implements timed refresh. (To be continued)    

Use ajax to improve the bandwidth performance of website programs

As a Web page performance testing company, we have been paying attention to the impact of new development technologies on improving the performance of Web Page programs. We have many users who encounter problems that affect their performance only

A Ajax. Net Quick Guide how to start

Document directory A Quick Guide how to start Ajax. Net professionala Quick Guide how to start Because I cocould not write a documentation I will show you here how to start: Download the latest Ajax. Net professional files from

Practical application development using Ajax technology

Practical application development using Ajax technology Ajax, An Asynchronous JavaScript and XML acronyms, is a very popular technology in today's rapidly developing web development field. While this new technology provides tremendous capabilities,

Struts2 verification code and Ajax requests sent using jquery and JSON for data exchange

Image. jsp: insert title here Struts. xml: image Imageutil. Java: public class ImageUtil {private static final String[] chars={

Ajax (2): POST request

This article is similar to the previous article, except that XMLHttpRequest is used to asynchronously send post requests to the server. Except for the register. jsp file, all the other three files remain unchanged. Register. jsp: Insert title

Ajax (3): how to process GET request forms that contain Chinese Characters

When a GET request is sent to the server and the form is entered with Chinese characters, garbled characters often occur. SolutionTake two steps: ① When sending a GET request using Ajax, place the URL in the brackets of encodeuri. ② In the

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