The post method parameter sending Method for Ajax synchronous requests of extjs

Ajax synchronous requests are generally as follows: VaR conn = ext. Lib. Ajax. getconnectionobject (). Conn;Conn. Open ("Post", 'HTTP: // localhost: 8080/struts2study/treeddget? Node =-1 ', false ); // The conn object here is actually the

No value is obtained when Ajax asynchronously attaches a value.

No value is obtained when Ajax asynchronously attaches a value. The problem is that the Ajax function is called in JavaScript to attach a value to the hidden text box "hidname,The value of hidname is blank when you call the function. However, if

Ajax synchronization method in ext

Syncajax = function (URL ){ Function createxhrobject (){VaR HTTP;VaR ActiveX = ["msxml2xmlhttp. 5.0", "msxml2xmlhttp. 4.0", "msxml2.xmlhttp. 3.0 ","Msxml2.xmlhttp", "Microsoft. XMLHTTP"]; Try {HTTP = new XMLHttpRequest ();} Catch (e ){For (VAR I = 0;

Jquery journey-jquery's Ajax

By jack_lee $. Ajax (properties) Use the HTTP request (XMLHttpRequest) to load a remote page. This is jquery's low-level Ajax implementation. For more information about advanced abstraction, see $. Get and $. Post. Advanced content is often easy to

Summary of Ajax asynchronous returned data formats in jquery

Data Type JS Code: $. Post ("getmaterial. do? Method = getmaterial ", {Name: name}, function (data) { }); Getmaterial. do? Method = getmaterial is the request URL, and {Name: name} is the parameter passed to the background. You can use Request.

Simple Ajax instance

Index. jsp check.html --> var http_request = false; function send_request (URL) {// initialization, specify the processing function, and send the request function http_request = false; // start to initialize the

When Ajax is used for interaction, garbled characters such ???????????? Solutions for such records

Mysql_query ("set names 'gbk'") Or die (error (mysql_error ()));     $ Db = new mysqli ('192. 168.200.254 ', 'dxy', 'p0o9i8u7', 'pattern'); If (! $ DB) { // show error if we cannot connect. echo 'error: cocould not connect to the database. '; }

The simplest Ajax example of aspx, the time when the server is returned

Ajaxpage. aspx 1 @ page Language = "C #" autoeventwireup = "true" codefile = "ajaxpage. aspx. CS "inherits =" ajaxpage "%> 2 3 doctype HTML public"-// W3C // dtd xhtml 1.0 transitional // en ""

Ajax status description

 The readystate attribute has five possible values:   0: (not initialized) The send method has not been called 1: (loading) The send method has been called and the request is still being processed. 2: (loaded) The send method has been completed, and

Jquery Ajax XML instance

Jquery Ajax XML instance Example 1:========================================================== ==================XML content: zdz 25 Liufeng 22 hotman 18 ===================================================================================

The null solution is obtained by passing Chinese parameters in Ajax.

Client: Function processresponseextends (){If (XMLHTTP. readystate = 4 & XMLHTTP. Status = 200 ){// Fill in the mobileuaextendsdiv content againAlert (XMLHTTP. responsetext );$ ("Mobileuaextendsdiv"). innerhtml = XMLHTTP. responsetext;}}Function

Learning new things: Using jquery + XML to implement a simple Ajax instance

Call page triggered by event Corresponding function. Call the preceding page to obtain the dataset Using ajax, and locate the corresponding record.   Function onagentcitychange () { VaR city = $ ("# "). Val (); $. Ajax ( { URL:

Upload without refreshing files Ajax submission form

Upload without refreshing files Ajax submit a form that contains files The first thing I want to talk about is that AJAX cannot upload files. I can think about how AJAX can transfer files through passing strings to communicate with the background?

Create Code in the Ajax prompt box

deep-sea technical support-Prompt box creation deep-sea tip × I declare that all the articles (including illustrations) on this blog are original articles. If you need to quote or repost them, please indicate the source. you are welcome to

Batch deletion and Ajax submission

FunctionDeletetbluser(){ If(Confirm ("are you sure you want to delete it? ")=True){ VaRUservalue =""; $ ("Input [name = 'check']"). Each (Function(I){ If($ (This). ATTR ("checked ")=True){ Uservalue+ = $ (This). Val ()+ "@"; } }); If(Uservalue=

More than 600 open-source Ajax addresses

Open-source Ajax Accordion)Http:// Cid = 241 AutoComplete)Http:// Cid = 242 Animation)Http:// Cid = 243 Date (calendar)Http://

How to Implement Ajax functions in YC ++

How to Implement Ajax functions in YC ++ Sometimes, when a user clicks a button on a web page, only a small part of the content will change. Before using Ajax, you must refresh the entire page. You must reread the changed or unchanged page from the

We recommend innovative things, OPS [XML form page data, perfect combination with Ajax, creative!]

I accidentally broke into the "No Ears" website tonight. I recommend it to you at is his own explanation of OPS: 0. Ops looks like a framework and a technology (when I have not said this ); 1. Ops framework, which is

Ajax requests using dojo: xhr, cross-origin, and others

This article has been first published on the infoq Chinese site. All Rights Reserved. The original Article is "using dojo to implement Ajax requests: xhr, cross-domain, and others". If you need to reprint it, please attach this statement. Thank

Some common functions of dojo (5) -- event processing and Ajax I/O function extension

Every Ajax framework extends JavaScript and provides many common functions, enhancing the development efficiency of JavaScript. In this sectionCommon functions in. Because many common functions of dojo are used, these common functions are divided

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