Write a simple photo album with Ajax

Ajax Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a technology that uses JavaScript and Extensible Markup Language (XML) to transfer or accept data between Web browsers and servers. It is mainly used in the development of RIA (Rich Internet

The ten main reasons for analyzing Ajax as "fashion"

Ajax is now saying that Ajax is the most fashionable technology is not false, of course, some people think that there are a lot of speculation in the composition; it is estimated that neither side can convince anyone. So let's analyze why Ajax

Ajax label Navigation effect (Imitation NetEase homepage)

Ajax According to Yaohaixiao's Ajax label Navigation effect: http://www.blueidea.com/tech/web/2006/4144.asp improvements.Effect:Http://www.lorlo.com/tab.htmlThe main is changed JS:[Copy this Code] CODE:function GetObject (objectId) {if

Ajax Basics Tutorials and initial use

Ajax| Basic Tutorials Ajax Basics Tutorial What is AJAX?AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a new term, designed to describe two powerful features of JavaScript. These two properties have been overlooked by web developers for years, until

The most common AJAX framework site resources List


The most commonly used AJAX framework Web site resource list, as follows ext-http://www.extjs.com/(Chinese: http://www.ajaxjs.com/)Microsoft Ajax- http://ajax.asp.net Java Blueprints- https://blueprints.dev.java.net/ Protptype-

Ajax using a beginner tutorial

Ajax is defined as the abbreviation for "Asynchronous JavaScript + xml", which is asynchronous JavaScript and XML processing. In principle, the main is Ajax can be called HttpRequest to implement asynchronous communication with the server, and

Ajax technology (web without refreshing submit data)

ajax|web| Data | refresh | no refresh Ajax internal communication document one, the main reason for using Ajax1, through the appropriate AJAX application to achieve a better user experience;2, some of the previous server burden to the client, to

Ajax client instructions, XMLHttpRequest objects

Ajax|request|xml|xmlhttprequest| Object | client Use your own AJAX mechanism in CommunityServer without the help of other auxiliary controls. The encapsulation of the customer's XMLHttpRequest object can be a feast for the eyes, and it is capable of

Talking about Ajax

Ajax There's been a technical term on the web for the last two years. That's what Ajax is, I've been doing JavaScript related applications I've heard about it, but I haven't noticed it, and then I looked at it and said my understanding. Ajax is the

How Ajax handles the compatibility of Firefox or other non-IE browsers

If you choose a browser other than Internet Explorer, or you write code for a non-Microsoft browser, you need to use different code. In fact, this is the simple line of code shown in Listing 1: var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest object;. This much

How to implement JavaScript running in innerHTML in Ajax

Ajax|javascript After referring to some previous practices, the use of a number of workarounds, and add some additional tags to better implement the innerHTML JavaScript operation, so that the various modules of the page Good interaction, and data

How to resolve Ajax in compatibility mode background call execution two times result invariant problem

Mainly because the cache is not clear, if you want to manually remove too rookie, through the network query, found that just change the URL address parameters on the line, the best way is to take time as a parameter. The following examples refer to

Manipulating Lotus Notes documents with Ajax

With Ajax, you can easily provide feedback instantly to users without having to spend a lot of time loading the pages that users use. This article will lead you to discover how views and agents can help you build Ajax-driven applications and teach

Integration of database technology in AJAX development

First, the introduction Today, there are quite a few web applications, such as Backpack,blinksale and Gmail, that integrate database technology with Ajax. This integration has a huge impact on Web applications and the user experience by providing a

Ajax Combat: XmlDocument and XMLHttpRequest objects

As we've just seen, we can use the IFRAME to request data in the background, but this is essentially just a hack-style temporary solution. The intention of initially introducing an IFRAME is to display the visible content on the page, a use that

Ajax combat: Looking for DOM nodes

The first thing to do with JavaScript is to find the element that you want to modify. As mentioned earlier, we begin with only one reference to the root node, which is stored in the global variable document. Each node in the DOM is a child of

Ajax combat: Four basic principles of Ajax

Many of the frameworks we use have solidified the traditional web-based application pattern, and these application patterns have been deeply embedded in our minds. We spend a few minutes revealing which core concepts we need to rethink and how to

A preliminary study on Ajax implementation of collapse-domain access

This is supposed to be a security issue for JavaScript. General Server A is set to not allow other domains of machine B to perform AJAX calls on Server A resource reason, can give a simple example of security vulnerabilities: Assuming Ajax can

Developing AJAX-based file upload portlets using DWR

Brief introduction The WEB portal provides a central gateway for users to access a variety of resources and services. At the same time, they provide a platform for users to share resources with other users. From photos to audio and video files to

Pear::P integrated application of Ager and Ajax

As a PHP developer, perhaps the most useful thing is Pear's class library. We know, Pear::P ager is specifically for paging, while Pear::html_ajax is a class library of AJAX applications. But Pager is more than just a page link for HTML, which is

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