A summary of cross-domain and Ajax cross-domain problems for JS _javascript tips

JS to cross the domain, you can use: is able to read data from other sites," he said. The key is to see your spirit is not flexible, will not use. Ajax to cross domain, you can use the server to other sites to take content, such as asp.net:

jquery Ajax Example return value detailed _jquery

In jquery, there are three ways to implement Ajax: $.ajax (), $.post, $.get (). First we look at $.get (): Copy Code code as follows: $.get ("test.jsp", {name: ' Cssrain ', Time: ' 2008/01/21 '},//data to be passed function (data)

Ajax page without refreshing IE encountered Ajax cache caused by the problem of data not updating _jquery

In doing Ajax pages without refreshing add, ie encounter ajax cache, because the beginning does not know IE has this bad, toss for a long time, finally solve the problem. summarize the solution : Using AJAX to request a page under IE, usually

jquery uses the dynamic rendering form feature to complete Ajax file downloads _jquery

Copy Code code as follows: Ajax File Downloads jquery.download = function (URL, data, method) { Get URL and data if (URL && data) { Data is string or Array/object data = typeof data = = ' String '? Data:jQuery.param (data);

Add Ajax get features to Artdialog 5.02 for more information _jquery

Before using the Artdialog 5.0 version, very admire the author's creativity and professionalism, now the new version of the function toward lightweight JS convenient development, I still prefer artdialog.open before the function of direct

S2SH Integration Jquery+ajax Implement login verification function implementation Code _jquery

No more, on the code. Action Copy Code code as follows: Package com.lk.action; Import Javax.annotation.Resource; Import Com.googlecode.jsonplugin.annotations.JSON; Import Com.lk.service.StudentControl; Import Com.opensymphony.xwork2.

jquery Formvalidator Plug-in Ajax verify content do not make any changes and leave the bug solution that prompts for errors _jquery

Query Formvalidator plug-ins are very useful, but there is a serious bug, in the use of AJAX verification, if the contents of the input box already exists, put the mouse into the input box, do not make any changes to leave, it will prompt the error,

Formvalidator Verification Plugin for AJAX validation issues _jquery

jquery Formvalidator plug-in is a good domestic verification plug-in, do some common checksum is very convenient, but recently encountered a problem, found that if the form of the entire form of Ajax submission, it can not be the traditional

How jquery implements the Ajax linkage box (ii) _jquery

Another form of the linkage box, the right-hand side of the linkage is generated with jquery This is modeled on the JS method of the article modified First look at the page code: Copy Code code as follows: Area:

How jquery implements the Ajax linkage box (a) _jquery

Front Page Copy Code code as follows: Task classification: Report Jquery.select.js Copy Code code as follows: /* Ajax three-level linkage Date: 2013-2-26 Settings parameter description -

jquery gets information from the background via AJAX to display on the table and supports row selection _jquery

Do not want to use the style of Easyui, but want his form function, originally was to go to the Internet to find relevant plug-ins, but did not find it began to write their own, did not think so simple. Background code: (This is not important)

jquery Create an AJAX keyword data search implementation ideas _jquery

in the Web development process, we often need to input keywords in the foreground page for data search, we usually use the search method is the search results on another page, such a way to build high-performance Web site is not the most appropriate,

jquery Ajax's AutoComplete feature control brief description _jquery

jquery's Ajax AutoComplete feature allows you to easily create text entry fields for automatic completion/Auto prompt boxes . It is initially built to show the duplicate query results for each query cache being the same from the local cache. If

Prototype and jquery under the AJAX implementation of the difference _javascript skills

Let's first enumerate AJAX implementations in jquery and prototype. Jquery: Copy Code code as follows: Prototype Copy Code code as follows: The actual introduction of the SetInterval function after

Ajax Async Synchronous and asynchronous detailed _jquery in jquery

There is a requirement in the project to load the data using AJAX to return the page and assign the value, and then the front end to remove the value This involves the sequence of code issues, sometimes the background has not returned data, but has

Realization of Cross-domain and Ajax cross-domain problem in JS _javascript skills

JS to cross the domain, you can use: is able to read data from other sites," he said. The key is to see your spirit is not flexible, will not use. Ajax to cross domain, you can use the server to other sites to take content, such as asp.net:

Using native JS to do simple encapsulation of Ajax example code _javascript tips

First, we need to XHR objects. This is not difficult for us to encapsulate into a function. var createajax = function () {var xhr = null; try {//ie series Browser xhr = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); } catch (E 1) {try {//non ie

Sharing Ajaxpro or AJAX implementation Mechanism _ practical skills

First declare the following points: 1, explain if the feeling is very elementary, even if I loaded 13, do not "spray" Me Oh! 2, if there are those places wrong, but also hope that we can correct, must humbly consult; 3, this is only opinion, my

jquery Validate and jquery form plug-in combination implementation validate form after Ajax commits _jquery

To implement form validation and no refresh submission form We can use the two very useful plug-ins of jquery--jquery validate.js and jquery form.js. Details are given below. 1, JQuery validate.js, it plainly is a very noble people for us to write

jquery Ajax synchronous asynchronous execution of the final Solution _jquery

Let's take a look at a simple jquery ajax return value JS Code Copy Code code as follows: function getreturnajax{ $.ajax ({ Type: "POST", Http://www.cnblogs.com/wlmemail/admin/%22ajax/userexist.aspx ", Data: "Username="

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